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Soul, as per Hindu Scriptures

Hindu Scriptures Speak on the Soul

The atman pervades all like butter hidden in milk.
He is the source of Self-knowledge and ascetic fervor. This is the Brahman teaching, the highest goal! This is the Brahman teaching, the highest goal!
Yajur Veda
The inspired Self is not born nor does He die; He springs from nothing and becomes nothing. Unborn, permanent, unchanging, primordial, He is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.
Yajur Veda
Now, the teaching concerning the atman: the atman is below, it is above, it is behind, it is before, it is in the South, it is in the North The atman indeed is all that is. He who sees, reflects and knows this-he has joy in the atman.
Sama Veda
Verily, he is pure, steadfast and unswerving,
stainless, unagitated, desireless, fixed like a spectator and self-abiding. As an enjoyer of righteousness, he covers himself with a veil made of qualities; [yet] he remains fixed-yea, he remains fixed!
Yajur Veda
He who with the truth of the atman, unified, perceives the truth of Brahman as with a lamp, who knows God, the unborn, the stable, free from all forms of being, is released
from all fetters.
Yajur Veda
A part of Infinite Consciousness becomes our own finite consciousness, with powers of discrimination and definition and with false conceptions. He is, in truth, Prajapati and Viva, the Source of Creation and the Universal in us all. This Spirit is consciousness and gives consciousness to the body. He is the driver of the chariot.
Yajur Veda
He who ells in he light et is other than the light whom the 4, light does not know, whose body is the light, who controls the light from within-He is the atman within you, Yajur Veda
pure consciousness, taking form as knowledge and ac on, is present in the soul everywhere and always, for the soul is universal in its unfettered state. ' Mrigendra Agama
The three impurities are anava, maya and he one caused by actions.
Suprabheda Agama
When the state is attained where one becomes Siva, the madas--the "bonds diverse, mental states and experiences that arose for the "individualized soul-will all fade like the beams of the moon in the presence of the rising sun.
When jiva attains the state of neutrality to deeds good and evil, then does divine grace in guru form descend, remove attributes all and implant jnana that is unto a heavenly cool shade. The jiva is without egoity, and the impurities three are finished. He is Siva who all this does. Tirumantiram
The primal play of the Lord were jivas created. Enveloped in mighty malas were they. Discarding them, they realized themselves d besought the feet of their hoary Lord. Thus they became Siva, to birth no more to be.
Goldsmith fashions several ornaments out of gold. So God, the eat goldsmith, makes many ornaments-different souls-out of e one Universal Spirit.
Yhe atman is eternal. This is the conclusion at which great souls have arrived from their experience....

What Is Our Individual Soul Nature?
Our individual soul is the immortal and spiritual body of light that animates life and reincarnates again and again until all necessary karmas are created and resolved and its essential unity with God is fully realized. Aum.
Our soul is God Siva's emanational creation, the source of all our higher functions, including knowledge, will and love. Our soul is neither male nor female. It is that which never dies, even when its four outer sheaths physical, pranic, instinctive and mental-change form and perish as they naturally do. The physical body is the annamaya kola. The pranic sheath of vitality is the pra­namaya kola. The instinctive-intellectual sheath is the manomaya kosa. The mental, or cognitive, sheath is the vijnanamaya koala. The inmost soul body is the blissful, ever-giving-wisdom dnandamaya koala. Parasakti is the soul's superconscious mind-God Siva's mind. Parasiva is the soul's inmost core. We are not the physical body, mind or emotions. We are the immortal soul, atman. The sum of our true existence is anandamaya kola and its essence, Parasakti and Parasiva. The Vedas expostu­late, "The soul is born and unfolds in a body, with dreams and desires and the food of life. And then it is reborn in new bodies, in accordance with its former works. The quality of the soul determines its future body; earthly or airy, heavy or light." Aum Namah Sivaya.

How Is Our Soul Different from Siva?
Our soul body was created in the image and likeness of the Primal Soul, God Siva, but it differs from the Primal Soul in that it is immature. While Siva is unevolutionary perfection, we are in the process of evolving. Aum.
To understand the mysteries of the soul, we distinguish between the soul body and its essence. As a soul body, we are individual and unique, different from all others, a self-effulgent being of light which evolves and matures through an evolutionary process. This soul body is of the nature of God Siva, but is different from Siva in that it is less resplendent than the Primal Soul and still evolving, while God is unevolutionary perfection. We may liken the soul body to an acorn, which contains the mighty oak tree but is a small seed yet to develop. The soul body matures through experience, evolving through many lives into the splendor of God Siva, ultimately realizing Siva totally in nirvikalpa samdhi. Even after Self Realization is attained, the soul body continues to evolve in this and other worlds until it merges with the Primal Soul, as a drop of water merges with its source, the ocean. Yea, this is the destiny of all souls without exception. The Vedas say, "As oil in sesame seeds, as butter in cream, as water in river beds, as fire in friction sticks, so is the atman grasped in one's own self when one searches for Him
with truthfulness and austerity." Aum Namah Sivaya.

How Is Our Soul Identical with Siva?

The essence of our soul, which was never created, is im­manent love and transcendent reality and is identical and eternally one with God Siva. At the core of our being, we already are That-perfect at this very moment. Aum.
At the core of the subtle soul body is Parasakti, or Satchidananda,immanent love; and at the core of that is Parasiva, transcendent reality. At this depth of our being there exists no separate identity or difference-all are One. Thus, deep within our soul we are identical with God now and forever. These two divine perfections are not aspects of the evolving soul, but the nucleus of the soul which does not change or evolve. From an absolute perspective, our soul is already in nondual union with God, but to be realized to be known. We are That. We do not become That. Deep within this physical body, with its turbulent emotions and getting-educated mind, is pure perfection identical to Siva's own perfections of Parasakti and Parasiva. In this sacred mystery we find the paradoxes of oneness and twoness, of being and becoming, of created and uncreated existence subtly delineated. Yea, in the depth of our being, we are as He is. The Vedas explain, "The one controller, the inner Self of all things, who makes His one form manifold, to the wise who perceive Him as abiding in the soul, to them is eternal bliss-to no others:" Aum Namah Sivaya.

Why Are We Not Omniscient Like Siva?
The three bonds of anava, karma and maya veil our sight. This is Siva's purposeful limiting of awareness which allows us to evolve. In the superconscious depths of our soul, we share God Siva's all-knowingness. Aum.
Just as children are kept from knowing all about adult life until they have matured into understanding, so too is the soul's knowledge limited. We learn what we need to know, and we understand what we have experienced. Only this narrowing of our awareness, coupled with a sense of individualized ego, allows us to look upon the world and our part in it from a practical, human point of view. Pasa is the soul's triple bondage: maya, karma and anava. Without the world of maya, the soul could not evolve through experience. Karma is the law of cause and effect, action and reaction governing maya. Anava is the individuating veil of duality, source of ignorance and finitude. Maya is the classroom, karma the teacher, and anava the student's ignorance. The three bonds, or malas, are given by Lord Siva to help and protect us as we unfold. Yet, God Siva's all-knowingness may be ex­perienced for brief periods by the meditator who turns within to his own essence. The Tirumantiram explains, "When the soul attains Self-knowledge, then it becomes one with Siva. The malas perish, birth's cycle ends and the lustrous light of wisdom dawns:" Aum Namah Sivaya.

How Do Hindus Understand Moksha?
The destiny of all souls is moksha, liberation from rebirth on the physical plane. Our soul then continues evolving in the Antarloka and Sivaloka, and finally merges with Siva like water returning to the sea. Aum Namah Sivaya.
Moksha comes when earthly karma has been resolved, dharma well performed and God fully realized. Each soul must have performed well through many lives the varna dharmas, or four castes, and lived through life's varied experiences, in order to not be pulled back to physical birth by a deed left undone. All souls are destined to achieve moksha, but not necessarily in this life. Hindus know this and do not delude themselves that this life is the last. While seeking and attaining profound realiz­ations, they know there is much to be done in fulfilling life's other goals, purushdrthas-dharma, righteousness; artha, wealth; and kama, pleasure. Old souls renounce worldly ambitions and take up sannyasa in quest of Par­agiva, even at a young age. Toward life's end, all Hindus strive for Self Realization, the gateway to liberation. After moksha, subtle karmas are made in inner realms and swiftly resolved, like writing on water. At the end of each soul's evolution comes visvagrasa, total absorp­tion in Siva. The Vedas say, "If here one is able to realize Him before the death of the body, he will be liberated from the bondage of the world:" Aum Namah Sivaya.

