Monday, November 20, 2017

Gimmi That Ole Time Religeon!

I am long over due of writing my latest thoughts on Spirituality, and where I think I fit in to the Cosmic Puzzle of Birth, or Rebirth, i.e. Reincarnation, back to a human body, or God forbid, or the horror of Transmigrating back to a lower animal  specie than human, as taught in Hindu Scriptures, called, “ The Wheel of 84”, or “ Charausi”, meaning that are a possible 8,400,000 possible material bodies a soul trapped in Duality might incarnate in to, depending on Karma, or actions produced while in human incarnations only, because humans only, are bound to the Law of Karma, while all lower species are exempt from Producing further karmas, and are only in those species to pay retributions for Karmas created by souls that made choices while experiencing Duality while in human bodies. The present Guru at the Beas Dera in India, teaches that being Initiated by a Living Master-does not guarantee Salvation from Reincarnation or even Transmigration back to a lower specie!

Most Hindu Sects believe in Reincarnation or Transmigration, based on Karmic Retribution, based on actions while incarnated in human bodies. 

Christianity Teachings teach, that the Cycle of Reincarnation may be broken, or ends, once an Elect soul is saved by Grace and is called  by The Father to return Home, as a Prodigal Son who ran away from Home and squandered his inheritance as a rightful Heir of the Kingdom of Heaven. I have shared my Master’s Thesis on Eternal Security here, on my Blog, which was written by me in 1983 for my Seminary Master’s Degree Thesis. 

I share how I answered my Call to Salvation in April 1977, and have felt Secure every since! 

I have never been afraid to loose my Salvation or Promise of Redemption, as I have since studied and sampled as many other Sect’s paths to God as taught in their Scriptures. 

My blog has shared some of my observations, trials and tribulations along The Way, as my soul grows in Grace and Knowledge. 

I recently toured Bhutan for 8 days, Nepal for 4 days, and India for 12 days.. The Tours were quite exhausting for my 75 year old body, but added insight and experience to my book knowledge.

Bhutan was a beautiful country, with friendly, kind people. Most, if not all, are Tibetan  Buddhists, and live under the superstitions and rituals taught by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, Monks, Nuns and Teachers. Their lives revolve around Rituals performed by Monks to frighten away evil spirits, and teach enlightenment to the citizens by prostrations, and Idol worship of the Buddha Statues in the Monasteries and high on the mountain sides. 

I toured many Monasteries, and sat with the Monks , while they were chanting their Mantras, blowing their horns, ringing 
their bells and cymbals, and beating their drums. It was interesting to be there, feel the Vibes, and watch, but a complicated way to work out Salvation! For females, that Brand of Tibetan  Buddhism does not even allow release from Reincarnation, or enlightenment, as a female. Females MUST reincarnate as Males, in order to practice the rituals to become enlightened. I even visited a  Nun Monastery, and sat n Meditation with them, and was served Tea and Cookies. Poor Nuns have the short end of the Salvation Deal! They have to serve Monks as  Nuns, then, reincarnate to earn earn a chance of becoming enlightened! Its complicated,
and certainly not my Path, but, interesting. My Trekk to visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery and sit in Meditation, high up on the mountain, was an experience I will never forget, and will treasure always, but will always be grateful, I am a Christian, and not a Tibetan Buddhist! I have been saved by Grace, and being a Tibetan Buddhist is far too much work for me! 

In Nepal, I visited both Buddhist Monasteries, and Hindu Temples. Both Sects seek enlightenment and Salvation by Idol worship, Rituals, and are interesting to observe, but far too complicated to understand, or ever feel saved from Reincarnation or from The Wheel of 84. 

Visiting India for 12 days was a culture shock that most Westerners don’t know how to deal with. I had already spent 4 days in South India, before this trip, from Mumbai to Cochin, so knew what to Expect. This time, I toured New Delhi, to Amritsar, so experienced North India, including the Dera, in Beas, and stayed 2 days and nights there, for the first time, after being involved with their Teachings since 1990,

But, my visit there did not meet my conceived expectations, and actually disappointed me enough, that I failed to encounter any spiritual vibrations there, what so ever. What ever might have been there in the past, has been replaced by just another religion, altho, free of rituals and Idol worship. 

How ever, the Idol is replaced by an Indian Man, thought by his Devotees to be God In Human Form. ( He has never, claimed such an honor, tho)

It didn’t take long for me to see his human features, and write him off as even being a Spiritual Teacher,  much less a God man. He is a smart Business man, that has built a City that will last as long as his followers will work for free to keep it operating, and wealthy Foreigners will keep sending money there to appease their own guilt and short comings,  

As for me, ....... “ Gimmie that Ole Time Religion,”................

You can find it starting at the beginning of my Blog and working  back. 

Until we meet again, I hope to remain,
Eternal Flame