Saturday, October 26, 2013


WE all ask questions when we either pray, or meditate, or contemplate, or just plain day dream. But, WHO answers our questions, when we think we receive answers, and if we direct our questions to any specific character, spirit, master, or whom ever, how can we be certain we are not just imagining any answers we think we receive?

Christians pray to Jesus, Mary, or Saints, depending on what Denomination they happen to belong to. Many believe they have a direct link, or private hot line to Jesus, or the Father, or The Holy Spirit.

Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, as well as all other religious sects also believe they receive their answers from their chosen masters, deities, saints, etc. But, do they really, and if so, are the answers they receive reliable?

Even Atheists, and Materialists ask and receive answers from ???? But, are the answers reliable, and how can they be proven to be accurate?

All humans have faith in some one, or some thing, or they could not survive in any society. WE all claim to be members of some thing, be it Nationalism, Politics, religion, science, race, etc.

But, what about when we die, or leave our material bodies, to discover what ever we "think" will be waiting for us? Or, not discover, if there is nothing in the spirit realm outside materialism to discover?

Religious Scholars are able to create un-ending Dogmas from any "Holy Book", such as the Christian Bible, or numerous other Holy Books from other religious sects. But, if any of these Dogmas are really holy, why haven't even a single one of them caused all killing and wars to cease? Why is killing other species, lower on the food chain, not been replaced with a non-lethal method of survival in material bodies with out killing and eating lower species, depending on where they happen to incarnate on the food chain on planet earth?

What if we, as humans, suddenly found our selves in the food chain, raised and dominated by some species more intelligent and dominant than our selves, and we suddenly became food for that species, as cattle , fowl, fish, are for we humans?

Of course, there have been answers offered to these hard questions in many "Holy Books", but, outside of India, and a few Asian counties, who pays attention to writings that claim ALL killing is Karma creating, including killing other species to consume, eat, and use as slaves, or to violate as non-living objects? Unless one believes at all in karma, and reincarnation, then, who cares if all non humans are continued to be exploited by humans?

If visitors have read any of my Blog, it can be easily seen, that I have pondered most questions regarding religions, metaphysics, etc. But, there comes a time, when one must cut to the chase, and decide for oneself, what one REALLY believes enough in, to put his/her faith into letting it all hang out, so to speak, considering that since the Bible grants a normal believer 70 years in a human body, average, then, I am already a couple of years into my Bonus years! So, its time for me to sort out what I say, from what I believe, to what I put my faith in, to what I DO. As I read the Obituaries daily, and witness my relatives, friends, and acquaintances, or even strangers pass on, or leave their human bodies, it becomes more real than reading some Holy Book, and picking one of the millions of Dogmas argued about since writing became available, and putting all faith in one or more.

For me, personally, I have traveled the religious "Seeking Path" much further than most others I have ever been able to have a reasonable conversation with, about such personal issues that most humans do not wish to discuss with others. I have spent enough time, study, experimentation, practice, praying, meditating, to be able to KNOW, that NO HUMAN really KNOWS EXACTLY, where they will go, immediately after dying and leaving the body! Talk is cheep, and faith is not proof of any thing! Faith is the "substance, of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT seen." ( Hebrews 11:1) I could suddenly revert back to being the Preacher I once was, spewing every word that left my mouth plagiarized from the Bible, and was able to have an answer for every single statement that any other human made, taken from a Bible Dogma. But, I have been there, and it caused many divisions among my family and friends. Most Christians have buried me as a Heretic, long, long before I died! I am still raving on, so it appears my Creator is not finished with me yet, and I am still open to what ever "Mission" that is required of me, while in the human body this time around!

But, along the way, I have placed my bets and as many possibilities of progressing in spiritual "Heavens" as is possible.  But, cutting to the spiritual chase, if I die tonight, and do not wake up in this human body in the morning, I have to decide before I fall asleep, just where I believe I will find what's left of "me"????? IF I do survive as a separate, individual spirit,  away from this present body. ( Y'all do, as well, whether Y'all are ready to admit it or not. If not, perhaps your much younger than I, much healthier, and have not yet let go of your belief in eternal mortality.

But, for me, will Jesus, a Man/God character described in 4 Gospels of the New Testament Christian Bible be waiting for me with His open arms to greet me as soon as I find myself outside my human dead body? Hmmmm. Serious thought. If I was once alive in a human body during the time Jesus was a human, I can not remember. Therefore, if I did meet him in person, face to face, I would not recognize some one I can't remember ever meeting. I know, we have his pictures all over the Internet, but, can we really trust and believe that is what he would look like in the spirit realm, or where ever he happens to be, when we leave our bodies? According to the Book of Hebrews, he sits at the right hand of the Father, as our Intercessor. But, how many of us know, or have ever met the Father of Jesus, or our own Father??? ( Spirit Father, not human father.) As for me, I have already sorted out who the "Father" is, in my own understanding. I once studied with Jehovah's Witnesses, even going door to door, on Saturdays, doing "Service" for Jehovah. I had all their books, and studied their Dogma, and went to their "Kingdom Halls" several times weekly, almost to the point of becoming one of their Zombie slaves. But, I never became baptized as a Witness, and finally left their Sect, after loosing my faith in their Jehovah. Presently, I do NOT believe that the Old Testament character in the Christian Bible was the "Father" that Jesus called  his Father, or Who sent him. That Old Testament Jehovah was a jealous, angry, character, who was ???? Each will have to decide for them selves, but Jehovah is NOT the Eternal Spirit I put my trust and faith of individual survival in, or my promise of Eternal life.

I believe in John Calvin's Dogma of what might be called the Christian Reformed Faith, or "Once Saved, Always Saved." My Theology to back up my belief in Eternal Security can be viewed on this blog, and was my Master of Ministry Degree Thesis I wrote in 1983 for my Seminary. Calvin's Dogma consists of "Election, Reprobation, Predestination, and Eternal Security." I since have added to the Dogma, Reincarnation and Karma, which lines up perfectly, as well as explains how it operates, and why it is the perfect Justice of our Creator!

So, reincarnation signifies that a created spirit, as not only past lives, and most likely as many as it has taken to finally arrive at Salvation, but, once saved, always saved, and there should no longer require any future incarnations, or reincarnations into material species. But, the KEY becomes, KNOWING, that we truly ARE saved!!! I have my own personal Faith, Y'all will have to ponder on your own.

Since I "believe" I have had many, many, past lives, in other material bodies, not only here on earth, but even possibly on other planets before I took births here, I now live in my own parallel spiritual Universe! As the Apostle Paul was quoted to have explained, "Absent from the body, present with The Lord." And, he was once caught up in the spirit, where he didn't know just which spiritual plane or heaven he was in. Many religious sects divide the spiritual realms, or planes, starting with material, ascending to higher spiritual planes, and one of the Sects I studied with divides it into 12 Planes. My Rosicrucian studies divides it into, either material, or spiritual, in, or out of the body. They simplify it. They teach that our entire earth goal is to discover our own "Master within." But, they never tell us just WHO this mysterious Master is! The East Indian Gurus I studied with, taught that the master who taught us, was the Master to look for, inside, who would lead us to where ever we were supposed to go. But, very few ever meet these supposed masters with in.

I believe that my own Master within, is my own personal Universal spiritual guide, who has been giving me the answers to all my questions ever since I took birth in this body and have been asking questions and asking for guidance! That guide has been my "Point Guide." WE" have been in a war of spiritual progression since creation.

I believe this guide, is actually, my combined historical combination, of all my past life personalities, and hoovers closely to my material body. When I am awake, a partial beam of projected consciousness is projected from my Universal spiritual guide, into my material body, but my body filters shade 90% of the knowledge that exists in my Universal guide, which is my own, historical, combined past live experiences, in all material bodies and existences, on all planets, since the very first second of my spirit creation! Hard to swallow, but very easy to digest, once leaving the body, and being present with The Lord, as Paul said, and as I have experienced during meditation. But, falling asleep nightly, unlocks the prison gate from the body, and allows the spirit to visit the Universal guide, or the other past lives guide, which is the actual guide waiting to welcome me back to the spirit realm as soon as I take my last breath here!

Then, the new mysterious experiences will begin, and I will wait to see where my total historical past life spirit guide will take me!

Of course, my guide is subject to higher Spiritual Guides, who also are working in the Chain of Command, all the way to our Highest Spiritual Creator, Who will remain a mystery to me, at least, until I KNOW that I KNOW. All I know so far, is,    I AM, that I AM. But, I AM ready,....for what ever awaits me, Are Y'all?

I choose to call this Universal Creator Spirit that animates ALL life on ALL planets, CHRIST in us, the Hope of Glory!!

Until we meet again, here or there, I remain,
Eternal Flame


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PINE CONE Occult Symbol of levels of consciousness representing the Pineal Gland that opens the THIRD EYE

PINE CONE Occult Symbol of levels of consciousness, and opening of the Third
Eye, i.e. Pineal Gland.

I saw this Pine Cone at the entrance to the Vatican Museum. I knew it was there
before I went, and looked for it, as it was high on my list to see with my own

Pine Cone in Christianity, as well as Judaism. SEE the Pine Cone Connection!\

Well, now,.....those Marked Elect who now have risen from slumber, and are
awakened enough to KNOW that the ,...." IN THE KNOW" Higher 33rd Degree Masons,
( some of them, but not all ) have discovered the esoteric but OPEN to ALL,
secret of how the human man, Jesus, had his THIRD EYE opened, when he arose from
the DEAD, ( as many here have been, and still are ) at 33 years of age!!

WHY?? Here is why, as was ALWAYS WHY: "But, Woe Unto YOU, Scribes and Pharisees,
hypocrites! for you shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men: for you neither
go in, yourselves, neither do you suffer them that are entering to go in." (
Matt. 23:13 spoken by the "imaginary non historical man, the "Alien" Jesus )

But now, to those spirits who have gotten untangled from the mind, and have
graduated from Unknowing to KNOWING, ....that the Pine Cone is the Pagan SYMBOL
for those Christian Jews to look at, UNTIL they finally KNOW that their very own
Pine Cone, i.e. Pineal Gland IS their 10th Gate and THIRD EYE, that releases
their imprisoned spirit out of the physical body, into the Astral Realm, or
Tibetan Book of the Dead's BARDO" for further cleansing. The BARDO is where each
spirit encounters all other low Astral spirits, including all the "Good, Bad,
and the Ugly", and wrestles until rescued by one's OWN spirit OVER SOUL and
escapes or, if loosing the battle, reincarnates back to The Wheel of 84 )the
low Astral Realm passing through the grey areas to the Bright Blue Skies! And,
upon arriving to the Blue Sky, THE REAL Spiritual Journey FINALLY BEGINS. From
there, Sant Mat, Radhasoami, Eckankar, Rosicrucian Charts of different Inner
Planes begin to not only make a lot more sense, but become guides while still
trapped in the physical body, in the lower chakras until arriving at the Pineal
Pine Cone where the Honey Bees are Buuzzzzinnngggiiiinnnnnnggggggggg...

The outer talkers about real Mysticism, includes about 98% of Judaism in the
worship of Saturn, wearing Black Robes, and the majority of lower Degreed Free
Masons, where "EL" is misunderstood by the 98% as the Deity, while the Christian
fish is misunderstood as well, but is really the symbol of the Fish God, DAGON,
represented by the Roman Catholic Pope's Hat worn most of the time, or the Skull
Caps worn by both the Catholic Bishops and Orthodox Jews, because they are ALL
ruled by the Illuminati. The Illuminati's Goal is to create Heaven on Earth,
with no middle class, only Top of the "Seeing eye of Horus" Elite Rulers, as
shown in the top pyramid of the U.S. Dollar bill, ....and is considered as
"unfinished business,...until the New World Order comes into Power. Meanwhile,
the entire middle class, all over the planet, are leaving the planet, as we
read, by the "soft kill", described by more media areas than I want to expose at
the moment. But, Spiritism is a Serious subject, and is caught by sleeping
members of the "Marked Elect" as soon as they enter their own Pineal Gland as
escape Pind, i.e. the physical body.

The STAR of David, ( NOT Lane's ) is the Symbol of Israel, that contains the
double Triangle, symbolizing God Meeting Man pointed down, and Man meeting God
with the other Triangle pointing up.

The Nazis were Saturn Occultists, and is the primary reason Hitler and his Staff
of Saturn Occultists tried to wipe out the TRUE, Enlightened Hebrew Jews, from
the face of the earth!

But, TRUTH always wins, no matter how long it takes for the Wheels of Karma to
turn, as those in the KNOW depart the Egyptian Ark of the Covenant ( which was
NEVER Hebrew) and finally arrive at the Hebrew Shekinah Glory.

"For the WORD of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." ( Hebrews 4:12 )

" For Unto US was the gospel preached as well unto THEM: but the WORD preached did not prophet THEM, not being mixed with FAITH in them that heard IT." ( Hebrews 4:2 )

Until We meet again,
I Remain,
Eternal Flame