Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inspiration, Thoughts, New Ideas, ...HOW & WHERE Do They Come From? If We Are Puppets, WHO Is Puppet Master?

I have been feeling like writing something about the mystery and methodology of how we manage to suddenly "catch", or "feel" thoughts, especially those that appear new to us, or that suddenly appear out of "some where?"

In order to arrive at even the minutest speculations about this subject, we must first establish a few assumptions.

1) "Something, or Some One," sends those thoughts to us, and are successful of penetrating our skulls, and entering our brains.

2)  Or, No one or nothing sends anything to us, and we are only parroting information that we have either read, heard, or seen some where during our life here on earth, in these bodies.

3) If the thoughts are being sent to us, than by Whom, and how? God? ( He/She/It/ETs/spirits/Angels/Messengers/Demons/Aliens/Magicians/Shamans/Witches/Warlocks, humans/animals/???) The list could be endless, depending on on the belief system of the person receiving the thoughts.

But, since this is my Blog, and I am the Writer, than, please allow me the Honor of speculations.

I realize, and know, that after 70 years on earth, in this body, I have read, heard, seen, and experienced stuff that at least, gives me some foundation to weigh, any inner inspiration, or messages, or thoughts that suddenly appear to me, seemingly, out of no where.

I ofter wonder, why my inspiration and ideas seem to be so boring, or have such little value to the world, and hardly worth sharing with any one, other than the few that stumble onto this Blog, and stay even long enough to read past the first post.  I also wonder if great people of powers, such as Presidents, Dictators, Kings, Queens, Business people, receive their thoughts the same way.

Well, I am finally arriving at the place in my life, where I am more willing to share exactly what I believe, ( with some), but not all), rather than trying to please all, and tell every one what they want to hear, in support of what they already believe, and are always looking for other confirmation to support their own belief systems.

For me, I believe in an infinite Creator, or Cosmic Power, that no human being has ever fully encountered, or saw and had conversations with, face to face. ( Including Mormons) WE Christians, refer to this Creator as God, but I could fill pages of words used as Titles for this Creative Power I choose to call God, but have already shared some of them on my other Posts here on this blog.

But, since I have never saw God, face to face, ( if another face is actually even involved), I prefer to understand my Creator as THE ONE ETERNAL SPIRIT, WHO has created every thing that has ever been created, and continues to expand creation, as I write, and you read!

I can't even imagine for a second, how materialists, or Atheists, are able to continue living life here, with out any faith in their survival at death of the body, or their belief that it all ends here, so I won't even go there, or comment about such a drab and boring subject.

I believe that my Creator, God, not only has created everything here, on earth, but has also created, and controls all creation in the Universe and Galaxies! I surely can't explain how, or the mechanics, or methodology, or reason God creates, but I know every living thing has a portion of God Anatomy, in order to be a living specie, other wise, no life would be present any where.

But, I AM NOT GOD, nor ever expect to be, in spite of Eastern religious belief, taken from mostly Hindu literature. I do believe that God clones spirits from SPIRIT, and that spirit is called Christ, by we Christians. That spirit is called by other Names by other religions and sects. ( See my other Posts on the blog if interested is seeing other Names)

So, to me, or my understanding, GOD is ETERNAL SPIRIT, and each living entity has been clones from that SPIRIT, and have been given a portion and have become living "souls." Bible records that God breaths His Breath into humans and they become living souls! It also records that the spirit of man is the Candle of The lord!" ( Don't want to Bible thump, or preach, so as not to offend the reader and chase him/her away.)

So, BEFORE that spirit is breathed into humans ( I will only discuss human spirits, on this post, or it can get real controversial), that spirit, was created by SPIRIT at some time in the past, but no one including me, knows when. But, once created, that spirit is Eternal! That I believe, and is what I choose to live by. So, considering NO ONE really KNOWS just where God resides, or where "Heaven" really is located, individual spirits that God has created in the past, are spirits when not materialized, but are "souls" once they have incarnated into HUMAN bodies. So, again, after God breaths Breath into humans, they become living souls.

OK, so far, so easy to understand! So, humans are born, live life, and die. Its all part of the process in the "Play of Consciousness." So, as soon as the body dies, and the spirit again is released from the body, since it is Eternal, it re-enters the spirit realm. Religions argue about where spirit goes. But, for now, let's just agree that it goes some where, and is no longer in the human body.

Now these spirits, too numerous to even number, are still controlled by Eternal Creator, SPIRIT, i.e. God. As in earth life, we each have different agendas, lives, jobs, etc. etc. There is always some sort of "Chain of  Command", regardless of what Nationality or country humans find them selves born in. So, someone is always communicating with humans from a material level, and teaching them, but what about thoughts, and intuition, or inspiration again?

Well, there are some egotists who have the audacity to think they have God's private Hot Line, and receive their instructions directly from Him! But, that's not my belief.

I believe that I receive my thoughts from dis-incarnated spirits, who were once humans, or at least, the thoughts that I receive that I can recognise, or sort out to have originated on earth. Just as here on earth, not every human has the same knowledge, morals, or beliefs. Why would spirits become geniuses when leaving human bodies that were idiots? Spiritual growth is a constant progression, forward, towards SPIRIT, so I weigh any thoughts, or messages I receive, based on my experience and learning while here. Of course, Reincarnation and Karma have to be considered, otherwise, no telling where such thoughts could be coming from.

I have read all the possibilities of where different humans receive their thoughts, messages, and instructions from.

Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Mohammad, the Virgin Mary, Catholic Saints, Indian Gurus, human spirits asleep and Astral projecting, Remote Viewers, Shamans, Aliens, demons, Angels, Prophets, Saints, etc. etc. But, we have to be reasonable enough, to settle the fact that none of us are important enough in Eternal Creation to have the only Direct Channel to SPIRIT. Sorry, Pentecostals, speaking in Tongues isn't gonna enlighten you, or make you God, or enable you to get any private Spiritual information worth trying to change anything in the world.

I believe the Chain of Command is used in the Spiritual World by Creator SPIRIT GOD, Who uses spirits to continue the Play of Conciousness. Other planets, in other Galaxies, where ever life forms, in material form exist, also have incarnated spirits cloned from SPIRIT. So, I can't remember ever receiving any messages from any of them, or I'd have a whole lot more interesting information to share with Y'all right now, but, meanwhile, until I do receive any thing of interest, I remain, and bid Y'all pleasant and Eternal Journies, in SPIRIT.

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I AM GOD? DUALITY Vs. NON-DUALITY. Polytheism? Theism? Who's Blood Needs Shedding?

I used to hear many Preachers quote from the Bible, "without shedding of blood, is no remission." Billy Graham used that quote all the time, taken from Hebrews 9:22. The Israelites sacrificed animals in the Temple, letting their blood flow over the Altar, as a sacrificial remission of their sins. He would than compare this Old Testament Law to New Testament, where Jesus was quoted to have said, in Matt. 26:28, "For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins."

Christians jump on the blood band wagon of Jesus, and claim to be one of "the many." But, could Jesus have meant all humans, past, present and future, ..or, might He have meant the elimination of many animal sacrifices that could now be ceased?

Blood sacrifice has been used by religions by the Aztecs that would cut out human hearts, to other Sects. using all sorts of animals.

So, Fundamentalist Christians "claim the blood of Jesus" as their Salvation for his shedding his own blood on the Cross at Calvary 2000 + years ago.

Christians also believe Jesus to be God. Hindus believe their Gurus to "be God In Human Form" as Jesus was, and is believed to be by His believers.

