Sunday, March 01, 2015



As I hear about more of my friends and acquaintances passing away, either from disease or old age, I am constantly reminded that my turn is coming, and I will also be either be gasping for my last breaths of air to remain attached to my physical body, or,..........I will either be praying to the invisible God Who has been using my body or another individualized Play of His Consciousness since He Breathed His first Breath of air in to my lungs seconds after I was born in to this world from my Mother's womb. That Breath has been what has retained my soul in the ever changing physical body of what is keying this Post. That Breath has become automatic, operated by the Subconscious part of my mind, and is the Cord that binds my soul to my physical body. Once I stop breathing, my soul departs this body to join my friends who have already been initiated in to passing over, ....from physical to spirit.    

Now, of course, this body has required much more that Air to sustain my soul in this body, but Air is the Cosmic ingredient that has kept my soul in this body. I am assuming the reader has hope that we are souls having experiences in bodies of flesh, bones and blood, rather than bodies only, with out souls? 

I know that many that pass over are given Morphine or other drugs to either lesson their pain, or tranquilizing them during the last minutes of life, but I am hoping  that I will be able to consciously pass over, in to the spirit realm with out drugs, so I may witness the process of leaving my physical body, the same way I have attempted to do, many times, in Meditation, but this time, a one way trip. 

Now, considering I have studied this topic for the last 40 years, at this point, if I quoted even a small portion of all the Teachings I have either read about, heard about, or tried, It would take volumes of books to reference. I know I will be unable to remember most of what I have read or heard, during my last gasping breaths, and will be unable to Google one last best instruction of how to pass over easily. So, my thought is, if I haven't decided to choose my best way of exit by then, .........well, its to late to do any thing else other than to just take my last Leap of Faith, and let what ever will be,...or not be,! 

I have all ready posted many of my thoughts, during my ever changing speculations on Theology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticism, etc., some of my own thoughts, as well as others who have nourished my Faith, along the way, but    considering not a single one of my friends who have passed over, or any relative has returned to instruct me, about what REALLY happens ,....if we survive, than, all I have to go on, is what they have written or said when they were alive physically, unless I place my belief in the Channeling of Psychics, or Spiritualists who use Mediums to seek messages departed souls who supposedly share messages. 

So, I am hoping my best thoughts will be able to be Assets to me, from my years of study and practice, of praying, meditating, experimenting, etc. from what I have taken from Scripture, Holy Writings, sermons, Teachings, of all of my past Teachers whom I retain in my memories. 

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame



If we ask any normal person, regardless of Gender, Nationality, or Race, who claims to believe in God, to introduce us so we might also know Him…we might expect unlimited descriptions of that God any of the seven billion humans living on the planet might describe. So, with that conclusion, there is no doubt, that seeking God is an individual, process, because we are always unable to verify another person’s individual god they become familiar with.

I do not put my self up on any higher pedestal than any other seeker of God, and admit that I am just another unknown seeker among the other 7 billion humans on the planet, who at some time in our lives, become curious enough to wonder if there really is a God that has created us, and if so, why does He use the Path of making Him/Her/Its Self invisible, to every one claiming to know Him, other than self proclaimed Sects that claim to not only know Him, but are in daily contact with Him, and are very anxious to introduce Him to the world, and us…for a fee, such as Tithes, Dues, Sales of their Books, or Donations to contribute to their Building Programs of Worship Edifices, Churches, Temples, Cathedrals, or Meeting Halls, Ashrams, Retirement Communities, etc.

I feel inadequate to write, or share any thing on the Internet, when I see the unending wonderful Web Sites, with just about every instruction any one ever wrote regarding God. Every Religion has its Scriptures, which I have read samples of most of them, during my last 40 year search to have a one on one, face to face meeting with, that Mysterious Invisible God who chooses to hide from most seekers, including me! Religious Clerics, of the Priest Craft are too numerous to count, and each offering to enlighten us with the god they know, ….for a Fee.

Well, after sampling many of the various offers, seeking God, during my last 40 years, I have come to the conclusion that not a single seeker of the 7 billion humans on planet earth comes even close to knowing our Cosmic Creator we call, or refer to as “GOD” , but each of us having our own individual interpretation of just Who God is, what He looks like, Sounds like, where He lives, or operates from, or why He has any interest in our individual day to day floundering around in linear space time, on planet earth.

My Blog offers samples of some of the places I have searched for God, but, other than serving to keep my Faith in some type of an after life, or individual survival of what ever “me”, or “i” really am, other than a spark of God’s Fire, or drop of His Ocean, I have to admit at this time of my search, that my understanding of Metaphysics seems to end up at the starting point, or where the Alpha meets the Omega claimed in the Bible. That’s why the Symbol, “0 “ in Occult Literature esoterically hides the fact that in spite of every material creation haven been created, at some distant point in Time, all creation is impermanent, and must eventual return to its point of origin.

