Monday, June 23, 2014


Prophylactics are used by humans to prevent the spread of physical diseases, where by Perispirits are used by souls who reincarnate into material bodies to experience life as humans, or to participate in the Play of Consciousness, in The Creator's  School House, with out becoming permanently bound to any material body by karmic diseases enticing incarnated spirits. 

According to Spiritist teachings introduced to the late Allan Kardec by spirits, a Perispirit " is the link which unites the soul and the body. It is semi-material--that is to say, of a nature intermediate between soul and body, as it must be in order that they may be able to communicate with each other. The soul is an incarnated  spirit, where the soul was a spirit before being incarnated, or while out of a material body.       

The spirits are protected by Perispirits while in the body as souls! " page 108 of The Spirits' Book, linked on this blog as a free download. Since The Spirits' Book was written in the early 1800s, Astral Bodies, as introduced by Theosophy was not yet known by Kardec, and Perispirits were what dis incarnated spirits channeled by Mediums conveyed to Allan Kardec during his interviews with various spirits using hundreds of Psychic Mediums to answer Kardec's metaphysical questions.

Of course, since the Internet has been available to all who care to research such Metaphysical Philosophies such as the relationship between the spirit and the body, there is an abundance of available Literature to either read on line, or to download, or purchase  as published books. There are also many blogs, such as mine that you are presently reading, that offer unending critiques of each other's opinions of present or past Author's  writings. I don't want to even begin to venture into quoting other writers, because there are too many that could fill volumes and volumes of web pages that are already there, which  may be accessed by key boarding in a single word and then searching, on Google or Yahoo. Wikapedia usually has the most extensive references, and the word "perispirit" may educate any wanting more information on what I coined " spirit condoms of the soul. 

The Internet also offers many Spiritual Planes Charts, showing various levels of how the Eternal soul interfaces with material bodies, some showing as many as 18 different levels or spiritual planes that the Eternal soul descends, from Source, through all the lower levels finally incarnating into material bodies. 

Then, since birth into a material body  becomes the temporary  death of spirit, or the terminal disease of materialism, since all materialism is impermanent, the incarnated soul must ascend  upwards or back out through all the spiritual planes or realms to return home where it once left, when it was initially created by our Creator. 

These Charts may be accessed by running search words such as Sant Mat, Radhasoami, Eckankar, Theosophy, Rosicrucians, Martinists, etc. etc. The Agra Sect of Radhasoami Sect has the 18 levels of soul sheaths, resembling a seed in the core of an onion.  As the soul ascends from the core of its sheaths, rising through each spiritual plane, the amount of residual materialism decreases in each Plane, as the spiritual portion of the spirit increases.

The purpose of this note is not to educate the reader to each different sect, but to introduce one to the idea of how souls animate individual material bodies. 

One blog is the home of  a Mystic who teaches that souls never reincarnate into new bodies once the body dies, but only Holographic projections of fragmented past life spiritual DNAs enter each new births by the interaction of male sperm penetrating the female ovum in the womb. forming the fetus, that allows the spiritual DNA of a fragmented past life projected from one of the many Mansions of the Beings of Light. Each  Mansion, or Being of Light may encompass up to 144,000 possible fragmented past life spirits that failed to become acquainted with their own Soul-Self Being of Light. According to the Mystic, these past life failed spirits residing in each individual Mansion may be consulted by the Holographic projected spiritual DNA incarnated as present souls, by becoming complete, or whole, by following what the historical man, Jesus, taught his disciples practicing TheWay. Very confusing, and difficult for entry level spiritual seekers to understand, so, I will not continue to confuse, should the reader be interested in researching some of these interesting Web sites of blog, just run a search on the Long Island Mystic, and have a feast of more web pages of teachings than one could read in several life times,.....because this mystic claims to be the brother of Jesus, i.e. James, who walked and talked with Jesus, and has been writing Scripture since any was written! I know. Sounds insane, or heretical, but before the reader writes it off as insanity before reading even a sample of what the Mystic writes, one would be missing a very unusual opportunity!  Enough said. Except, even more interesting is, the core members of his blog claim to also be reincarnated spiritual fragments of DNAs that incarnated with this Mystic during many of his past lives. It's a spiritual   jungle in Cyber Space, so let the Buyer Beware! "Caveat Emptor!"

Until we meet again, I remain,

Eternal Flame