HEALING: Conclusion, Part 14

be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." Therefore, they all yank this verse out of context and apply it to everybody! However, the verse was not directed to everybody. The proceeding verse 1, John states that he is talking to Gaius, a brother John had just heard had become a believer! It is him he is talking to wishing to prosper and be in good health! In verse three he says, "For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in, the truth." So it was a specific person the message was directed to: Gaius!

This teaching, like many, can be pulled way out of balance, and believers can come into bondage by it. It is scriptural to expect to have your needs met by the Lord, and it is good stewardship to give to His work, but according to His plan! There is much more that could be said about this subject, however, it is not within the context of this thesis to do! So, except to briefly mention it goes right along with the faith healing doctrine!


It was not my purpose in this thesis to deny that God still heals divinely today, or that He is all through performing miracles. I certainly do believe He still heals, but only when He wills to do so, and not by men willing Him to do so! As far as miracles are concerned, life itself is a moment by moment miracle!

The new birth is a miracle! Every time one more of the elect is drawn into the kingdom by the Father (John 6:44), it is a miracle! However, again, whenever miracles do happen, they happen by the divine sovereignty of God, and not by the command of men.

The temporary sign gifts, which included the gifts of healings and miracles, were given to authenticate the preaching of the Gospel by God's appointed servants; the twelve apostles; the seventy, and a few of the apostles associates!. The gifts were not extended beyond them, as normative. However, in isolated cases, the Lord may choose to perform miracles and heal in answer to prayer, in order to verify the Gospel message to unbelievers who have never heard the Gospel, however, it would not happen in a Gospel hardened country like the United States or the like! In others, no one can put God in a systematic box. He can do what He wants, when he wants, how He wants. However, as normative procedure, He wants, how He wants.
However, as narrative procedure, He will act according to His already recorded word, the Bible which has been given to us as a record of His dealings with our ancestors, and as a lesson for us.
There are many counterfeit gifts being performed, usually for personal gratification, such as power, popula­rity, and financial. The psychic healers, cults, and anyone performing healings or miracles other than by the power of the Holy Spirit, which will always give glory to Christ, are Satanic manifestation. There are many fake healings being performed by them, but, there are real ones also!

God, in His divine sovereignty has allowed Satan to duplicate some of the gifts, in order to test the elect, and to further harden the reprobate, by offering them a delusion! Paul warns us, "Even him, whose coining is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thess. 2:9-12).

Therefore, I trust the contents of this thesis gives glory to Christ by directing all power to Him, and to His will rather than the will of men. If we keep our eyes on Christ instead of signs and wonders, we will all get to see Christ face to face, and then we will have all the answers!
"I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from evil." (John 17:15).
THE END--Finis
Blessings! Eternal Flame

HEALING: Part 13 James in James 5:14,15,16. It reads, "Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him; and if he has committed sins, l they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

I do not believe that the present day anointing services are Biblical, because, from the context of the above verse, the sick person was to call for the elders of the church for prayer, rather than be emotionally charged up enough by a preacher inducing him to come to the altar for prayer. The elders were the pastors, or leaders in the church who were of course, believers. The fact that they are considered righteous from vs. 16, proves they were believers, because they would have needed the righteousness of God in Christ in order to get their prayer answered, as their own righteousness is as filthy rags, we are told in Isaiah 64:6. Also, since the elders were to pray over the sick person who called them to do so, this is an indication the person was lying down,, too sick to get up, or come to the elders on his own power!

This fact can be further verified, due to the fact that the prayers of the elders would raise him up (vs. 15). Also, notice it was the Lord doing the healing, and more than one elder was praying. Therefore, this eliminates the use of the "gift of healing" by any particular person, and when the Lord raised the sick person up, none of the individual elders could take the glory for it, as they would not know whose prayer brought the healing! The Lord gets all the glory, by this method, in answer to prayer!

I believe this is the most effective method of obtaining healings from the Lord today, however, that privilege is not exercised often enough! It is very rare, indeed when the sick actually call for the elders3 to come pray, and anoint with oil. The fact that they must call, exercises faith right at the start! However, it is usually the person praying who volunteers the prayer of faith, if the sick person can be induced to come forward in a meeting or service.

Notice that confessing of sins4 to each other was also another requirement (vs.16). Since all are sinners (Romans 3:23), the sick and the elders alike, all sin should be confessed to allow a holy, sure surrounding before the prayers and anointing with oil. This is another indication of a private setting, such as a sick room, either at home or elsewhere. How could this take place in a healing line at a church service? Can you imagine the healing evangelist confessing his sins to everyone before he prayed for them and vice versa? Verse 16 states, confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another. The prayers were to be a two way requirement, which would eliminate sin (vs.15) and then bring healing (vs. l6).

Therefore, compare the present anointing services to the above! I have seen an evangelist literally soak both hands in oil up to his wrists, and call all visiting pastors up to get his "anointing". Oil in the Old Testament was usually associated with the Holy Spirit, and being called out for His service.

I have also heard a preacher, when calling people for prayer, boast that he had a B.A. degree, and a D.D.H.G.. He said that meant he was "Born Again" and had a "Double Dose of the Holy Ghost".


Those of us who have been Christians for six months or more all know who the "faith and prosperity" teachers are! They teach a doctrine that gets new converts excited, to say the least! I also tried my best to "confess my way into riches". I "confessed all the prosperity verses. I tried all the formulas. However, I never got rich!

I firmly believe that in giving, to the Lords work, or wherever He directs, must come from the heart first! Paul taught this when he said "For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man bath, and not according to that he bath not." (2 Cor. 8:12). So it does not matter what we give, as long as it is from a heart condition. Faith teachers, again pull many verses out of context to try and get ungrounded Christians to give to their projects! I could write an entire thesis just on the gimmicks I have seen used or offered. It actually saddens and grieves my heart to think about some of the ridiculous offers I get through the mail by my "personal" computer preacher who "loves me, and was told by the Lord in their living room a few moments ago I need a miracle, etc., etc., etc. It's absolutely saddening, to say the least, how these ministries will get themselves in preposterous financial difficulty, and have to hire professional fund raisers to try every gimmick under the sun (but not the Son) to bring in those dollars! However, there is no need to go into the methods, because if the reader has been a Christian six months or more, he is on the mailing lists also!

The prosperity message is propagated about the same by all those teaching it except with a personal "slant" identified their individual plans such as "blessing pacts", "Seed Faith offerings", etc. They all state that you give to the Lord expecting to receive back 30, 60, 100 fold in return! I firmly believe that if your heart is right, you cannot outgive the Lord! He will take care of all your needs, (but not your greeds).

The first and formost Scripture verse quoted to teach that God wants everyone rich is 1 John 1:2. "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and


HEALING: Part 12

...........When healers treat serious organic diseases they are responsible for untold anguish and unhappiness; this happens because they keep patients away from possibly effective and lifesaving help. The healers become killers.

"Search the literature as I have, and you will find no documented cures by healers of gallstones, heart disease, cancer or any other serious organic disease. Certainly, you'll find patients temporarily relieved of their upset stomachs, their chest pains, their breathing problems; and you will find healers, and believers, who will interpret this interruption of symptoms as evidence that the disease is cured. But when you track the patient down and find out what happened later, you always find the 'cure' to have purely symptomatic and transient.
The underlying disease remains." (pp. 60,239,250,256,257, 259,260).

Dr. Nolen then went on in his investigation, and took eighty cases of Kathryn Kuhlman's reported healings, and followed them up as per her suggestion and permission. He followed up on every one of them! His conclusion at the end of it all---not one was a legitimate healing!