As a believer in Re-incarnation and Karma, I had to wrestle with this issue of claiming to be one of the many that Jesus shed his blood for, in order to be exempt of sin. No doubt about it, my life changed 180 degrees from where I was, when I became a Born Again Christian and asking Jesus to be my Savior at 35 years of age. But, as a "Babe in Christ", and 35 years of study, and experience, I believe that every human being that has ever been born and came to earth must have had sin, or Karma to deal with, and had to return to earth to clean the slate. To me, from where I sit, now, I believe that even as a Born again Christian, as long as I remain in my material earth suit, of flesh, bones and blood, I continue to sin, and the only way I will stop sinning is when I shed my OWN blood, by completing my journey here, and leave my body, or earth suit behind, and go where the Spirit is, who became Jesus.

The Bible Spirits advise us that God is Spirit, and we must worship him in spirit and in Truth. So, as long as we are either an incarnated spirit in a human body, we are a soul. We are in Duality. When we die, and discard the material body, we return to the spirit world, and by shedding our blood, we again become spirit. We still are in Duality. Even Jesus is said to "sit at the right hand of the Father as our intercessor", so even He is in Duality, unless the Trinity part of theology comes into play.

Buddhists do not believe in God or spirit, but they do believe in reincarnation and karma. They remain in Duality, until they reach "Nirvana", or merge into nothingness. They would become Spirit, at that point, if it we real.

Hindus believe that Duality remains until the soul returns to Soul, or God, or the drop returns to the ocean or the spark returns to the fire.

All of these theological explanations can be real confusing, and to me, if I am a drop returning to the ocean, then I cease to exist as an individual, and loose my personal identity. But, hey, what's to loose? Doesn't seem like much right now, but considering I Am and Eternal spirit, I am sure God doesn't waste ANY spirit He has created, and He has lots more in store for me! ( And Y'all!)

So, let's cut to the chase and make this mystery a little more easier to digest, no matter what sect we happen to be indoctrinated in. We are all Eternal Beings, created of course, by God, but we don't know when, where, or what for. But God, being what He is, i.e. SPIRIT, encompasses the entire Universes filled with as many Galaxies as are created by Him, which continue to expand, and no telling where we started from. But, the fact is, we are here now, in human bodies, as souls. We were spirits before we united with our present bodies, then we became souls. We are bound to these bodies, until are OWN blood is shed, and our bodies will no longer support the Temple for our spirits to remain, so at death of the body, our soul vacates, and is Born Again as spirit. We never loose our individual spirits, when we return to the spirit world, where we were before becoming souls born into material flesh and blood!

Now, as humans, we are all being surrounded by spirits, some earth bound, some not. But, just as there are different towns, cities, spread all over the earth as continents, and spirits are embodied in flesh and blood bodies all over the earth, intelligence and spirituality is not equal. Karma and reincarnation determines where the different levels of spirits reside, and just as Jesus told his disciples that in his Father's House, there are many mansions,, well, obviously, he was talking about the spirit world, where many levels of spirits reside.

So, there are good spirits, mediocer spirits, bad spirits, and REAL Nasty Evil spirits, the same as we witness right here on earth, as we rub elbows with all levels of humans today. Forget about Angels, demons, aliens, ETs, becuse, they are ALL spirits! Regardless of what planet from what galaxy!  So, I believe by trying to live the life Jesus taught his disciples, and by using his Sermon on the mount as our Guide, our Heaven hopefully will be on some other location, when we leave these bodies as spirits to be with Jesus, who became our final Sacrificial Lamb, to end our Karma! So, Reincarnation is no longer needed, for those of us who are Believers in Christ, and have our Ticket to the New Jerusalem, when we hear the Trumpet Blow. 

I want to graduate to a place where killing is no longer necessary, of any living creature, and war is non-existent, and sin, sickness and all the negatives of earth school has been eliminated. THe Bile assures us Heaven is that Place!

I hope to meet all my loved ones there, and start my next Adventure as spirit. I prefer Duality and don't want to become God! I'd rather just be me, .....who ever I AM.