The Bible teaches we are created in the Image of God, and that God is Spirit, and must be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. So, each of we 7 billion individual humans on planet earth must contain an “Image” of God’s Invisible Spirit, which created our bodies and keeps us alive, moment to moment. I have shared many Philosophical possibilities of how our individual spirits team up with our physical bodies to experience the Play of Consciousness, here on earth, so God may expand His Creation as He sees fit, for His pleasure.

“Seeking” God is as easy as listening to Sermons, Lectures, Work Shops, being initiated, taking courses, or reading. But FINDING God, is not as easy as claimed by the Priestcraft

I just experienced my 73rd Birthday a few weeks ago, and am more aware of my limited mortality…in this body, than ever. I am in pretty decent health, for my age, and other than the usual aches and pains, and problems of an aging Male, I am not expecting to die any time soon, yet I fully know that my remaining time left in this body could be taken away any time. I live each day, ready to depart, should I be called to leave, with full Faith that should my Creator take my spirit from this body, that He has His Plan, “ His” Plan, that He has yet to share with me, regarding my future Missions between now and the time when I return to Him, as a drop in His Ocean or a spark from His Fire, as the Alpha meets the Omega! Or, if the Atheists and materialists are correct, in that it all ends here, with no survival, or after life, than, so be it. What we will never know should never hurt us.

With the above introduction to what I feel like sharing, at the moment, because its been on my mind for a few days, and won’t go away, I feel I better log it in to my Blog before it goes away, and might be of value to another seeker who stumbles on to it in some time in the future.

AS an Ex Preacher, I have obviously tried all of the types of Prayer, or praying that Christians shared or wrote about in the past. I have always taken the path of listening to claims of those who claim to know God before rejecting their claims, to first try to follow their instructions, or way of praying, before rejecting the results. Well, if the reader starts at the beginning of my Blog, and reads all of my Christian Seminary Theses regarding the subject, my story is all there, along with my failures and successes. Along with my Christian experiences, I have also shared some of my Rosicrucian, Martinist, and Sant Mat experiences. ALL of these experiences have assisted me to KEEP what ever Faith I experienced, up to the time, but, as now, none of them ever satisfied my desire to meet, God, Face to Face, and SEE Him, Hear Him, and Bask in His Glory!! Oh yes, I have had many, many experiences of Bliss, expecting to meet Him any moment, and that He was ready to stop hiding from me, and expose Him Self to me! But,…..I have come to my conclusion that until I depart ALL physical Materiality, once and for all, and return to Him, than, that part of “i”
that is the individual spirit that I AM, only observes, or witnesses, the creations that my mind creates. ( Mostly illusions. )

I have been a Devotee of Meditation, since I was 45 years old, and have tried quite a few different Techniques, in addition to the Sant Mat, Rosicrucian, or Martinist Meditation Techniques I was initiated in to. During Meditation, we are seeking God, and listening, rather than when by Prayer, we are either asking, or begging for Him to grant our desires. I have done plenty of begging and asking for all kinds of favors from God. I have prayed for favors for my self, as well as for others, and have experienced many answers to Prayer. But, in Meditation, we are ONLY seeking God, or Images of Him. The Sant Mat Teachers teach that we experience God by Light & Sound, and during meditation, if successful, we may see glimpses of Light, see images of the sun, moon, star, or images of Inner Masters. I have experienced all of those, as shared in another post on an early peak meditation I had.

Paramahanda Yogananda taught that God expresses Himself as Light & Sound, but he taught that by breathing through the nostrils, imagining that the spinal column is hollow, and watch the inhaling of Air descending in to the lower body areas, then returning back up the spinal column exiting the top of the Medulla Oblongata , the tube that links the top of the spinal column to the brain, where the Pineal Gland sits at the Third Eye Level in the forehead behind the two physical eyes, reveals memories stored from past lives there, which is like a Pine Cone, with different layers of memories. In fact, there is a large Pine Cone Icon sitting in front of the Vatican, and the Pope carries a Pole that has a Pine Cone of the top if it, so He must be knowledgeable regarding the symbol it is linked to, i.e The Third Eye. Yoganada describes the Third Eye, inside, as a 5 pointed Star that is encased by a blue sky with a gold ring around the round spherical object. I have never see the 5 pointed Start, but I have seen the glittering diamond shaped image inside the blue sphere, and I have also seen the gold ring. But I have never seen them all together, only one at a time. There are many variables that might be involved, to be able to successfully experience these images, such as diet, life style, health, ago, and for sure, past KARMA. So, I am pleased that I am able to still experience some of these images during meditation, so it keeps my Faith secure enough to keep meditating, when ever I have a chance, or wanting to seek God.

Like most seekers, I could just as well wait until I die and then find out what will happen, but, I prefer to seek a Preview of what I expect to experience once I leave my physical body for a one way trip. I prefer not to be taken by surprise. I hope to consciously pass from this Realm to the Spiritual Realm, when I die, the same way I do during meditation, which is an exercise of “Dying While Living” as the Apostle Paul said he did daily.

Until we meet again, either here,….or There,..I remain,
Eternal Flame