Quoting further from his conclusion: "Now consider Kathryn Kuhlman. In a letter sent to by Marilyn March, Kathryn Kuhlman's secretary, Ms. March says that Miss Kuhlman conducts 'approximately 125 healing services in a year's time.' Attendance at these services varies; Ms. March mentioned that 'there are always 7,000 in attend­ance at the once-a-month services at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.,' in Tulsa, Oklahoma, '18,000 people in Mabee Center with 3,000 viewing on closed-circuit T.V.'; in Atlanta, 8,000; in Ottowa, 16,000. Let's assume that Miss Kuhlman has an opportunity to treat an average of 10,000 patients per service, or 1,250,000 patients a year. We will have to guess, but I think it would be reasonable to say that one third of these patients are cancer victims - about 400,000 cancer victims a year. Miss Kuhlman, therefore, may treat 4,000 times as many cancer patients as I treat in one year, and I have, by national standards, a very busy surgical practice. It would be highly likely that in the approximately 400,000 cancer victims that come to her every year, there might be one patient who would fall into the spontaneous regression category. I Know Kathryn Kuhlman (or Norbu Chen, or Tony Agpaoa or any other healer) will never find among the patients she treats a spontaneous cure of a cleft palate, a hernia, gallstones, heart disease, paralysis due to injury, or any of the hundreds of other organic ailments for which patients seek help. What I find most unusual is that there are no well-documented spontaneous cancer cures reported in her books. You'd think, among the millions of cancer patients healers treat, at least one or two would demonstrate a spontaneous regression.

"My point, in case I haven't made it clear, is that even if we were to find isolated cases of documented cancer cures in the files of Miss Kuhlman or any other healer, it would prove nothing; isolated spontaneous cures of cancer occur with or without the ministrations of healers. The chances of being cured of cancer by Kathryn Kuhlman or any other healer are the same as the chances of being cured if you do nothing and go to on one at all. To be logical, the cancer patient should go to a healer only if the healer had a cure rate of 50 per cent or better - the cure rate physicians can achieve. But cancer patients who go to healers are emotion­ally distraught and for this reason don't act logically." (pp. 266, 267)

The preceeding insert may have taken several pages to document its contents, but I feel it brings alot of light on the subject by a secular, unbiased report. So just because we hear about the many various reports of healings does not necessarily mean we have to believe them. Before we believe, we should look at all the evidence, to determine if it is genuine. Where is the evidence? Where are the organic, spontaneous healings? Where are the healings of broken bones, cancer, etc.?

In order for healing to be divine, which is the only genuine lasting healings, it should follow the pattern of the way Jesus healed! He healed with a word (Matthew 8:5-8); He healed with a touch (Mark 5:25-34); He healed instantaneously (Mark 5:29; Luke 17:14; Jn. 9:7; Mark 8:24); He healed totally (Luke 4:39,39); He healed everyone who came to him for healing! "Now when the sun was setting, all they had any who were sick with variousdiseases, brought them unto Him; and He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them." (Luke 4:40). This record certainly is different than the healings which take place in our present healing meetings! Jesus also healed organic disease! He healed people crippled from birth, and blind from birth, besides deaf and dumb. Jesus didn't seek out people to pray for with breathing problems, palpitation of the heart, low back pain, etc. Jesus raised the dead!

God still does heal and perform miracles today. Nothing is impossible to Him. However, He does it for His glory, not to give publicity to faith healers! There is no evidence Biblically that anyone today is operating the gift of healing. God may heal through prayers of His saints (John 5:15), but that should not be confused with His healing in response to prayer with the ability to heal everyone as well, as in the case of Jesus, and the apostles, seventy, and a few of the associates of the apostles!


Anointing services, with the use of all kinds of oil are very common today in many charismatic or Pentecostal churches. Prayer lines are formed, and the person to be prayed for is moistened with oil, usually on the forehead, and prayed for. The scripture passage where this procedure is taken from, by most of those doing it is recorded


HEALING: Part 11

.........will find that in all the cases of so-called healers, the only types of healings they ever accomplish are function­al, never organic. They are only dealing with the symptom.

I believe at this point in this thesis is to insert some quotations from a book which has been gleaned from a chapter on Charismatic healers. The author is not a Christian, but is interestingly objective. The book is entitled "Healing: A Doctor in Search of a Miracle", by William Nolen M.D. (New York: Random House, 1974). The excerts are kind of lengthy but I feel very appropriate to quote at this time. He discusses the late Kathryn Kuhlman, who was the most widely proclaimed lady healer of our century. When ever I ever speak against faith healing, always, her reported success will be brought up!

Nolan exclaims: "Finally it was over. There were still long lines of people waiting to get onto the stage and claim their cures, but at five O'clock, with a hymn and final blessing, the show ended. Miss Kuhlman left the stage and the audience left the auditorium."

"Before going back to talk to Miss Kuhlman, I spent a few minutes watching the wheelchair patients leave. All the desperately ill patients who had been in wheelchairs were still in wheelchairs. In fact, the man with the kidney cancer in his spine and hip, the man whom I had helped to the auditorium and who had his borrowed wheelchair brought to the stage and shown to the audience when he had claimed a cure, was now back in the wheelchair. His 'cure', even if only a hysterical one, had been extremely short lived. "As I stood in the corridor watching the hopeless cases leave, seeing the tears of the parents as they pushed their crippled children to the elevators, I wished Miss Kuhlman had been with me. She had complained a couple of times during the service of the 'responsibility, the enormous responsibility', and of how her 'heart aches for those that weren't cured,' but I wondered how often she had really looked at them. I wondered whether she sincerely felt that the joy of those 'cured' of bursitis and arthritis compensated for the anguish of those left with their withered legs, their umbecilic children, their cancers of the liver. "

"I wondered if she really knew what damage she was doing. I couldn't believe that she did. Here are some aspects of the medical healing process about which some of us know nothing and none of us know enough. To start with the body's ability to heal itself; Kathryn Kuhlman often says, 'I don't heal; the Holy Spirit heals through me.' I suspect there are two reasons why Miss Kuhlman continually repeats this statement: first if the patient doesn't improve, the Holy Spirit, not Kathryn Kuhlman gets the blame; second, she hasn't the foggiest notion of what healing is all about and once she puts the responsibility on the shoulders of the Holy Spirit she can answer, if questions about her healing powers, 'I don't know. The Holy Spirit does it all.'

"Let me repeat: A charismatic individual, a healer, ­can sometimes influence a patient and cure symptoms or a functional disease by suggestion. A healer can sometimes influence a patient and cure symptoms or a functional disease by suggestion, with or without a laying on of hands. Physicians- Can do the same thing. These cures are not miraculous; they result from corrections made by the patient in the function of his automatic system. We do not know yet how to control this system, but we are learning. All healers use hypnosis to some extent. ('See-your pain is going away. Isn't that wonderful?)

"Doctors use hypnosis, or suggestion, frequently. When I give a patient a pill or a shot, I make a point of saying, 'This medicine should make you better in twenty-­four or forty-eight hours. This medicine always works very well! I know that in some cases I am going to get better results if I suggest to the patient that the medicine will work than I would if I said, 'Well, I don't know about this medicine---sometimes it works pretty well, sometimes it's not so hot. We'll give it a try and hope for the best. There's alot to the power of positive thinking. Particularly where functional disorders are concerned.

"Hypnotism is not something with which one should trifle. Relieving symptoms can be dangerous. Remember the poor woman whose back pain went away at Kathryn Kuhlman's suggestion, leaving her temporarily free to frolic until her cancerous vertebrae collapsed? Symptoms-pain, nausea, dizziness - may be purely psychological, but they may also be the warning signals of dangerous, possibly life threatening, organic (as opposed to function) diseases. To eliminate a symptom without getting a the cause of that symptom can cause delay in treatment which may be serious or even fatal.

"Now,, finally, in our attempt to understand 'healing', we must deal with organic diseases - diseases that are caused not simply be disfunction of an organ, but by derangement of the structure of an organ or organs.

Infections, heart attacks, gallstones, hernias, slipped discs, cancers of all kinds, broken bones, congenital deformities, lacerations, and multitudes of other diseases and subdivisions of those I have mentioned are included in the organic-disease classification. Some organic diseases are self-limited, i.e., healed by the body itself; the common cold and minor sprains are examples of such ailments. But to cure many organic diseases, the body needs help.

"These are the diseases that healers, even the most charismatic, cannot cure. When they attempt to do so - and they all fall into this trap, since they know and care nothing of the differences between functional and organic diseases, they tread on very dangerous ground.


HEALING: Part 10

...........person, commanding her to be healed, and audibally saying to her "I command you to be healed. I call those things which are not as though they were, and command them to be so." That brother was sincere in his action, and was full of zeal and faith, as I was, when I preached the faith healing message, but of course he had a wrong interpretation of the verse. God is the only one who does the calling of things that are not as if they are! That is how he created the earth!

Then Romans 10:9 is often used. "If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." The word "saved" here, coming from that Greek word "Sozo", can also mean "heal or , make whole",so they say "confess your healing". However, the word must always be interpreted according to that particular context, and in this case, the verse is specifically dealing with spiritual salvation, because in the following verse 10, it says "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." It is obvious, you must believe you are saved before you tell anyone your confession or confirmation! A good cross reference to that verse is Psalms 116:10 which verifies this very fact. It states: "I believed, therefore, I have spoken".

Also Paul states in 2 Corinthians 4:13, "we having the same spirit of faith,according 'as it is written, I believed and thereforehave I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak."We are told by the faith teachers that Christianityis a religion of confession, and confession means, saying what God says. Then, they use a lot of other verses to confirm their teaching, but usually have them out of context.

For instance, it says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." (Psalms 18:21) Does that mean I can confess my healing over and over, and never die? No, it means if I have eternal life though Christ I will confess Him before men, and live (Matthew 10:32); and if you deny Him before men, you will perish, and loose eternal life! (Matthew 10:33) Jesus Himself stated the great plan of man's confession to life or death. "whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."

There are verses however, that definitely teach you to speak good things, but they in no way promise healing or miracles. A few of those verses are: "Put away from thee a forward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee." (Proverbs 4:24). "Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou are taken with the words of thy mouth." (Proverbs 6:2) The faith teachers use that verse to put people in bondage, by putting fear into them of even accidentally saying any negative words, which would cancel any positive confession already confessed! They say to not admit or say that you are corning down with a cold, even if you do have a runny nose, or once you confess it, it is just like signing for the package, you will definitely get it! However, when you stop and think about that statement, it really is ridiculous.

Those that came to Jesus to ask for healing told Him what they wanted healing from. When I prayed for people, I would always ask them what their sickness was first, in order to be more specific in my prayer to the Lord to heal them. Again, this verse means that the words from your mouth that are snare, are the words that an unbeliever uses to deny God! James, in his epistle, talks about the power of the tongue also. (James 1:26;3:6,8) But again, it means the same thing.

The tongue must be used to confess Christ and the fact of salvation! "Let us hold fast the profession (or confession) of our faith without wavering." (Hebrews 10:23) So the proper confession always has to do with the Gospel of salvation, and our possession of it. "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue or praise, think on these things." (Phil. 4:8). "To him that ordereth his conversation aright3 will I show the salvation of God." (Psalms 50:23) "For by thy words thou shalt be condemned." (If you deny Him) (Matthew 12:37). Therefore, the main reason, and the purpose of "positive confession" is to confess Christ as saviour before men, 4 and to proclaim His saving grace to the unbelieving world in order to gather the elect into the kingdom. "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe, the Jew first, and also the Greek." (Romans 1:16)

It's a known fact that the mind can aid in healing the body of some types of illnesses. That is the main reason why the mind science cults such as Christian Science and many others report their many claims of healing successes. These healings come from positive suggestions that healing is available and they can, or will get it. Even the Roman Catholic Church has reported all types of healings.

The mind is a powerful influence on healing, when the right suggestions, or stimulations are given it. In your mind you must make a destinction between functional disease and an organic disease. A functional disease is diagnosed when a perfectly good organ does not function properly. An organic disease is diagnosed when the organ is organically destroyed, maimed, or crippled. The function­al disease had only a symptom without a reality. An organic disease has a reality and a symptom. And, you



........infirmity. And He laid His hands on her; and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God." (vs. 11-13) She had a spirit from Satan. God may choose to cast out those demons and heal people of infirmities.

God can also make you sick! He has made the deaf and the dumb and the blind. God allowed the man in John 9 to be born blind. God wanted Lazarus dead. Jesus wanted him dead; He stayed away (John 11:1-11). Some people are sick because God wants them sick. You may have a little baby who is sick, but that may be God's plan so that you will seek Him to heal the baby.
God sometimes allows Satan to make you sick for special reasons. God had a purpose for Job. God said to Satan, "I want you to see that I have a man who can handle you. He can handle any test you give him." (Job 1:8) God may allow Satan to buffet you, such as he sent a messenger of Satan to do to Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:17, where Paul prayed three times to God to remove his thorn in the flesh, but God chose not to deliver him! So it could be a demon, or it could be God letting it happen; letting Satan do it to perfect you.

God makes you sick to perfect you. He might allow you to get sick because He has a purpose. David prays in Psalm 119:67, "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now have I kept thy word." Then he says in vs. 71, "It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes." So, sometimes sickness drives us to seek God. It is better to be sick and Godly than well and ungodly!

Then, as I have already stated, God chastens for sin, such as Miriam's leprosy (Numbers 12:9-12); pestilence (Deut. 28:21-22); etc. God also gave Gehazi leprosy when he sinned (2 Kings 5:15-27) and in 1 Corinthians 11:30, God chastened them for their desecration of the Lords table. Paul said, "For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep."

Just as when God fed the Jews with manna in the desert, but then, when they got to the promised land where it was no longer needed, he retracted it. The same applies to the gifts of healings and miracles. Once the Word, or the Canon was complete, the signs ceased!

How can we be sure of this? Paul had the gift of healings and only used it to confirm the word of his preaching! "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power." (1 Corinthians 2:4) However, Paul never used his gift outside of it's purpose which was to confirm the word. Paul's friend, Epaphroditus was sick to the point of death, but Paul did not heal him! It is recorded in Phillipians 2:25-27. "Yet I thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and companion in labor, and fellow soldier---for he longed after you all, and was full of heaviness, because ye had heard that he had been sick. For indeed, he was sick near near unto death, but God had mercy on him; and not on him only, but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow." So, in this case, God would not let Paul use his gift. The sickness that Epaphroditus had, was brought on by his persecutors, for trying to help Paul. The Greek word for "sick" is "Astheneo", and means: "to be without strength; powerless; unable to acheive anything great, infirm." However, the fact is, he almost died, and Paul did not heal him until God had mercy on them both! If Paul could have used the gift of healing at will, he would have then! But, the purpose of the gift was not to keep Christians healthy, but was given as a sign to unbelievers. The gift was used only at the point when God revealed that the purpose was clear, the time was right, and it was necessary for proclamation.

Another instance, proving the gift was not given to keep Christians healthy, but was a sign to unbelievers to hear the Gospel of the kingdom is in 2 Timothy 4:20. Paul says, "---Trophimus have I left at Miletus sick." Timothy must have been sick on occassion also. Instead of using his gift of healing, or instructing to seek out someone else with the gift, he said "use a little wine for thy stomach's sake." (1 Timothy 5:23).

The fact remains, every human being on earth, including Christians, get sick! Although the Lord heals us, there is always one more sickness that takes its place, and finally, there is one sickness that none of us ever recovers from, and that is our last one! The only ones exempt from the last sickness unto death were the Old Testament Saints, Enoch and Elijah. Other than those, sickness unto death has been claiming every person born, from Adam!


The Bible gives many verses, which teach us that if we use good words, such as are given us in the Scriptures and Holy Writings, will definately improve our dispostion while on earth! No one likes to be around a "bad mouther", or a negative person. However, the faith healers seem to insinuate that all we have to do is verbally confess anything that we want from God, over and over, and by our confession, it will finally materialize! However, that is fantasy and is not Biblical.

You can confess healing to our last breath, but the fact is, you will finally die! "It is appointed unto every, man once to die, and then the judgement." (Hebrews 9:27) The faith teachers take verses out of context to propagate their "name it and claim it" doctrine. They use verses such as: "as it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were." (Romans 4:17). I have even heard a brother stand up in a "Full Gospel" meeting and speak to a crippled



.........Sickness and disease have been the biggest foe of humanity since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Since the world population is rapidly increasing, naturally there are more sick people in the world also.

God has always, since the fall up to present, healed by His divine grace when it was His will to do so, but the only time He gave the actual "gift of healings" to any men other than Himself, was when He passed the gift on to men to authenticate the Gospel, and the New Testament dispensation!

First, Jesus gave the gift to His twelve apostles. These gifts were temporary sign gifts which were also miracles, unlearned languages and interpretation of those languages, in addition to the gifts of healings.