Until We meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame       

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The following URL is another Spiritism Treasure House I recently discovered that I find a real Faith builder supporting Reincarnation and survival of individuality of our spirits after leaving our present bodies, and supporting progression of evolution of Consciousness. I don't know any of the Speakers, but really like what they have to say about what I already believe and have gleaned from all of the other worth while Scriptures I have studied. Enjoy, when a Faith Booster is needed.  

Sunday, July 08, 2012



Why does Bible talk make you so angry? You'd be eaten alive if you were a Preacher or Evangelist fishing for lost souls. Before you catch a fish, you first need to apply the right kind of bait that fish like. And there are as many fish looking for food out there as there are lost souls stuck in each of the cults or Sects. Now how in the world would you ever hook one of those hungry fish if you never had the least clue what each of those fish ate for dinner? If you don't know what each cult member believes, and refuse to examine their literature, or hear them out, you won't ever be in a position to win them to the Christ that you worship.
2nd Timothy 3:16 is recorded that Paul wrote that "All Scripture is inspired by God..." Now, considering this Epistle was written LONG before any of the four Gospels were written, who really knows what "Scriptures" Paul was referring to, if he even wrote 2nd Timothy? The word "Scriptures" translates into "Holy Writings" by most Greek Scholars. Now how do you, or anyone else know, just which Holy Writings Paul had read or had access to? Answer: You DON'T! Pure speculation. He could have had just about all of them written to date, including all of the ancient Holy Writings. This "Maze" was not directed at you personally, but the shoe must have sure fit well, because you jumped right into them!! :-} I wrote that to a Blog pit bull who was in a Chat room where I was having a nice conversation with a guy who claims to be the reincarnation of James, the brother of Jesus. His chief disciple started trashing me, and this was my response to him,a couple of years ago. But, in your case, how in the world would you EVER be able to have an intelligent conversation with any member of the cults I listed above, if you were trying to win them to Christ? Don't you understand that The Lord makes room for what ever Gifts his disciples are given? My ministry was not to stay locked into the Bible arguing until my last breath about tongues and trivial matters . When ever The Lord suddenly gives me an opportunity to communicate with ANY soul thirsting for Spirituality, I am ready, able, and willing, to communicate with them on what ever level they happen to be on, because I have "studied, to show myself approved,." Can you just imagine yourself sitting at the Hari Krishna Temple in Laguna Beach, and having a delicious vegetarian lunch with the Devotees there, in their restaurant, and carrying on a nice conversation about The Lord with any of them that visited your table, without your turning red in the face and chocking on your Tofu Burrito?
Didn't Paul say he tried to be all things to all people, and when he was with Jews, he was a Jew, but when with Christians, he was a Gentle?
Think about how you see every other creature you meet in life, even for a brief moment, as some lost soul, that The Lord has put in your Path, or has seen your fishing line, and now has come to taste your bait! Will you start speaking in tongues when they show up, or have a little conversation first, to try and find out what level they are on, and what they know to date? If so, then, you NEED to look at what you refuse to investigate,..... unless you'll be content to be in Heaven all alone! For me, I get lonesome. I'd like a little company, and I fully EXPECT to see many whom I have had something to do with their getting there before me.
Jim's Maze of Seeking God:
As a baby Christian, I was like a lamb being thrown to the wolves, when I first entered the Church arena, after becoming Born Again. In my mind’s eye I considered God the Father in the center of the Universe, with Jesus, the Christ, as the Intercessor between the Father and I. But, as I started to interact with other Christians, I started to add circles in my diagram branching out from the center, where the Father is located. In each of my circles, as I studied the different denominational dogmas, I circled Atonement; Righteousness; Eucharist, or Communion; Justification; Creator; Love; Grace; Faith; Mercy; Eternity; Immortality; Sin; Demons; Angels; Miracles; Church; Temple; Election; Predestination; Fate; Karma, Action or inaction; Reincarnation, Transmigration, Metempsychosis; Incarnation; and Resurrection, and last, but certainly not least, FORGIVENESS.

But, then, I started to venture off the beaten Fundamentalist track, and my search took me in many other directions included in the Maze of seeking God.

I studied Manly Palmer Hall’s writings, and attended many of his lectures, in person, when he was alive. He was the founder of Philosophical Research Society. I studied the writings of Douglas Baker, Barret, The Magus; Maurice Burke; Aurthur Edward Waite, Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled; Alice Baily, Many Theosophy writings; Lost Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria; I read the entire Tome of the book called Urantia; as well as Eliphas Levi, Lewis Spence; Aliester Crowly, Edgar Cayce, which could all fall under the banner of Occultism.

Then, I studied the UFO Sects, such as Shirley McLean; Schonfield; Erick Von Daniken; The Hollow Earth Theory; Zechariah Sitchen; Dr. Horn; and most of the main stream UFO Sects.

Then, I also investigated Shamanism, starting with Terrence McKenna, progressing out to Spiritualism, Channeling, and even read Anton LeVey’s Satanic Bible!

I checked out most of the Christian Cults, as well. Then of course, I subscribed to the Skeptical Enquirer, and gleaned the wit of Paul Kurtz and The Amazing Randy, while I was honing up on Col. Ingersol’s volumes of Atheist books. I fought my way through the maze of Roman Catholicism, wondering if I had made the correct move, when I ventured away from my Catholic roots, and ventured into Protestantism.

Then, I had to be tossed back and forth as a ping pong ball between the Charismatic Pentecostals and Traditional mainline Fundamentalist Protestants. Then I had to decide between Historicity vs. myth vs. Tradition of the Bible. And, now allegory enters into the mix!

Once I found that Christianity gleaned the writings of Eastern religious writings, I was drawn into the maze of Eastern religions, simultaneously, while I was working through the ten year program of the Twelve Rosicrucian (AMORC) Degrees. Then, I took the Three Martinist Degrees as icing on the cake of the Esoteric Christian Maze.

I had to wade through, or sort out Eastern religions, other then the main stream Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or Islam, I had to read Ram Dass, Charles Tart; study the drug Altered states of consciousness, read Benjamin Crème’s works; Sri Aurobindo; Nitananda; Yogananda; Dr. Paul Brunton; Muktananda; Satia Sai Baba; The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy; Rama Khristna Vedanta; Khrishna Consciousness; Meher Baba and the Sufi Mystic literature; Tibetan Buddhism and the Dali Lama ( Once saw him in person); Taoism; Confucianism; Shintoism; Essenes; Jainism; Transcendental Meditation; Egyptology; Judaism and the Kabbala; all leading me to the Radhasoami Sect!

Then, after being initiated by Thakar Singh, then Charan Singh, I found myself into the Maze of historical bickering among the various Radhasoami Sects, each saying; My Master is the only Perfect Master, and all others are pseudo masters!”

Along the way, while in the Maze, I had owned and read more Gnostic works than many could even imagine, and I went DEEPLY into both the Mormon religion, as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I own the entire Nicene Church Father’s Series, all 50 plus volumes that ---- quotes from to support his Bible quotes. I have studies the Mind Science religions, such as Religious Science, Unity, and own most of Ellen G. White’s works, including the 6 volume set of when she published editorials in the newspaper while she was alive.

And, my dear friend, the above is only what comes to my immediate mind, of what I remember. I have bought, read, and sold more books, in the past 30 years than the average Christian Church combined! ( Because most of them have not found the liberty to venture outside of their local Dogma.) Thank The Lord alone that my "Karma has run over my Dogma!!

Friday, June 15, 2012



I'd sure like to have all the Truth to share with Y'all. But, my Truth is most likely, only MY Truth, because no another single soul on the planet, either in the past, or up to the present, has ever walked in my shoes, .....sandals,........or bare feet, experiencing every single event I have experienced. So, we each treasure our very own, individual "truths", depending on many many things.

Race, Religion, Culture, Nationality, Education, past Teachers, Priests, Gurus, Ministers, environment, origins, etc. etc. all play into our learned truths. But, most of us do not possess anything we have not learned from others, or those whom have passed on, and left their Memorials. I "sort of" consider this Blog, as well as my Face book site, as my own Memorial, for others who might stumble upon it, to be able to compare their own individual Journeys, and belief systems, to mine. I never try to force my beliefs upon anyone, and expect that ONLY those seekers who are meant to read the contents, will benefit from any of my experiences or "Rants."

However, no matter what stage of life we find ourselves, there seems to remain various "filters" preventing us from saying, or writing what we really are feeling, at the moment, or believe. This Blog has been sort of "hidden", or at least, Camouflaged from the public, in general, because It was never meant to become a "fight club" or for argumentative dissenters a forum for bringing different opinions of everything I have written to the blog. I have already participated in those kinds of blogs, and have fenced with the Alpha Male/Females in the best of them! ( No one ever wins, or changes anyone Else's minds, and Cyber war is not conducive to ANY ONE'S real beneficial Spirituality, or expansion of the souls. )

"When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear." And, no one is ready, until they consider themselves ready, and are searching for the Truth! The only "Master" that ever exposes the REAL Truth,..... is each soul's own Inner Master, who has been there, all of the time, ever watchful, never abandoning, only hiding until called by that individual soul to lead and guide them! Many "Holy Books" give analogies, such as the Christian Bible's example of "The Prodigal Son returning to the Father, after squandering all of his inheritance." We might use this as our own lesson, of our returning to our own Spiritual Father/Mother once we KNOW we have squandered our own, inheritances, i.e. life in the material realm, right now, on this planet, wearing our own individual earth suits!  

BUT, how close do each of us need to be, to the end of our own lives, here in these earth suits, before we are no longer afraid, or are willing to say exactly what we want to say, and is in our earth suit libraries? When do we become "Whistle Blowers", not afraid of sharing without worrying about being poitically correct, or sounding crazy?

I know, for me, I have always been "inhibited" from saying, or writing, what I wanted to, because of worrying about what "others" would think of me! First and foremost, of course, it was my immediate family, then, friends, then, Employers. And, of course, in spite of us thinking we are free, are any of us really free? Are we even liberated? Even now, at 70 years old, and having reached retirement, and been educated in the U.S. "System", do I dare "say what I want?" Not hardly! There are still plenty of filters between my spirit, my soul, my mind, my brain, my tongue, and my fingers, preventing me from "letting it all hang out!!"

The present Internet atmosphere of Cyber Space, allows a Vehicle of Media space, to share our inner most thoughts with more people on the planet, then at any other time in history, ( as we remember it). BUT, "Big Brother", is always watching us, as never before! Every conversation, post, email, cell phone conversation, etc. etc. is "captured" by hidden eyes, ears, and computers, to keep documented historical tabs on each of us. We can run, but we no longer can hide! I'd hate to be a Criminal, or have skeletons in my closet that I was afraid of being exposed, at this time in history!!

As a retired U.S. citizen, who has played by the rules, worked, saved, payed a whole lot of Taxes, I now am privileged to draw my monthly Social Security Check from the U.S. Govt. It isn't much, but it IS enough to pay my rent, and monthly Utilities, so I certainly don't want to say anything on any Blogs, or Face book, or anywhere, to put any risk of loosing access to my limited Security for my remaining years. Also, Medicare, although lacking, is better than nothing, and also part of the U.S. Retiree's "Benefit Package."

So, I guess, what I am trying to say, in this Post, is, I still have too many filters left in place, to really share what I believe at this point, 100%. But, in the Big picture, who the hell gives a poop?

I hope I have already written and shared enough on this blog, that, at least, exposes interested sojourners on the Path, of where I've looked to find my answers, to date. All of the last of my Bible Seminary Thesises, were written and completed by the end of 1984, so hopefully, no readers will judge me only on Bible writings, although, Christianity is still my firm Foundation and solid Anchor. But, for sure, there is always still "Room at the Cross...........Roads" for more!! The Ocean of Spirituality is always held wide open, for ALL Seeker Souls who have finally become Prodigal Sons/Daughters,and  are ready to return to the Father/Mother, as Marked Elect souls.

Light to All,

Until We meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame


Monday, April 30, 2012

The following is a special Link ( still active this date posted, at least) that the Sect allows their entire 5 Book library to be downloaded for FREE. The books offer comfort to those who may still be grieving about lost loved ones and friends, but the books are very controversal, in nature, especially to Fundamentalist Orthodox religeonists, because they are Channeled material by dis-incarnated spirits who are no longer living in  material humans bodies. I only recently discovered this Link for the FREE 5 books,but I have owned the Spirits Book in hard copy for at least 25 years, and have read it with extreme interest several times. It has 1000 plus Questions & Answers, which reinforce my extreme belief of the Doctrine of Re-incarnation and Karma, amoung many other interesting comments. I am not, nor was ever a member of this Sect, but still highly recommend these FREE books to anyone grieving for lost loved ones.   

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alone in a Universe of Auditorial Sounds, and Visual Imagry.


Its been some time, since my last post, so I've decided to post a note to let the spirits know I am still earth bound, and inhabiting my earth suit, that has just had its 70th Birthday, this incarnation.  It would seem, that by this time, I would have found all of the answers to birth, life, and death, but, unless I believe my inner private speculations, then, like Y'all, I am flooded with an overload of writings, sermons, speeches, all attempting to convince others to believe their own speculations. To those of us who never stop searching, for Ultimate Truths, the Internet alone, provides new material daily, from multiple new sources, that no one has enough time to research sources and references to establish if true or false. So, who can we put our trust in? Who can we believe? Have all of the "Holy Books" or Scriptures been written, that give us all of the answers we need to arrive Home, the original Home we once left, to arrive here, in these little insignificant earth suits? How can we sort out all the information? Written, Channeled, Preached, spoken, visualized, imagined, and the list goes on.

This is the year 2012, and the hype of the Mayan Calender proving  that Dec. 21, 2012 will have a significant effect on the planet, with the alignment of the planets, and an entire new age will be put into place. Hype or fact? Only YOU can decide for yourself, but, for me, I believe it is all hype, once more, and believe nothing will happen, as nothing has happened in the past Doom Day prophecies of the un-informed. The New Age You Tube DVDs, have unlimited scenarios, by Channelers, Extra-Terrestrials, Aliens, Greys, Hybrids, i.e. half human, half alien, and "Whistle Blowers" are coming forth from Govts., Military, and many sources, claiming that there are underground bases, all over the planet, where Govts. are partnering with Aliens, doing all sorts of experiments, from cloning hybrid humans, to Star Gate Weapon technologies! Astral Projection, while meditations, Out of Body and Near Death experiences claimed by thousands of people, including Abductees, claiming all sorts of things, such as being beamed up to Alien Space Ships, and experimented with, keep You Tube viewers busy indefinitely, if they choose to get their information there.

More of my friends, and people I have known are passing away, and I am finding out that most of them have not started their search for answers to the Three Great Questions: (1) Where Did I Come From? (2) Why Am I Here? (3) Where Am I Going When I Die? I am always "tempted" to offer my own private speculation, as answers to those questions, but, I have wisely finally come to the conclusion, that once a person is ill, and especially, if in any pain at all, it is too late in life to begin searching for those answers. Usually, they do pray, to what ever source they choose, for relief to pain, and also welcome prayers of others to assist them through their problems. Does Prayer work?

I believe each of us, are individual souls, separated from Eternal, Ultimate, Creator, SOUL, while in these earth suits, in any material species, what so ever. So, again, I have posted that I believe, our individual bodies, as miniature reproductions, or replicates, of the Universe, or we are "microcosms" of the "Macrocosm." So, as our bodies, contain, billions and billions of individual cells, each playing their part in our Play of Consciousness, each of us are also, individual cells of the Eternal, Creator, Play of Consciousness! So, when ever any disease attacks our earth suits, individual cells, or "soldiers", team up and attack the intruding germs or bacteria. So, if we all Pray for each other, when ever a friend or acquaintance gets attacked by any illness, or adversity, than, those Prayers act as a Team, fighting off the intruders, the same as happens in the individual earth suits. At least, that's how it works here, on the earth plane. Once we leave our earth suits, there most likely will be new rules. But, without viual images to use as markers, they would have had to have occurred some time during our past, in order for us to recognise. That includes people. Each religion imagines meeting their Savior, on other dimensions, but, as a Christian, would I recognise any man god, such as Jesus, if I had never been alive during his incarnation here on earth? If I was not alive when Jesus was alive, than, how could I recognise a being I had never met in the flesh? Especially, when the Christian Bible states that Satan can trasform himself into an Angel of light, as can his demons! So, we are also told by John, to "test the spirits." So, for me, at least, I test them every day, right here, while I am still in the body, and still have my physical brain computer to assist me, and sort out fact from fiction. After we leave the body, all bets are off, because our spirits will be traumatized, and according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, they will spend many days in an Astral Bardo, while awaiting reincarnation into another material body. But, again, that is too much of a lengthy subject to discuss in this post, but it may be looked at in many of my other posts in this Oasis of souls. But, for certain, if we have created Karma, here on earth, well, we will reincarnate right here, back on earth, to pay off those actions. Until we have received Salvation, i.e. Grace from our Creator God, which can not come by any other method but by GRACE, than, we will remain caught in this illusion, which the Hindus call the "Wheel of 84", which means there are 8,400,000 possible material species a lost soul could be incarnated in. Not provable, of course, but certainly food for thought, considering that 3/4 of the humans on the planet believe in some sort of reincarnation, as I also do. I always like to compare Calvanistic Theology of "Predestination, Election, and Reprobation" to Reincarnation and Karma. To me, one complimants the other, and they are they very same dogma, dressed in different words, or termanolgy. Considering that most languages of our day, can be easily mistranslated, from one to the other, without INNER GUIDANCE, from our own soul, which is a holographic projection from our own Oversoul, than we will contine to flounder like a fish out of water, because that is exactly what we are, i.e. individual drops, seperated from the Ocean of love, or sparks seperated from the Fire of Creation!

We never arrived here by accident. We came from Home Base, as Missonaries of the Universal Soul, and we will each return, to Home Base, when ever our Creator calls us Home, and Grace will abound for those who are marked, or are members of the "Marked Elect", destined to be called home this very incarnation!

So, while the Christian await the 2nd Coming of Christ, the Moslems await the Iman, and the Jews the Messiah, all the while they are making war against each other and killing each other, there need not be any 2nd coming for those that are called, and HEAR the WORD Of God, which is Christ In Us, The Hope Of Glory! John 1:1 makes it clear that The Word was IN God, and WAS God, and BECAME flesh! That "Word" is Christ, and is the same Spirit, that was in Jesus the man, while on earth as a human, as is in each of those humans called to return Home right now, in this very incarnation! The Bible states that "the spirit of man, is the Candle of The Lord." It also states that every man has been given a portion of Light, and that Light, was Christ!! Look Up, for our Redemption Draweth Neigh. We are all going up, and it won't be on any Alien Mother ship, but when our Grace has arrived, we will be sucked right out of our bodies, and will be transported like specks of light back to the Source of Light.

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame