Monday, April 30, 2012

The following is a special Link ( still active this date posted, at least) that the Sect allows their entire 5 Book library to be downloaded for FREE. The books offer comfort to those who may still be grieving about lost loved ones and friends, but the books are very controversal, in nature, especially to Fundamentalist Orthodox religeonists, because they are Channeled material by dis-incarnated spirits who are no longer living in  material humans bodies. I only recently discovered this Link for the FREE 5 books,but I have owned the Spirits Book in hard copy for at least 25 years, and have read it with extreme interest several times. It has 1000 plus Questions & Answers, which reinforce my extreme belief of the Doctrine of Re-incarnation and Karma, amoung many other interesting comments. I am not, nor was ever a member of this Sect, but still highly recommend these FREE books to anyone grieving for lost loved ones.