The progression of the power to use the sign gifts at will by the men possessing them were as follows: Jesus first gave the gifts to the twelve apostles. In Luke 9:1 we are told, "Then He called His twelve disciples and gave them power and authority over all demons---" this was actually the gift of miracles or powers, however this never gave them any ability to work natural miracles such as Jesus did when he walked on water, changed water into wine, multiplied food, made a tree fall dead, or controlled the sea and wind. This miracle gift was the gift of "dunamis", power over Satan, the ability to cast out demons. The end of the verse says, "---and to cure diseases." They were given the power over disease, and could heal at their own will, whenever they chose to manifest the gifts! This is quite a contrast between those claiming to have the gifts today.

In Luke 10:1 Jesus extended these abilities another group of seventy: "after these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two by two," then He said to them in verse 9, "and heal the sick that are there, and say unto them, the kingdom of God is come near unto you."

Up to this point, only the twelve apostles, and the seventy were given the gifts of miracles and healings. From that point, a few of the associates of the apostles, used of God, were given the gift. Therefore, Christ had the gifts, along with His apostles, the seventy, and some of the apostle's associates. The gifts were never used at random in the churches, but were always associated with Christ, the twelve, the seventy, and the associates of the twelve, such as Philip and Paul. It was never extended beyond those men, so was very limited in terms of the people who possessed the gifts.

The purpose of the gifts, as I stated before, was to confirm the Gospel message. As they went out preaching, proclaiming the good news of salvation, God gave them the ability to heal diseases instantaneously and totally in order to convince people that they were from God and that their message was indeed believable. (Mark 16:20) So, these gifts were given in order to authenticate and confirm the proclamation of these particular individuals. I have heard of the gifts being given again all over to use at will, but the evidence is very superficial, except on hearsay, especially in Gospel hardened nations such as the United States and others like it. I have heard of reports in the mission field overseas, such as T.L. Osborn reported, of the Lord confirming his ministry to heathen who had never heard the Gospel before, by healings and miracles.

In those instances, I believe it is very possible, the Lord will, and has honored the prayer of faith and performed healings and miracles to authenticate the preaching of the Gospel to unbelievers who never heard the word. However, that is not the normative, and certainly does not apply to the claims we are hearing today, such as controlled, advertised tent meetings, or to the other extremes of even mass healing on the air waves by radio and T.V. on even delayed taping!

Concerning the hypocrisy of modern healers, I have never heard it said better than how John MacArthur Jr. says it: "The question I hear all the time is: "well, how do you explain what goes on?" All right, let me ask you a question. Since none of the healers can heal with a word or a touch, instantaneously, totally, everybody, organic diseases, and raise the dead; since none of there have received the gift of healing from Jesus or the apostles; since the Bible is complete, the revelation has ceased, and more signs are no longer necessary; since the Word needs no confirmation, it is sufficient that the man of god might be perfect; since their healings are based on faulty theology of the atonement and salvation; since they disallow God His own purposes in having some people remain sick; since their personal lives are not known to manifest the fruit of the Spirit; since so many tricks, gimmicks, and special effects are often used; since the evidence is weak, unsupported, and so called testimonies exagerated; since they do not go to where the sick are, as Jesus did; since they cannot heal all who come to them; and since their healings can have other possible explanations rather than that God has acted supernaturally; let me ask you this question: "How do you explain it? You can't explain it Biblically - it is a fraud, they are deceived. Maybe they don't know they are deceived; maybe they are honestly deceived, but the are deceived."

Since sickness and disease is used by God for His sovereign purpose, it is only logical, only He can heal at His will, not our will!

Other than the fall, why are Christians sick, especi­ally if they have already been spiritually healed by conversion? Several possibilities are as follows: Satan makes you sick. Luke 13:11 says, "And, behold there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years and was bowed together, and could in no way lift herself up. And when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him, and said unto her, woman, thou are loosed from thine



...........unhealthy soul! In other words, a sin infested soul. That is why the Greek words for "salvation" and "save", mean "deliverance, perservation, healing, health, soundness, and salvation.

The Greek word for "salvation" is "soteria".Since salvation is a progressive process finally leading to absolute glory in Heaven with a glorified body, naturally there is both spiritual and physical healing involved in the process. In systematic, or dogmatic theology systems, there is part of the system which includes the study of "Soteriology", or salvation.

The word "save",in Greek, is "Sozo", and has the same meaning as salvation. In the New Testament, the word is used interchangably for heal, make whole, or save. The word from the original Greek word, which is "Sozo" is the original word used in all of the following passages. The word "Sozo" is used wherever quotation marks are located: Matthew 1:21 - for he "shall save" his people from their sins; Matthew 8:25 saying, Lord, "Save" us: we perish; Matthew 9:21 - but touch his garment, I "shall be whole"; Matthew 9:22 - thy faith "bath made" the "whole"; and the woman "was made whole" from that hour; Matthew 10:22 - he that endureth to the end "shall be saved"; Matthew 14:30 - he cried, saying, Lord "save" me; Matthew 16:25 - whosoever will "save" his life shall loose it; Matthew 18:11 - is come "to save" that which was lost; Matthew 19:25 - saying, who then can "be saved";Matthew 24:13 - endure unto the end, the same "shall be saved"; Matthew 24:22 - there should not flesh "be saved"; Matthew 27:40 - buildest it in three days, "save" thyself; Matthew 27:42 - He "saved" others; himself he cannot "save"; Matthew 27:49 - whether Elias will come to "save" him; Mark 3:4 - to "save" life, or to kill?; Mark 5:23 hands on her, that she "may be healed"; Mark 5:28 - may touch but his cloths I "shall be whole"; Mark 5:34 - thy faith "hath made 'thee' whole"; Mark 8:35 whosoever will "save" his life shall loose it, the same "shall save" it; Mark 10:26 - who then can "be saved"; Mark 10:52 - thy faith "bath made thee whole"; Luke 8:36 - was possessed of the devils "was healed"; Luke 8:48 thy faith "bath made" thee "whole"; Luke 8:50 - and she "shall be made whole"; Acts 4:9 - by what means he is "made whole"; Acts 4:12 - whereby we must "be saved"; Acts 14:9 - he had faith "to be healed"; Romans 5:10 we "shall be saved" by his life; 1 Corinthians 1:18 "to save" them that believe.

By examination of all the preceeding references, where the original Greek word "Sozo" was used either for heal, save, or make whole, it becomes quite plain that healing is a benefit of salvation! However, that type of healing is not the instant miraculous type of healing performed by those which possessed the gift of healings in the apostolistic age. The church was built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. (Ephesians 2:20) Therefore, once the foundation has been laid, we need not keep laying it, but we need to build upon it! God now heals us by His grace; but in His own sovereign will, not by our command!

The faith teachers pull context, and apply it to the present age. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) They claim, since those who do not get healed have not "the higher knowledge" which they say comes by studying their "name it and claim it" methods, is the reason they are destroyed!

The fact is, if any believer will feed his spirit on the Word of God and meditate upon it, it will be medicine to his body as well as his soul! "My son, attend to my words, for they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh." (Proverbs 4:20-22) The "life" spoken of, refers to "eternal life", and by feeding on his word, health comes to the flesh! "He sent the word and healed them." (Psalms 107:20) So, the word of God is what is needed, to give spiritual healing for the soul, which in turn, brings health to the physical

The faith healers tell people it is those seeking healing who must use their own faith in order to believe. They claim that since God spoke the earth into existance by things not seen, then those seeking healing, or whatever should use the same formula! A favorite proof text is Mark 11:24, when Jesus said, "Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." They use this verse as an umbrella to get every thing they possibly can! However, they never quote the following verse, as it "taboo" to their theology! "And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: and if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him." (1 John 5:14,15)

So, in order to get prayer answered, it must be in line with the Lord's will! The faith healers say that the biggest builder of doubt which will kill faith, is to pray a prayer including in it "if it be his will". they claim since it is God's will to heal all, that we should know his will before we pray! However, that approach does not hold up under the light of Scripture, considering all the verses we quoted of God's chastening. Even the devil has to get permission from God to afflict anyone! This is made clear in the story about Job. The devil could not touch him without God's permission. Even though God uses angels, demons, or people to execute His judgements and chastements. "The Lord bath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil." (Proverbs 16:4).

