Sunday, March 01, 2015



As I hear about more of my friends and acquaintances passing away, either from disease or old age, I am constantly reminded that my turn is coming, and I will also be either be gasping for my last breaths of air to remain attached to my physical body, or,..........I will either be praying to the invisible God Who has been using my body or another individualized Play of His Consciousness since He Breathed His first Breath of air in to my lungs seconds after I was born in to this world from my Mother's womb. That Breath has been what has retained my soul in the ever changing physical body of what is keying this Post. That Breath has become automatic, operated by the Subconscious part of my mind, and is the Cord that binds my soul to my physical body. Once I stop breathing, my soul departs this body to join my friends who have already been initiated in to passing over, ....from physical to spirit.    

Now, of course, this body has required much more that Air to sustain my soul in this body, but Air is the Cosmic ingredient that has kept my soul in this body. I am assuming the reader has hope that we are souls having experiences in bodies of flesh, bones and blood, rather than bodies only, with out souls? 

I know that many that pass over are given Morphine or other drugs to either lesson their pain, or tranquilizing them during the last minutes of life, but I am hoping  that I will be able to consciously pass over, in to the spirit realm with out drugs, so I may witness the process of leaving my physical body, the same way I have attempted to do, many times, in Meditation, but this time, a one way trip. 

Now, considering I have studied this topic for the last 40 years, at this point, if I quoted even a small portion of all the Teachings I have either read about, heard about, or tried, It would take volumes of books to reference. I know I will be unable to remember most of what I have read or heard, during my last gasping breaths, and will be unable to Google one last best instruction of how to pass over easily. So, my thought is, if I haven't decided to choose my best way of exit by then, .........well, its to late to do any thing else other than to just take my last Leap of Faith, and let what ever will be,...or not be,! 

I have all ready posted many of my thoughts, during my ever changing speculations on Theology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticism, etc., some of my own thoughts, as well as others who have nourished my Faith, along the way, but    considering not a single one of my friends who have passed over, or any relative has returned to instruct me, about what REALLY happens ,....if we survive, than, all I have to go on, is what they have written or said when they were alive physically, unless I place my belief in the Channeling of Psychics, or Spiritualists who use Mediums to seek messages departed souls who supposedly share messages. 

So, I am hoping my best thoughts will be able to be Assets to me, from my years of study and practice, of praying, meditating, experimenting, etc. from what I have taken from Scripture, Holy Writings, sermons, Teachings, of all of my past Teachers whom I retain in my memories. 

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame