Sunday, July 30, 2017

CHARAN SINGH's Teaching About Jesus

Charan Singh excert from one of his Books regarding Jesus: "The real teaching of Christ is something quite different from just embracing Christianity. According to the teachings of Christ, we have to find a Living Master and the only way in which we can really follow his teachings is to be in the fold of a Living Master. Christ initiated certain people and took them to his abode. He indicated that as long as ‘I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.’ He said very beautifully to the effect that, ‘Now I am with you, but after a little while I shall leave you and then again I shall be with you. Now you have so many doubts, but when I shall be with you after a little while, you shall have no doubts.’ 

     These are all mystic things. When Christ said that he was going to leave them, he meant only as far as the physical form was concerned. And that was said to certain disciples of his, and not to you and me today. When he said to his disciples, those whom he had initiated in his lifetime, ‘a little while and ye shall see me,’ he meant that he had not only initiated them in the physical form, for after he had left the physical form he should be with them in his Radiant Form inside, permanently. Now you see me in the flesh and now you have doubts, he said, but when you will see my radiance inside, after a little while, then you will have no questions. 

     He explained all this beautifully to his personal disciples, pertaining to himself as their Living Master. You and I cannot make use of that personality now. If we are really followers of Christ’s teachings, we have got to find a Living Master. We have got to know the teachings of Christ from him, and to follow those teachings, and then we can be led to Christ too, if we are interested to meet him. 

     Somehow we are just involved in personalities and do not give any attention to , nor do we try to understand the real teachings of the personalities. If we understand the real teachings of Christ, the personality, we will know what he wants us to follow. He did his work and he left certain teachings for us to follow, but we are not paying any attention to his teachings. We are still trying to think about him, his personality. His disciples living in his time could benefit by his physical presence; but you and I cannot make use of his physical presence. We can only make us of his teachings, and in order to follow his teachings, we must have a Living Master. Then only can we be true Christians and then only are we following his teachings. From what little I have read in the Bible, this is very clear.

     Christ also said that we have got to merge back into the Lord, ‘I and the Father are one,’ ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in me.’ He indicated that our soul is the essence of the Lord. Unless our soul merges back into the Lord, it will not get release from birth and death. He also explained that the Lord is not anywhere outside, but that he is within the human body. ‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Sprit of God dwelleth in you.’ Also, ‘Yee are the temple of the loving God.’ The living God is within you, so you have to seek the Lord within your body. You have to make a search in this manner, not outside. Then he told us, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’ We have to pass through many stages before we can reach our destination. 

     Then he hinted that we have to knock at the door of our house, ‘Knock and it shall be opened unto you; seek and ye shall find.’ You always knock at a door from outside, and the door is opened from inside. We are outside; the door is inside, here at the eye center. We have to withdraw the consciousness up to this door of our house and ‘knock’ here. The method of ‘knocking’ is to concentrate here, hold our attention here, and the door will be opened from inside. There we seek, and shall find the path leading to our destination. Being on that path, we will find the Lord, whom we are seeking in the body. These are all mystical terms which we have to understand.

     We also find in The Bible that Christ said, ‘If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’ When we knock at that door, the single or third eye, that eye is opened and we see that light. Until we merge into that light, we cannot travel on this path. Until then we are full of darkness and we cannot know or see our destination. Christ also talked about the Word or Logos when he said, ‘The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and wither it goeth; so is everyone that is born of the spirit.’ By this he is referring to the Holy Ghost, that Audible Life Stream, the Holy Spirit, the Sound Current that is within everyone of us, and we can be in touch with that only after we knock and open this door, that single eye or third eye.”

Monday, January 09, 2017

Charan Singh's last 5 Sermons gave in India just before he died.
The following story is how I met Charan Singh as shared with others of interest.
  Until we, as Seekers committed to the Path, but unable to totally commit to any particular Master, then my advice is if you can't have the one you love, then love the one you have, until you are chosen by the One you love. I was 100% convicted, and committed to the Sant Mat Path, but saw Thakar Singh first, in California. He would give Initiation to any one, with out question, that attended his Public Sat Sangs while passing through California when I lived there. I met one of his Devotees in a Book store, who told me about Thakar. I ended up going to a Public Sat Sang he gave at the University of California Lecture Auditorium, and was initiated in April, 1988. ( along with all in attendance ) . Thakar would initiate a Rock Pile, if he thought there was a snake in it! 😂 But, I was not marked for Thakar. I was marked for Charan Singh. I later applied for Initiation from Charan, going thru the long personal Interview by the Secretary, then the Western Rep., Roland De Vries, then having my detailed Application sent to Charan in India. The next Initation was to be in California 3-4 months , so I thought I had plenty of time to be either accepted, or rejected by Charan. If I was rejected, then I knew I was not marked by him. Mean while, I never attended one single Sat Sang from the RSSB Group, because I did not want any advice from any one, or any of his Disciples. The 3 day Event finally arrived where Initiation was to be given, and I not only had not been notified that I was either rejected or accepted, but I did not even know where the event was being held! I knew it would be over Sunday, and as of Sat. Evening, I Had not heard from any one! I was sad. By 8:00 P.M. Sat evening, I went to my bed room, closed the door, and sat for Meditation on the carpeted floor, leaning against the bed. About 45 minutes in to my Meditation, I was hearing a ringing bell sound like I had never heard before, that brought me out of meditation! It kept ringing, until I answered it, because it was the Telephone on the Night Stand ringing next to my ear!! I groggily answered it, as I was still half inside, and the Voice on the phone was Dr. Roland De Vries, Charan's Western Rep.! He said, " Brother, I am sorry to call you so late, but I just returned from our Regional Sat Sang event, and tomorrow, Sunday is the last day. In my mail I just received, is a letter from Charan Singh in India approving your Initiation, so if you can get here tomorrow, I will share the Initiation with you and the others." Agaste, and delighted, I said I'd be there, but where? He told me to meet him at his Hotel, and I could follow him to the College where the Event was taking place. It was about 60 miles away, and pouring rain that memorable Sun. Morning, that I drove to meet Roland, and was initiated along with eleven others. My life has never been the same, since that day! But there is one additional personal thing that cemented my being marked by Charan Singh. THIS gets really strange! A month before, I had applied for a $100,000 Life Insurance Policy from an Insurance Co., and had sent my Application and 1st Month Premium Payment with the Application. A few days after I was initiated, my Insurance Policy arrived in my mail box, and I opened it and reviewed the Documents. When I got to the last page, my heart skipped a beat, as I saw the Signature signed on my Life Insurance Policy by .,,..,,,,CHARAN SINGH! How Cool is that for bring marked?