HEALING: Part 6 the way, after that ye were come forth out of Egypt." (Dt. 24:9) So, it becomes plain who put the disease on her! After she was properly disciplined, the Lord restored her to her health seven days later! This follows right in harmony with His recorded inspired word when He said, "See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no God with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand." (Dt. 32:39) Then, the Lord stated, "and the Lord said unto him (Moses), who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord?" (Exodus 4:11)

Therefore, in light of the above scriptures, it is perfectly reasonable to understand that the Lord can choose to either put sickness on anyone, or heal them, according to His sovereign will! When His use of sickness for chastening or whatever purpose is fulfilled, then He can choose to heal, also for His own purpose and glory! "I am the Lord that healeth thee." (Exodus 15:26) "I will take sickness away from thee. The number of thy days I will fulfill." (Exodus 23:25,26) The main point that the Lord wants to get across to us, is that He does the deciding of whether we are to be sick or well! "I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: that they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." (Isaiah 45:5,6,7). The word "evil" is taken from the Hebrew word "Ra" and means just that: evil, but it does not mean sin! That is one of the things which God is unable to do, and that is sin! He also is unable to lie, as we are seeing by examining His word.

God makes it plain, all through the Bible, He loves His children, but He is the boss and "calls the shots". He loves and disciplines as well! "And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them, to build, and to plant, saith the Lord." (Jeremiah 31:28). To those who persist in their wickedness, without responding to chastisement, God even utterly destroys. The Bible is loaded with the various incidents!


The favorite "proof texts" of healing being promised in the atonement of Christ is taken from Isaiah 53:4,5. Faith healers love "Surely he bath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:4,5) Isaiah prophesied this prophecy about Jesus 700 years before it came to pass. Faith teachers use these texts to claim healings for the present age. What makes it even more inviting is the fact that the word "griefs", in vs.4, is translated from the Hebrew word "gholee", meaning "sicknesses or diseases", and the word "sorrows" is taken from the Hebrew word "Machohv" which means "pains". So, faith healers tell those seeking healing "Jesus already bore your sicknesses and diseases and carried all of your pains on the cross, so if you will believe He did it for you, you do not need to bare any sickness or carry any pain! By his stripes which He took with the Roman whip, you are healed!

When I used to preach that sermon, I really believed it, and couldn't understand why all would not "believe and receive" their healings! However, with diligent study, I finally came to the correct exegeses of these verses. I found, as many others have, that the actual fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy was actually fulfilled in the actual, literal healing ministry of Jesus Christ when He was on earth! Since it was fulfilled in Jesus, we are in error to claim those scriptures out of context to claim healing for ourselves in this present age! The fulfillment to Isaiah 53: 4,5 is recorded in Matthew 8:16,17. "When the evening was come, they brought unto Him many that were possessed with demons: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying Himself took our infirmities, and bore our sicknesses."

So, in light of those two verses, it is plain to see, the fulfillment to Jesus baring any sickness and diseases were fulfilled right there when He personally ministered on earth in the flesh! So, we, as believers, cannot claim any unfulfilled promises from the atonement! The prophecy has already been fulfilled! However, we can claim something else from the atonement, which was done right there, once and for all, for all of the elect of all ages, past, present and future, and that is the fact that Jesus bore our SIN on the cross! The apostle Peter brought that to the attention of the redeemed when he reminded them, "who his own self bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripe ye were healed."4 (1 Peter 2:24) So, Isaiah was looking ahead to the cross, and Peter was looking back to the cross, both realizing that the healing which came by the stripes Jesus took was the once and for all healing of the sins of the elect!

Therefore, we are promised healing from sin for our souls from the atonement, but the physical healings part of the prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus' earthly 3-1/2 year ministry! However, it is a known fact that when the soul is healed from the burden of sin, the body also starts to function better, because most diseases are due to some inbalance of the bodily system due to an unhealthy soul!

In other words, a sin infested soul. That is why the Greek words for "salvation" and "save", mean "deliverance, perservation, healing, health, soundness, and salvation. The Greek word for "salvation" is "soteria". Since salvation is a progressive process finally leading to absolute glory in Heaven with a glorified body, naturally there is both spiritual and physical healing involved in the process. In systematic, or dogmatic theology systems, there is part of the system which includes the study of "Soteriology", or salvation.

The word "save", in Greek, is "Sozo", and has the same meaning as salvation. In the New Testament, the word is used interchangably for heal, make whole, or save. The word from the original Greek word, which is "Sozo" is the original word used in all of the following passages. The word "Sozo" is used wherever quotation marks are located: Matthew 1:21 - for he "shall save" his people from their sins; Matthew 8:25 saying, Lord, "Save" us: we perish; Matthew 9:21 - but touch his garment, I "shall be whole"; Matthew 9:22 - thy faith "bath made" the "whole"; and the woman "was made whole" from that hour; Matthew 10:22 - he that endureth to the end "shall be saved"; Matthew 14:30 - he cried, saying, Lord "save" me; Matthew 16:25 - whosoever will "save" his life shall loose it; Matthew 18:11 - is come "to save" that which was lost; Matthew 19:25 - saying, who then can "be saved";



.........They say, "God is a good God, and Satan is a bad devil." All good comes from God, and all evil from Satan. Therefore, God cannot be the source of it. Therefore, it is only logical that anyone sick must be outside of God's protective realm due to either unconfessed sin, or lack of faith on their part, in order for Satan to afflict them. They "proof text" all of the Scriptures such as, "Great multitudes followed him and he healed them all." (Matthew 12:15) "As many as touched him were made perfectly whole." (Matthew 14:36). "The whole multitude sought to touch him, and he healed them all." (Luke 6:19) "He healed all that were sick." (Acts 4:40)

Then, all of the writers will take those verses, and apply them to this verse: "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) In fact, at a past General Council meeting for the Assemblies of God, which was held at Anaheim Convention Center in California, and televised on three networks coast to coast, Thomas Zimmerman, the Assemblies of God General Superentendant used that very verse as his text for his key note message! The message stated, in agreement with all of the faith healing teachings that since Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can expect him to perform the same acts of healings and miracles for us today, as he did during his personal ministry on earth! It sounds great! It did to me also, when I was preaching it! But, when it was not working for me, I had to analyze whether it was sound Biblical doctrine or not. for me, I had to analyze whether it was sound Biblical doctrine or not.

It is a fact Christ never changes, however, His divine will and Sovereign purpose for different indivi­duals definitely do change! I am not able to part the Red Sea with a staff like Moses was given the ability to do! I cannot do most of the things the Old Testament prophets were given the ability to do. Just because Jesus did certain things in His ministry, does not give me the same power to do them! Jesus may have healed all in some verses, but in other verses, which faith teachers do not choose to bring attention to, Jesus did not choose to heal all! There were many sick people all around, wherever Jesus went, that He did not choose to heal.

This doctrine logically follows the Armenian school of theology which states that it is God's will to save all. However, in the reformed school of theology, the teaching is that Christ came to redeem only the elect who were predestinated to be adopted by Christ! (Ephesians 1:4,5) I am in agreement with the Reformed school of thought, therefore, I cannot accept the fact that it is His will to heal all, no more than it is His will to save all!

The faith teachers use a few verses to prove believers should never be sick such as:
"Thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust." (Psalm 104:29). "Thou shall come to thy grave in a full age, as a shock of corn coming in his season." (Job 5:26), "with long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation." (Psalms 91:16) However, the proponents of this doctrine do not take into consideration that doctrine must harmonize with scripture, and must be compatible from Genesis to Revelation, if it is true doctrine! It must teach and stabilize the same thing all the way through the Bible not leaving any questions unanswered.

If it is always God's will o heal all, and no sickness can come from Him, what can we do with verses like the following, except tear them out of the Bible if we are to hold with the faith teaching doctrine? "Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the almighty. For he rnaketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole." (Job 5:17,18) So we should understand that God does sometimes use sickness for His purpose of correcting us! Right in harmony with that verse is, "My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: for whom the Lord loveth, he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." (Proverbs 3:11,12). "If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with Sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers; then are ye bastards, and not sons." (Hebrews 12:7,8)However, the faith teachers bring to our attention, concerning "chastening" that the word "chasten" comes from a Greek word meaning "to instruct, train, discipline, teach or educate. It does not mean to "make sick, smite with disease, or make infirm!"

They also bring to our attention that the word "afflictions" in the Bible does not mean sicknesses either, but means other problems or tribulations. But, regardless of the meaning of "chasten" the fact is, the Lord has on occassion actually put sickness and disease on various people to chasten them!

In an account given in the twelth chapter of Numbers, the Lord became angry with Miriam, the sister of Moses, because of her rebellion against His chosen servant, her brother Moses! He called her, Moses, and their brother Aaron together to discipline them, and the result is recorded in Numbers 12:9,10. "And the anger of the Lord was kindled against them; and he departed. And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and behold, she was leprous." Some look at those verses and say it does not actually say it was God who gave Miriam leprousy, so it must have been the devil who did it when God took His protection away from her. However, much later, Moses was instructing the Jews concerning domestic relations in the 24th chapter of Deuteronomy, and he brought the incident of Miriam's leprousy to them as a reminder when he said, "Remember what the Lord thy God did unto Miriam



...........people say they "feel better", but only they know! There are some but in proportion of the reports, very few, actual well documented healings, but, in those cases, it was His will to heal! Personally, I can understand why so few genuine healings take place in meetings we see in the U.S. because faith healing evangelists would take all the credit and "hawk" their power to the utter­most!

Overseas, where the news media is absent or where there is little or no publicity, the Lord usually manifests His glory in greater proportion, but in the U.S., the meeting would be live on one or more T.V. stations, and if anything significant took place, it would be replayed until the healing evangelist would be an instant success and would inherit an instant following!

The fact is, the plan is that those that believe are to seek and follow Christ, and not any man! I think the Lord is gracious not to give us the gift of healing to use at our will, as none of us could handle this power for very long without thinking we had some merit to the power! The way the Lord keeps us humble is to let us know, He heals by His will, and not our will!

From experience, I know it is easy to "talk" healing faith, but it requires much more to produce the results-actual healing! Having said this much, through personal experience, I would like to look at some of the faith healing doctrine being taught today, by radio, T.V., books and seminars, as well in thousands of churches. As we go along, we will comment on whether the teachings are Biblical, and if not, where did they originate from or where do they go wrong.


The greatest truth available to all of the seeking is that healing still takes place in our age! That fact is recognized by those who spend enough effort to research the subject! Whether they can verify it by personal experience, or not!

The fact that Christians cannot agree on the doctrine of divine healing, makes it one of the prominent controver­sial issues within the. church. Since we are all still human, and still look through a dark glass, not having been yet glorified, we are all subject to misinterpreting the various Scripture passages which may shed light on healing.

It is also a fact that we are not all at the same level of enlightenment, therefore, none of us contain all of the truth on every doctrine! That is why we must "study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (1 Timothy 2:15)

Naturally, there are those in the church that take the position that divine healing and miracles do not exist at all in our age, and have ended with the early church. However, even within the ranks of those who do believe in healing and miracles, is very little, sound, agreeable Biblical theology which can be standardized upon. What there is available is mostly the faith healing, positive confession, mind over matter doctrine, which actually borders on the edge of mind science and metaphysics cults, and if studied closely, can be found to even identify with early Gnosticism, which was an early non-Chris­tian cult who thought they had arrived at a higher spiritual level of knowledge than others.

The greatest danger of practicing this type of worship is the ever present temptation to seduce God into becoming your own private "genie in the bottle" by "proof texting" but must be arrived at by the proper interpretation which is a study called "Hermeneutics". We have all heard, at one time or another, a zeleous recently converted Christian extract some lone Scripture passage out of the Old Testament somewhere and mistakenly apply it to his situation at present saying, "There it is! God said it, I believe it, and that settles it!" The actual fact is, it may settle it for him or her, but it does not change the verse, depending on its context in that particular location!

I feel this error of misapplying and misinterpreting various Bible verses are the greatest cause of error which leads even the most sincere Christian, if he doesn't study, to go astray. I have no doubt that most of those caught up in the faith of prosperity, positive confession movement are very sincere in their beliefs. I know because I was sincere when I was preaching it! However, that did not make my doctrine any more pure by the fact that I believed it!


In studying all of the faith healing writer's teachings, that is the first and most important lesson for those seeking healing to learn. They teach that it is not God's will for anyone to be sick, and that if it is His will to heal a115 of His children, or "who ever will receive".



.........wanted prayer for healings! I even advertised in several local newspapers weekly for six months in large bold print: "Healing, Deliverance, Salvation! Whatever your need, bring it and let Jesus Christ meet it!" Needless to say, those ads drew many of the "special" cases who had given up all hope of receiving healing anywhere else!

I can report, after I prayed, there were those who "confessed" their healing", without it being manifested. There were those who said they "felt better' after I prayed and were believing for the full manifestation! There were also many who were "slain in the Spirit", or "fell prostrate under the power" when I prayed for them. There were some favorable reports of improved conditions, but no instant manifestations of healing such as the incident with my wife's bee sting!

Then, there were the sorrowful cases of those that died shortly after I prayed for them! All of those were cancer cases, and one of those included one of my best friends, who was only 37 years old! I honestly have to report that in every single cancer case, there was extreme faith on their part to receive, and they did all of the right things to their knowledge and instruction, and even followed through by "confessing" their healing before it was actually manifested, and claiming it daily, to their last breath! There was nothing lacking in my faith either! My 37 year old friend, as a result of his tragedy, received Christ as Savior, and I am absolutely expectant of his waiting to welcome me on the "other side" when I get there; but in spite of all my efforts and prayers, He still died!

There are those who have said to me, "The problem was you! You did not have the gift of healing!" However, I must also report, of all the cancer victims I prayed for, they had all been prayed for by others, either before or after me. In the case of my 37 year old friend, when I first became aware of his condition, I shared Christ with him for salvation for the first hour, and then shared Christ for healing the second hour. This resulted in his accepting my invitation to accompany me to a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting. Once there, I reported his condition to those there, requesting prayer by any of those with faith for healing. The result was, 17 men responded, and we sat my friend in a chair, and we all stood around him, annointed him with oil, and prayed! The result was, He made a proclamation of faith in Christ the next day, but still died within 18 months after having his right arm and shoulder amputated!

I do not share these incidents to discredit the glorious healing power of Christ, but by doing so, I hope to reflect the fact that when he does heal, it is by His grace and His will, not by the efforts of men who think they personally have any special power that other Christians do not have.

There are many other incidents I could report, but by doing so would bring no glory to Christ who is all deserving of all glory. However, if only I had failed, I could accept the fact it might have been me and my failure, but other men claiming the "gift of healing" prayed for others also, either before or after I did, and they still died!

There was one Nazarine minister I knew very well who had been prayed for by many others supposedly with the gift of healing, as well as by myself, and he went on to be with Jesus confessing with his last breath that "he was healed", I am sure!

One night in my church, in response to my "healing" ad, a man about 70 drove in, and helped his wife out of his car into a wheel chair. He wheeled her in and asked for the pastor. I talked to him, and he informed me that his wife was in bad pain, due to several operations from a car accident. Then he revealed to me that he had terminal cancer, and the doctors had given him 6 months or less to live! He said they had seen my ad, and had come to be healed! I preached the best healing message I possibly could with "a full annointing" and they naturally responded to prayer. Try as I might, I could not get her to rise from her wheel chair, but she later reported her pain left for two weeks, but then returned. They came to one more of my services about a month later, and I found out they had been to several other services elsewhere and had been prayed for. With all the many beautiful testimonies of healings that I have heard of, I would like to give a positive report in this case also, however---the brother died on schedule as the doctors stated, about six months later!

With all of this negative testimony I have given so far, the reader might think I do not believe Christ heals any longer. Wrong!! I believe He heals today, just as He did always, however, those lessons I learned the hard way sent me back to "The Bible" instead of other "faith healers" books! The Christian bookstores are flooded with, "How to Receive Your Healing" books, and I think I have read almost every one written in this century! I read all I have missed as I have come upon them.

In re-evaluating all of their teachings, I have come to the position of believing that God will heal in answer to prayer (only if it is His will), however, no man presently living possesses any gifts of healings or miracles which he can use at his discretion whenever he pleases!

In other words, I do not believe anyone can schedule God to be at a "healing and miracle" meeting and command Him to perform! I personally have gone to every advertised, such meetings I had a chance to, and have personally sat in the meetings of all of the present big time, professing healing evangelists meetings! I can honestly say, as a Spirit filled, born again believer who is not a skeptic, I have never seen any manifestation of instant physical healing I could prove on anything but hearsay! The record is the same as my personal record,


Healing ; Part 2! I went to many Charismatic meetings, and my faith and expectancy soared as I heard the many healing testimonies. However, the stories always told about healings which had taken place somewhere else, at another meeting; or in another country; or in another church. I believed what I heard, however, try as I might, no matter how many different meetings I ran to, I could not see any definite healings or miracles take place which I could prove!

