Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"Freedom's Just Another Word;

For Nothing Left To Loose................." ( From a song written by Janis Joplin )

There is a lot of Wisdom in those two verses! I wonder if Ms. Joplin finally found freedom when she vacated her body?

In our present chaotic age of instant information of happenings around the planet, most of us seldom take any moments to live in the moment. We rather forget the moment, and either live in the past, or , are hoping for a better future. We are always interested in what's happening in world and political affairs which we can do very little to change, alone, but we CAN change our inner world, by looking within, and changing ourselves. We are trying to extinguish the fire in other people's houses, when in fact, our own houses are in flames and about to go up in ash!

WHAT IF, none of our Scriptures, regardless of religion or Sect, contained historical events? What if EVERY Scripture, or Holy Writing, ever written by humans, was written as a Teaching Tool to point us to the Universal Wisdom within?

What if The Old Testament was not historical, and only contained allegorical clues for Initiates, on the Methodology of how to travel within one's own psyche, where all Wisdom is contained?

What if Israel, instead of being a Race of "Holy" people, was really meant to be the soul, which had strayed away from the Father, or "SOUL?" The "Promised Land" then would not be where people are presently gathered in a strip of land called Israel, but the Promised Land would then be a Spiritual place where the lost soul, "Israel" could enter at will, after becoming an Initiate of the "Shekaina Glory" mentioned in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament Prophets all had different ways to share the secrets, but how many of us have ever understood what they were telling us?

There have always been physical teachers, masters, gurus, lamas, monks, priests, ministers, etc. to share some of what they have been given by others before them. Spiritual Truths can NEVER be sold for a profit. Jesus told his disciples that they had received his instructions free, so they should also continue sharing what they had learned freely! If it costs money, it most likely isn't worth having, Spiritually.

When true Leaders lead, the masses will follow. When the many others in power push, the masses will rebel, and go astray. ( away from the promised land).

There is more Power in a single tear, than the blast of a suicide bomber's vest of explosives loaded with nails and sharp metal objects.

Eternity is lived, moment, by moment, by moment, while the past has disappeared, forever, and the future has yet to be lived. Success in every task is won by focusing on the moment.

As bad as the political climate appears, this June, 2007, and as wars rage on, "This Too Will Pass", and new changes will replace wars, some good, while some even worse!

But, Israel, the lost soul, will never change, as long as it returns to the Promised Land, i.e. The Father, or Universal SOUL.

Be Well,
Eternal Flame