Wednesday, June 08, 2011

CREATOR Uses "Trickle Down" HOLY SPIRIT VIBRATIONS to Guide All Creation!

Dear Readers,

I'd like to claim direct communication with God, or that I hear audible voices in my head directing my every move. But, sorry to disappoint Y'all. I can't hear the words to any particular language. But I DO feel I receive Divine Guidance, in my daily affairs, as long as I ASK my Creator for Grace. It comes at surprising  times when I least expect it, or have given up on my own floundering around trying to solve my own problems!

I have read that our physical bodies might be compared to a miniature universe, or a "microcosm" formed in the image of the "Macrocosm." If we compare, please consider the Macrocosm as our Ultimate Creator of each and every living thing on every planet, star, asteroid, in each Galaxy of the entire Universe! Now, THAT's how Big I consider my Creator to be! Now, compare my present physical body as the miniature microcosm. Now, there is a lot going on in my microcosm body, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! Most of it is going on without any assistance from me at all, or without any individual cell having the slightest clue about what its part of the entire process of maintaining this body involves. But, for sure, in order to me to be alive and animated, a "Portion", no matter how small, of the same Electro-Magnetic Source that the Ultimate Creator is made of, is injected in me,...........and YOU, in order for us to be alive and in order to be able to experience consciousness in these particular bodies here on earth or ANY other planet! Cool stuff, Huh? So, the Bible taught me that my body is a "Temple of God, and The Holy Spirit Dwells in this Temple." ( paraphrased.) I found that out 35 years ago, and stopped using tobacco and alcohol right away, and have never used either since! ( Didn't want to take the chance of smoking the Holy Ghost out of the Temple!!)

Now, as my pea brain visualizes how the Ultimate Creator communicates with me, is by "Trickle Down" Holy Spirit Vibration. As I understand, ALL,  I mean ALL, Creation exists within the domain, or Spiritual Vehicle of our Ultimate Creator we call God. So, in order to communicate with,  and guide me, this Electro-Magnetic Holy Spirit Vibration comes to me in the form of "Intuitions", "Ringing Radiance" that is an inner ear Sound that constantly rings like buzzing bees in both ears when ever I concentrate or my mind is silent; and also as Inner Light, manifesting in the middle of my forehead when I sit quietly with physical eyes closed concentrate my attention there.

I believe I have had other past lives, because of personalities I have, so my "Oversoul" encompasses me, or my physical body, and is actually my Spirit Guide" while in this physical body. This Spirit Guide is none other than Myself, which includes the totality of every single experience I have ever had in every single physical body or species on any given planet since my Ultimate Creator manifested life in me and decided to share creative experience with me! Cool, Huh? Now, during this time, I obviously must have had many physical Teachers, Masters, Gurus, Saviors, Parents, Siblings, friends, enemies, etc, etc. It can really get complicated, when trying to figure it all out. But, in simplicity,or Laymen's terms,  no matter how many Channels, Levels, physical or Spiritual,s this Electro-Magnet Holy Spirit Vibration of Creationt takes to reach us, and animate us, God never looses our channel, long as we keep our Radio/Receivers turned on, ready to receive the latest communication from Spiritual Headquarters! Hope this make sense, without quoting thousands of Scriptures, and Holy Writings have already been written for those "who have ears to hear, and eyes to see." 

It is no Secret,..........What God can do. What He's done for others, He'll do for YOU!"

Until We meet again, I remain,

Eternal Flame