I heard people claim they were healed of various internal problems, but there was never anything firm I could prove. However, in spite of not seeing anything with my own eyes, I still believed that everything I had read and heard was true! In other words, I certainly was not a skeptic. From experience, looking back on my own life, even before I became a Christian, I could remember being healed of every sickness or injury I had ever had! I now know it was Christ who had performed the healings, but all of these healings had taken time, and usually medicine had been used as an aid to procure the healing.

I longed to see with my own eyes a healing that would be instantaneous, l like Jesus did when He was on earth! I kept hearing all the testimonies, but never saw any real healings I could prove, until a very tiny miracle of healing was confirmed in the Lords own timing in His own unique way!

I had been "born again" about five months when the first real healing was confirmed to my by the Lord.

My wife and were riding on my motorcycle on the way home, and it started to rain about seven miles from home. All of a sudden my wife screamed "ouch", and I stopped the cycle to see what had happened. She was crying and rubbing her cheek. I took her hand away and a bee had hit her on the cheek bone right under the eye. She had on eye protective goggles, and there was a big swollen red sting right under the goggles. Helpless, and without thinking, I touched the sting with the tips of my fingers, and said "Christ, would you please take the sting away?" Immediately, my wife stopped crying and said the pain left! As it really started to rain hard, I quickly drove the rest of the way home, and after we got into the house and took our helmets and goggles off, my wife was rubbing the now large swollen red sting which was about the size of a quarter. She said, "Look how this is swollen, yet there is no pain!" I now boldly said, "I forgot to pray for the swelling!" I again lightly touched the swollen area and prayed audibally, "Christ, Thank you for taking the sting away, now would you please take the selling away?" I took my hand away, and my wife immediately went into the bathroom to look into the mirror to check out the sting. When she got there, she could not see any swelling, as it was gone! With unbelief that it was really gone, she even washed her make-up off, but could see no sign of any swelling or bee sting! Needless to say, we were both excited and praised the Lord for a few minutes in thanksgiving, and our faith in His healing ability was confirmed! I had finally seen something with my own eyes, and could even share the confirmation with my most trusted partner, my wife!

Many times after that, and even up to present, when my wife catches a cold or flu, she receives almost instant relief in answer to my praying for her, by touching the troubled area, wherever it seems to be, and praying for the Lord to heal her! There have been times when relief has not come as rapidly as the bee sting incident, but over all, the Lord has been gracious to us, and my wife is able to receive relief for answer to my prayer of faith!

Now, I would like to report, my success of other healings for other people in answer to my praying for them. Frankly, I have no success story to report, that I can prove! In fact, if my faith would have healed anyone, I certainly would have cleaned out all the hospitals, because my faith was high, and I would lay hands on anybody sick I could possible pray for!

I read all the faith healing books by all of the prominent faith healers, and was absolutely overwhelmed that I could have that "power" to heal the sick! I read literally hundreds of books, studying all of the various "formulas and methods". I tried every new one I came across! I look back on my boldness, and even now, my face flushes in embarassment, even when I am alone! I did all the right things, such as fasting, praying, binding the devil and his demons, casting them out, etc., before praying for healing. The only problem was, there were no physical manifestations of healings taking place in my ministry!

I could preach healing sermons that would literaly draw all the sick present into the prayer line! The only problem was, no matter how loud I would pray, or how much oil I would use, or how much I would curse the devil, or how much instruction I would give to the seeking to "release their faith at the point of contact with my hands", there was no instant healings that took place.

In spite of the lack of actual manifestation of healings taking place, my faith was still soaring high, and I was sure the problem was either their lack of faith to receive, or something wrong in my own walk with God. After I prayed for those who I was sure had sufficient faith to receive, and they never got healed, I would then retreat to my prayer closet alone with God, and agonize what was wrong with me! I would ask God what else I would have to do, or give up, or confess! Only those preachers who have been through this ordeal can understand the agony involved! I knew God healed--but why couldn't I "harness" His healing power at my command like the apostles did, and like all the others who "reported" to have this power?

I was a licensed Assemblies of God minister, and preached over a hundred sermons in the course of about 18 months, and always invited those to the altar who





Healing has always been a sought after preoccupation by all those with afflictions. The various methods by which healings have been achieved throughout history are many, and have not only been confined to the church!

Whenever a cure is offered to a sick person, and he responds, and receives a healing, his faith is from that moment usually directed to the source of healing. Whether the healing came from God through one of His many channels or methods, or whether the healing came from another source, will have direct proportion to the future loyalty of the person healed .

Healing is not taking place within the confines of the Christian church, but also in Satan's kingdom as well!

The main purpose of this thesis is to give glory to our Lord and Master, Christ, Who is the genuine Healer! The.Biblical methodology of Divine healing will be examined, in order to separate Divine healing from the counterfeit occultic healings which will also briefly be examined.

The gifts of healings and miracles are two of the nine spiritual gifts mentioned in the twelfth chapter of First Corinthians, and these two gifts will be the focus of our attention in this thesis, and we will touch on the gift of faith.

Some questions we want to deal with are whether God still heals and performs miracles today the same as when Jesus was on earth. We also want to examine whether the teachings of the "Faith Healers" and "Prosperity Teachers", are valid Biblical teachings, and if they are, why aren't all of God's saints in perfect health, in want of nothing, and with all of their physical needs met?

If some are still sick and in poverty, is it because of their lack of faith or is there sin in their lives"? 0r, could the gifts of healings and miracles have been some of the temporary sign gifts of the early church given to authenticate its genuineness, and have since ceased with the death of the last apostle? If they did cease, how do we account for all the reports of healings within the Christian Church, as well as outside the church within either the occult, or other world religions? These are all important questions that need to be answered for any serious Bible student seeking the truth of Gods word!

I once heard a Faith healing Evangelist exclaim that any sick person in pain who has just been healed and relieved of that pain will quickly answer, if asked, that he could care less where the healing came from! He is just happy to be well! There is a lot of truth to that statement, because if any are in doubt of that fact, I challenge them to try and get any recently healed person to reject a "counterfeit" healing, even if it was received by an occultic physician or healer, or even a Shamin! When a person is sick and in pain, he needs to be relieved of it as soon as possible! If the pain persists, what faith he has soon begins to dwindle very rapidly, even if he is a Christian, and has prayed for healing comes to the rescue, at the last desparate moment, whether the vehicle be "positive thinking" "a faith healer", an occultist or whatever, that healed person's future devotions are attracted from that moment on, to whatever method was used.

Since Christians are taught from the Bible, they must "walk by faith, and not by sight", the entire spectrum of the miracles and healing meetings can be an enticing diversion to an unsuspecting person seeking healing, or any other physical sign to increase his faith in the supernatural.

The Jews of Jesus' time made that mistake before! It is recorded for our warning in mark 8:11,12: "And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him. And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, "why doth this generation seek after a sign? Verily I say unto you, there shall be no sign given unto this generation."

Christians should not be caught up following miracles and healings today, but should walk by faith believing that Jesus Christ has secured eternal salvation for them by His shed blood on the cross! Jesus answered sign seekers during His ministry, and the answer still applies to Christians today! "Then said they unto him, "what shall we do, that we might work the works of God?" Jesus answered and said unto them, "This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him who He hath sent." They said therefore unto him, what sign showest thou then, that we may see, and believe thee? thou work? (John 6:28,29,30). There were multitudes who followed the earthly ministry of Jesus while He was on earth, and were eye witnesses to many of His healings and miracles and miracles, yet they still did not believe that He the Son of God! The same lesson applies today for us. We are to seek the giver of gifts, not the gifts! When we find the giver of all gifts, then we will be given whatever gifts He chooses to give us by His grace, which sometimes includes healing and miracles!

The purpose of this thesis is not to discourage healing or miracles, but to focus all attention to the cause of all permanent healing and. miracles, which is The Master, Christ!


Shortly after I trusted Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin and eternal life, I came in contact with some books on healing. After reading these books, I soon after became involved and started fellowshiping with "Charismatic" Christians. Between reading the books, and hearing many testimonies on healings, I became excited, to say the least, that there was a possibility that the same miracles and healings were taking place today as when Jesus was on earth! The books gave many glamorous testimonies, none of which I could prove, but they challenged