Monday, August 14, 2006


...........Sunday night .I also pioneered a church for awhile, and in all, I was an Assembly of God tongue talking, devil chasing, spirit filled minister, preaching the "Full Gospel" for about two years! My ministry also took me to other churches as an Evangelist, and I continued to work with the Full Gospel Business Men. I went into the Los Angeles County Jail 6 or more times ministering. I also read all the books on the "positive confession and faith healing" movement and was preaching that message also: that "God wants everyone rich and well". He does not want anyone sick, and if your sick, it is because of your lack of faith and not God's fault! I' look back on those days and feel remorse thinking about my arrogancy, let along my unbiblical doctrine!

Growth is very painful! It is very difficult to let go of a pet doctrine and renounce it , and pick up, start fresh and go on with God in the fresh doctrine He has brought you into! I have only given this much testimony so far to share the fact that I was fully sold out and sincere that everything I preached was the truth! I always knew I needed more study in a lot of areas, but I justified myself by thinking I could not study everything at once, so I figured "I will preach what I have untill I learn differently". Actually I am still doing that, but I exercise much more caution now on what I preach! Until I have a firm conviction, that what I preach is Scriptural, I would rather not preach at all! I always pray that I have not hurt anyone badly with the past error I have preached, and I have to leave it to God that He will mend the areas where I have sown bad seed. However, I understand where my brethren are, who are presently convinced that tongues is the sign of power! I have been there, and know the feeling!

My introduction to John Calvin's Commentaries convinced me of God's sovereignty and Eternal Security. It took me 2 years of study to become firmly convinced, and I soon found myself favoring the Calvinistic persuasion rather than the Arminianism of which I had been sold out to before. Finally that conviction was too great in my heart to suppress any longer, and upon voicing that I felt "Eternally Secure" in Christ, the General Council of the Assemblies of God asked for my resignation from their fellowship, since their published position is, you can fall away from salvation and be eternally tormented in hell, even after once having been genuinely saved! (For those interested in my defense of the Doctrine of Eternal Security, see my thesis "Reasons to Remain Eternally Secure". Feeling disappointed, to say the least, as well as shocked at the surprised action of my beloved Assembly of God brethren, I could not imagine where a tongue talking, demon chasing ex-Assembly of God preacher could go! After much prayer for guidance, and investigation of various schools etc, I felt led of the Lord to become involved with XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Seminary, who received me into their fellowship as an Ordained Minister, whose doctrinal statement I was in agreement with, and with whom I went on to complete my Th.D. degree. This school is a "spirit filled" school, and even though my understanding of what "spirit filled" means has changed, nevertheless, I believe I have been "spirit filled" since the first day in that hotel room when I received Christ as my Savior! However, as I will later show, being filled is a continuous, daily, moment by moment experience, rather than a once experienced phenomenon! To continue my personal testimony, as I daily worshipped the Lord in tongues, I never for a moment faintly considered I may have been in error, until a brother (non-charismatic) gave me a set of tapes by a non-Charasmatic pastor, listing the errors of the Tongues Movement. My first response to the tapes was anger, then interest, and finally sadness, because as plainly as that paster stated his case, I did not want to relinquish my power, even though he practically proved right away, from the Bible, tongues have ceased!

As a result of those tapes, I went on a full years study on the authenticity of my own tongues experience, and after much research, reading, and studying every book I could read on both sides of the fence, I finally came to my conviction that my "prayer language" was a taught experience, learned by instruction, received by auto suggestion!

Most of what we hear today in the Charismatic circles is of the same type of tongues, which is actually not a language at all, but a non-articulate speech or "gibberish" as will be discussed later. However, there could be other sources of the manifestation as well, as will be discussed.

However, I believe that the Biblical gift of tongues and interpretation were temporary sign gifts, used by God to authenticate the new dispensation of the Church Age, expressing His turning His attention to the gentiles, as will be shown later. After the purpose for tongues and interpretation had been utilized, both of these temporary. sign gifts ceased, and there has been no purpose, since then, of their being needed in the church!

I am not putting God into a box saying He could not give the gifts again for any purpose He deemed necessary but I am stating, as a result of my past research, I cannot find any place it has been necessary yet.I must confess, there are times in my personal worship that I still find myself being tempted on occasions, to revert back to my long daily "habit" of praying in tongues, but I do not worry about it, because my worship is directed to Christ! God knows my heart better than me and understands me whether I praise and pray to Him vocally in my own language (English), or even if I should, on occasions revert back to my learned "prayer language", or if I do not vocalize at all, but silently praise him with my spirit! However, in public worship, I control my spirit and would not pray in tongues now that I feel the way I do about the doctrine and source of what I have experienced.

Looking back, I have to say I have always felt "on fire for God" committed to Christ", feeling secure in my salvation and faith in him. I have had a real thirst to study His word and go on with Him. This feeling has continued throughout my walk with Him, and continues today! I can do that by getting to know Him better by studying His written revelation, the Bible rather than talking to Him in tongues and looking for new revelations. I must admit, there are times when I do feel sad at my loss of being able to talk to God in my own special heavenly language only He understood (I thought), but as I stated, growth is difficult and hurts!

I am praying He will give me more love to share with my brethren and that more fruit of the spirit will manifest itself in my life to take the place of those gifts I thought I had which were relinquished. the fact is, I do not have the edge over any of my brethren! "We were all baptized by one Spirit into one body". (1 Corinthians 12:13) "But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his." (Romans 8:9).


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