Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I AM GOD? DUALITY Vs. NON-DUALITY. Polytheism? Theism? Who's Blood Needs Shedding?

I used to hear many Preachers quote from the Bible, "without shedding of blood, is no remission." Billy Graham used that quote all the time, taken from Hebrews 9:22. The Israelites sacrificed animals in the Temple, letting their blood flow over the Altar, as a sacrificial remission of their sins. He would than compare this Old Testament Law to New Testament, where Jesus was quoted to have said, in Matt. 26:28, "For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins."

Christians jump on the blood band wagon of Jesus, and claim to be one of "the many." But, could Jesus have meant all humans, past, present and future, ..or, might He have meant the elimination of many animal sacrifices that could now be ceased?

Blood sacrifice has been used by religions by the Aztecs that would cut out human hearts, to other Sects. using all sorts of animals.

So, Fundamentalist Christians "claim the blood of Jesus" as their Salvation for his shedding his own blood on the Cross at Calvary 2000 + years ago.

Christians also believe Jesus to be God. Hindus believe their Gurus to "be God In Human Form" as Jesus was, and is believed to be by His believers.

As a believer in Re-incarnation and Karma, I had to wrestle with this issue of claiming to be one of the many that Jesus shed his blood for, in order to be exempt of sin. No doubt about it, my life changed 180 degrees from where I was, when I became a Born Again Christian and asking Jesus to be my Savior at 35 years of age. But, as a "Babe in Christ", and 35 years of study, and experience, I believe that every human being that has ever been born and came to earth must have had sin, or Karma to deal with, and had to return to earth to clean the slate. To me, from where I sit, now, I believe that even as a Born again Christian, as long as I remain in my material earth suit, of flesh, bones and blood, I continue to sin, and the only way I will stop sinning is when I shed my OWN blood, by completing my journey here, and leave my body, or earth suit behind, and go where the Spirit is, who became Jesus.

The Bible Spirits advise us that God is Spirit, and we must worship him in spirit and in Truth. So, as long as we are either an incarnated spirit in a human body, we are a soul. We are in Duality. When we die, and discard the material body, we return to the spirit world, and by shedding our blood, we again become spirit. We still are in Duality. Even Jesus is said to "sit at the right hand of the Father as our intercessor", so even He is in Duality, unless the Trinity part of theology comes into play.

Buddhists do not believe in God or spirit, but they do believe in reincarnation and karma. They remain in Duality, until they reach "Nirvana", or merge into nothingness. They would become Spirit, at that point, if it we real.

Hindus believe that Duality remains until the soul returns to Soul, or God, or the drop returns to the ocean or the spark returns to the fire.

All of these theological explanations can be real confusing, and to me, if I am a drop returning to the ocean, then I cease to exist as an individual, and loose my personal identity. But, hey, what's to loose? Doesn't seem like much right now, but considering I Am and Eternal spirit, I am sure God doesn't waste ANY spirit He has created, and He has lots more in store for me! ( And Y'all!)

So, let's cut to the chase and make this mystery a little more easier to digest, no matter what sect we happen to be indoctrinated in. We are all Eternal Beings, created of course, by God, but we don't know when, where, or what for. But God, being what He is, i.e. SPIRIT, encompasses the entire Universes filled with as many Galaxies as are created by Him, which continue to expand, and no telling where we started from. But, the fact is, we are here now, in human bodies, as souls. We were spirits before we united with our present bodies, then we became souls. We are bound to these bodies, until are OWN blood is shed, and our bodies will no longer support the Temple for our spirits to remain, so at death of the body, our soul vacates, and is Born Again as spirit. We never loose our individual spirits, when we return to the spirit world, where we were before becoming souls born into material flesh and blood!

Now, as humans, we are all being surrounded by spirits, some earth bound, some not. But, just as there are different towns, cities, spread all over the earth as continents, and spirits are embodied in flesh and blood bodies all over the earth, intelligence and spirituality is not equal. Karma and reincarnation determines where the different levels of spirits reside, and just as Jesus told his disciples that in his Father's House, there are many mansions,, well, obviously, he was talking about the spirit world, where many levels of spirits reside.

So, there are good spirits, mediocer spirits, bad spirits, and REAL Nasty Evil spirits, the same as we witness right here on earth, as we rub elbows with all levels of humans today. Forget about Angels, demons, aliens, ETs, becuse, they are ALL spirits! Regardless of what planet from what galaxy!  So, I believe by trying to live the life Jesus taught his disciples, and by using his Sermon on the mount as our Guide, our Heaven hopefully will be on some other location, when we leave these bodies as spirits to be with Jesus, who became our final Sacrificial Lamb, to end our Karma! So, Reincarnation is no longer needed, for those of us who are Believers in Christ, and have our Ticket to the New Jerusalem, when we hear the Trumpet Blow. 

I want to graduate to a place where killing is no longer necessary, of any living creature, and war is non-existent, and sin, sickness and all the negatives of earth school has been eliminated. THe Bile assures us Heaven is that Place!

I hope to meet all my loved ones there, and start my next Adventure as spirit. I prefer Duality and don't want to become God! I'd rather just be me, .....who ever I AM.

Until We meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame