Monday, October 15, 2018

Being in the right place at the right time

Dear Souls,
  Its been awile since I have had any thing unusual to share, but I shared this experience on my Facebook site with the few friends I have there, and decided to share it here as well.
  I just returned a couple of weeks ago from a 20 day trip that took me to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the Check Republic. These were all new places I had never visited before. Other than visiting many Christian Churches in each city I toured, I felt Spiritually disconnented from my usual Samadhi experiences when I am home, because when traveling, my Meditation disapline is non existant, because of the travel. So, other than a normal Travel Log, I have nothing sgnifically Spiritual to report. In fact, l was feeling useless to the world, when I got home.
  When home, I keep from stayimg bored between Meditation times by a daily cruise on either my Can-Am Spyder Trike, or my Harley Motorcycle for 2-3 hours daily when its not raining. So, on my very first day back from my 20 day trip, I decided to take my Spyder out for a Cruise. Here was what happend!
    I happened to be in the right place at the right time!! I took a cruise on my Spyder today, and came around a corner on a narrow country road, and saw an over turned car on its top, with smoke coming out of the engine, rear wheels still turning, and glass all over the road. No one around. I secured my Spyder, ran to the car, and tried to open the passengers door, but could not. The driver was a female caught up side down and could not unlock her seat belt. She was on her cell phone with her mother, and was crying, and saying she was sorry. I finally got the driver’s side door open a couple of feet. She kept saying,....”Please help me, please help me, I’m so scared. “ All I could see was her legs, as she was up side down strapped in. She said her seat belt would not unbuckle. I don’t know how long she had been there, but she was on her cell phone with her mother who must have been trying to call the Police. I was touching her arm, and trying to calm her down as I was trying to reach over her to locate the seat belt buckle. I could not, as it must have been under her body. Also, I could not get to the Ignition Fob to shut off the motor, as her body was in the way. Then, a car stopped and a man ran out to help me. I quickly told him she was alone, and I couldn’t get her unbuckled, he had a pocket knife, and handed it to me and told me to cut the straps. I started cutting, and when half way thru, told her to get ready to drop when I cut the strap. She did drop, so now I could see her face, but both legs and feet were stuck inside. I pried one foot out first, hoping the car wouldn’t explode, then got one leg out side of the car. She was spread eagled, and still stuck! I then crawled far enough in to the smoking car to get a hold of her other leg. I pried on it until her foot came loose, then I got her other leg out and grabbed both legs and drug her out of the car. I was still concerned the car might explode, so wanted to get her away from the car. The other man helped me get her to her feet, and she was able to walk with us to the other side of the road. She gave me the biggest hug I got in a long time, and didn’t want to let go, as she kept repeating,....” Oh Thank You Sir, Oh Thank You Sir, thank God, Thank God.” I found a safe place to sit her on side of the road, away from the car, and told her to stay there. I then went back to the car and crawled back in and found the Ignition Fob and shut off the engine, but I could not get it out of the car, but at least the engine quit running and smoking. Mean while, several more Vehicles were at the scene, with a couple directing traffic over the broken glass. Finally two Rescue guys showed up, and took over. The first asked if she was hurt and she said she didn’t think so. ( a Miracle! ) then he asked her name, and she told him. He asked her old old she was. She answered,....I am 18, TODAY! Its my  Birthday!” Then,....a woman came running thru the crowd and dived through falling on her knees crying, and buried her head on to her Daughter’s lap, ( it was her Mom ) and they were both crying. Then, the State Trooper appeared asking for witnesses . No one, included me saw it happen. I told him I was the first one there, and how I had gotten her out of her car. He said,....”Thanks for stopping and helping her, Sir, your a good man.” I thanked him, and said any one would have done the same. He then told me I was free to go. The Ambulance was on the way to take her to ER for evaluation. So, just another dull day in the life of an old Geezer. A week ago,  my Harley broke down, and I almost hit a Bear with it! Its in the Shop for diagnosis. I am glad I had the Spyder today.
  Until we meet again, be well.
   Eternal Flame