Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alone in a Universe of Auditorial Sounds, and Visual Imagry.


Its been some time, since my last post, so I've decided to post a note to let the spirits know I am still earth bound, and inhabiting my earth suit, that has just had its 70th Birthday, this incarnation.  It would seem, that by this time, I would have found all of the answers to birth, life, and death, but, unless I believe my inner private speculations, then, like Y'all, I am flooded with an overload of writings, sermons, speeches, all attempting to convince others to believe their own speculations. To those of us who never stop searching, for Ultimate Truths, the Internet alone, provides new material daily, from multiple new sources, that no one has enough time to research sources and references to establish if true or false. So, who can we put our trust in? Who can we believe? Have all of the "Holy Books" or Scriptures been written, that give us all of the answers we need to arrive Home, the original Home we once left, to arrive here, in these little insignificant earth suits? How can we sort out all the information? Written, Channeled, Preached, spoken, visualized, imagined, and the list goes on.

This is the year 2012, and the hype of the Mayan Calender proving  that Dec. 21, 2012 will have a significant effect on the planet, with the alignment of the planets, and an entire new age will be put into place. Hype or fact? Only YOU can decide for yourself, but, for me, I believe it is all hype, once more, and believe nothing will happen, as nothing has happened in the past Doom Day prophecies of the un-informed. The New Age You Tube DVDs, have unlimited scenarios, by Channelers, Extra-Terrestrials, Aliens, Greys, Hybrids, i.e. half human, half alien, and "Whistle Blowers" are coming forth from Govts., Military, and many sources, claiming that there are underground bases, all over the planet, where Govts. are partnering with Aliens, doing all sorts of experiments, from cloning hybrid humans, to Star Gate Weapon technologies! Astral Projection, while meditations, Out of Body and Near Death experiences claimed by thousands of people, including Abductees, claiming all sorts of things, such as being beamed up to Alien Space Ships, and experimented with, keep You Tube viewers busy indefinitely, if they choose to get their information there.

More of my friends, and people I have known are passing away, and I am finding out that most of them have not started their search for answers to the Three Great Questions: (1) Where Did I Come From? (2) Why Am I Here? (3) Where Am I Going When I Die? I am always "tempted" to offer my own private speculation, as answers to those questions, but, I have wisely finally come to the conclusion, that once a person is ill, and especially, if in any pain at all, it is too late in life to begin searching for those answers. Usually, they do pray, to what ever source they choose, for relief to pain, and also welcome prayers of others to assist them through their problems. Does Prayer work?

I believe each of us, are individual souls, separated from Eternal, Ultimate, Creator, SOUL, while in these earth suits, in any material species, what so ever. So, again, I have posted that I believe, our individual bodies, as miniature reproductions, or replicates, of the Universe, or we are "microcosms" of the "Macrocosm." So, as our bodies, contain, billions and billions of individual cells, each playing their part in our Play of Consciousness, each of us are also, individual cells of the Eternal, Creator, Play of Consciousness! So, when ever any disease attacks our earth suits, individual cells, or "soldiers", team up and attack the intruding germs or bacteria. So, if we all Pray for each other, when ever a friend or acquaintance gets attacked by any illness, or adversity, than, those Prayers act as a Team, fighting off the intruders, the same as happens in the individual earth suits. At least, that's how it works here, on the earth plane. Once we leave our earth suits, there most likely will be new rules. But, without viual images to use as markers, they would have had to have occurred some time during our past, in order for us to recognise. That includes people. Each religion imagines meeting their Savior, on other dimensions, but, as a Christian, would I recognise any man god, such as Jesus, if I had never been alive during his incarnation here on earth? If I was not alive when Jesus was alive, than, how could I recognise a being I had never met in the flesh? Especially, when the Christian Bible states that Satan can trasform himself into an Angel of light, as can his demons! So, we are also told by John, to "test the spirits." So, for me, at least, I test them every day, right here, while I am still in the body, and still have my physical brain computer to assist me, and sort out fact from fiction. After we leave the body, all bets are off, because our spirits will be traumatized, and according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, they will spend many days in an Astral Bardo, while awaiting reincarnation into another material body. But, again, that is too much of a lengthy subject to discuss in this post, but it may be looked at in many of my other posts in this Oasis of souls. But, for certain, if we have created Karma, here on earth, well, we will reincarnate right here, back on earth, to pay off those actions. Until we have received Salvation, i.e. Grace from our Creator God, which can not come by any other method but by GRACE, than, we will remain caught in this illusion, which the Hindus call the "Wheel of 84", which means there are 8,400,000 possible material species a lost soul could be incarnated in. Not provable, of course, but certainly food for thought, considering that 3/4 of the humans on the planet believe in some sort of reincarnation, as I also do. I always like to compare Calvanistic Theology of "Predestination, Election, and Reprobation" to Reincarnation and Karma. To me, one complimants the other, and they are they very same dogma, dressed in different words, or termanolgy. Considering that most languages of our day, can be easily mistranslated, from one to the other, without INNER GUIDANCE, from our own soul, which is a holographic projection from our own Oversoul, than we will contine to flounder like a fish out of water, because that is exactly what we are, i.e. individual drops, seperated from the Ocean of love, or sparks seperated from the Fire of Creation!

We never arrived here by accident. We came from Home Base, as Missonaries of the Universal Soul, and we will each return, to Home Base, when ever our Creator calls us Home, and Grace will abound for those who are marked, or are members of the "Marked Elect", destined to be called home this very incarnation!

So, while the Christian await the 2nd Coming of Christ, the Moslems await the Iman, and the Jews the Messiah, all the while they are making war against each other and killing each other, there need not be any 2nd coming for those that are called, and HEAR the WORD Of God, which is Christ In Us, The Hope Of Glory! John 1:1 makes it clear that The Word was IN God, and WAS God, and BECAME flesh! That "Word" is Christ, and is the same Spirit, that was in Jesus the man, while on earth as a human, as is in each of those humans called to return Home right now, in this very incarnation! The Bible states that "the spirit of man, is the Candle of The Lord." It also states that every man has been given a portion of Light, and that Light, was Christ!! Look Up, for our Redemption Draweth Neigh. We are all going up, and it won't be on any Alien Mother ship, but when our Grace has arrived, we will be sucked right out of our bodies, and will be transported like specks of light back to the Source of Light.

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame