Friday, June 15, 2012



I'd sure like to have all the Truth to share with Y'all. But, my Truth is most likely, only MY Truth, because no another single soul on the planet, either in the past, or up to the present, has ever walked in my shoes, .....sandals,........or bare feet, experiencing every single event I have experienced. So, we each treasure our very own, individual "truths", depending on many many things.

Race, Religion, Culture, Nationality, Education, past Teachers, Priests, Gurus, Ministers, environment, origins, etc. etc. all play into our learned truths. But, most of us do not possess anything we have not learned from others, or those whom have passed on, and left their Memorials. I "sort of" consider this Blog, as well as my Face book site, as my own Memorial, for others who might stumble upon it, to be able to compare their own individual Journeys, and belief systems, to mine. I never try to force my beliefs upon anyone, and expect that ONLY those seekers who are meant to read the contents, will benefit from any of my experiences or "Rants."

However, no matter what stage of life we find ourselves, there seems to remain various "filters" preventing us from saying, or writing what we really are feeling, at the moment, or believe. This Blog has been sort of "hidden", or at least, Camouflaged from the public, in general, because It was never meant to become a "fight club" or for argumentative dissenters a forum for bringing different opinions of everything I have written to the blog. I have already participated in those kinds of blogs, and have fenced with the Alpha Male/Females in the best of them! ( No one ever wins, or changes anyone Else's minds, and Cyber war is not conducive to ANY ONE'S real beneficial Spirituality, or expansion of the souls. )

"When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear." And, no one is ready, until they consider themselves ready, and are searching for the Truth! The only "Master" that ever exposes the REAL Truth,..... is each soul's own Inner Master, who has been there, all of the time, ever watchful, never abandoning, only hiding until called by that individual soul to lead and guide them! Many "Holy Books" give analogies, such as the Christian Bible's example of "The Prodigal Son returning to the Father, after squandering all of his inheritance." We might use this as our own lesson, of our returning to our own Spiritual Father/Mother once we KNOW we have squandered our own, inheritances, i.e. life in the material realm, right now, on this planet, wearing our own individual earth suits!  

BUT, how close do each of us need to be, to the end of our own lives, here in these earth suits, before we are no longer afraid, or are willing to say exactly what we want to say, and is in our earth suit libraries? When do we become "Whistle Blowers", not afraid of sharing without worrying about being poitically correct, or sounding crazy?

I know, for me, I have always been "inhibited" from saying, or writing, what I wanted to, because of worrying about what "others" would think of me! First and foremost, of course, it was my immediate family, then, friends, then, Employers. And, of course, in spite of us thinking we are free, are any of us really free? Are we even liberated? Even now, at 70 years old, and having reached retirement, and been educated in the U.S. "System", do I dare "say what I want?" Not hardly! There are still plenty of filters between my spirit, my soul, my mind, my brain, my tongue, and my fingers, preventing me from "letting it all hang out!!"

The present Internet atmosphere of Cyber Space, allows a Vehicle of Media space, to share our inner most thoughts with more people on the planet, then at any other time in history, ( as we remember it). BUT, "Big Brother", is always watching us, as never before! Every conversation, post, email, cell phone conversation, etc. etc. is "captured" by hidden eyes, ears, and computers, to keep documented historical tabs on each of us. We can run, but we no longer can hide! I'd hate to be a Criminal, or have skeletons in my closet that I was afraid of being exposed, at this time in history!!

As a retired U.S. citizen, who has played by the rules, worked, saved, payed a whole lot of Taxes, I now am privileged to draw my monthly Social Security Check from the U.S. Govt. It isn't much, but it IS enough to pay my rent, and monthly Utilities, so I certainly don't want to say anything on any Blogs, or Face book, or anywhere, to put any risk of loosing access to my limited Security for my remaining years. Also, Medicare, although lacking, is better than nothing, and also part of the U.S. Retiree's "Benefit Package."

So, I guess, what I am trying to say, in this Post, is, I still have too many filters left in place, to really share what I believe at this point, 100%. But, in the Big picture, who the hell gives a poop?

I hope I have already written and shared enough on this blog, that, at least, exposes interested sojourners on the Path, of where I've looked to find my answers, to date. All of the last of my Bible Seminary Thesises, were written and completed by the end of 1984, so hopefully, no readers will judge me only on Bible writings, although, Christianity is still my firm Foundation and solid Anchor. But, for sure, there is always still "Room at the Cross...........Roads" for more!! The Ocean of Spirituality is always held wide open, for ALL Seeker Souls who have finally become Prodigal Sons/Daughters,and  are ready to return to the Father/Mother, as Marked Elect souls.

Light to All,

Until We meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame