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Similar decomposition of speech occurs in schizophrenic thought and speech patterns which are structurally the same as glossolalia. This data can be understood to demonstrate that the same stereotypes of speech will result whenever conscious, willful control of speech is interfered with, whether by injury to the brain, by psychosis, or by passive renunciation by willful control."

In his book, ;'The Charismatics", John MacArthur Jr. explains: "To enter into "passive renunciation of willful control" is a general instruction given to any would be tongues speaker. He is to release himself, give up control of his voice. He is to just say a few words, just let them flow. He doesn't need to think about what he is saying."

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Cult, taught his followers to speak in tongues in the following manner: "Rise upon your feet, speak or make some sound and continue to make sounds of some kind and the Lord will make a language out of it." These exact instructions are being used all over charismatic circles today, by those offering instructions on how to teach someone to speak in tongues."Don't worry about what you'll say.Just make some sounds and the Lord will make a language out of it. "In other words, he is to give up control of what he is saying.
I rest my case, fully agreeing with those who have studied glossolalia, and concluded that it is "a stereotyped pattern of unconsciously controlled vocal behavior which appears under specific emotional conditions."

I only feel sad, that those caught up in the charismatic movement will not take the valuable time needed to at least read the many fine books written examining the tongues phenomenon. By experience, I know when a person is interested in a subject, and really into it, he will only study the material re-enforcing his convictions and behavior.

That is fine, and many are able to get away with that approach, as long as they do not have to defend their position before believers with differing views. When confronted with an opposing view, it is easy to quote a few favorite scriptures supporting their view, and give a little shallow traditional doctrine, and walk away and only fellowship with those of like views. However, every preacher is sooner or later forced to defend his position, and preach his convictions, and in order to present a logical case defending his position, he has to at least examine the opposing position somewhat.

The result is, that is usually the time when the Holy Spirit, our blessed teacher and comforter,' leads us into truth, when we are diligently studying, praying and seeking the correct doctrine! As preachers of the Gospel, we will be held accountable for every word that leaves our mouths! Personally, I have already let my share of error slip from my mouth, so I constantly pray that the Lord will teach me the correct doctrine to impart to those I receive the privilege to teach.

Therefore, I approach this task very seriously fully realizing that for some who hear the message, it can either draw them into, or drive them away from the kingdom of God.

For those who oppose my view that the genuine gift of tongues have ceased, may the Lord bless you and either teach you otherwise, or give you full peace of mind you are in His will! As I stated previously, only the Holy Spirit can convict us of any truth or error, and I am firmly convinced that every last genuine child of the Living. God will be eventually led into all truth as the Lord wills in His own timing, no matter how far off the Gospel path he has strayed!

In the fourteenth chapter of Romans, Paul exhorts us "Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? To his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand. But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why doest thou set at naught thy brother? For we shall. all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. So then, every one of us shall give account of himself to God." (Rom.14:4,5,10,12)

So my brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are fully convinced tongues are for today, live your convictions and preach "Christ and Him Crucified, and resurrected from the dead! If you believe tongues ceased, do likewise! Let us not condemn each other, but pray for each other. that the Lord will rapidly lead us all into the correct truth which is Jesus Christ. "I AM the way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE." Let us all strive to become one in Him, in fulfillment to His prayer of John 17:21.
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