Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Attention, lost souls! AWAKEN from slumber. You have been locked in your prison of organic flesh,  blood and bones long enough!

Your Savior is sounding the Trumpet. Listen closely! Your Savior is your Master within. Your Inner Master is your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, has fallen, descended from the Eternal Home of Over souls, and has since thought itself awake, when it, you, we, have actually been asleep to the Spiritual Realm, or DEAD, while "thinking" we are alive. WE all have been fooled! WE all took the bait of an impostor, believing a lie of deceit.

We have all been fooled, and our play of consciousness has been used by the Grand Puppeteer to trap us in organic materialism. But, the Call is now Sounding. Arise and become free from the prison of souls that have fallen from Grace.

The Path of return to The Cosmic Home we once left is not easy, but is possible, as long as knowledge of the organic locks on the prison doors are opened with the correct keys.

Come, Dear souls. Follow The Savior through the illusion of permanence, when the Truth is, that ALL materialism is impermanent!

Our Journey begins. The Sense Gates of the prison are being opened, one by one, with the keys that open them. 

EYES: Seeing is the most sensitive physical sense to all the external vibrations of souls. It allows humans to realize rates of vibrations which may be measured in musical octaves, color, chemical. Light, measured in Vibrations per second, is the highest form of energy that may be recognized to the natural physical senses of humans.  Focus on the Light within.

HEARING: Ears. Listen for the Sound of CHRIST, the LOGOS. The initial Sound will be heard by the INNER Ear as a Ringing Radiance, or continuous buzzing of bees, and may be found in the Musical Scale of "D" in the 1st Octave at 144 Vibrations per second! It may be recognized as the AUM or OM of Eastern religions, but is actually the Sound of Christ, the RHEMA, of Sound. Rhema is the Greek word meaning Sound of the Cosmic. All humans hear it, ringing continuously, but until the Ear Gate is opened by the Savior, silence is blocking the Sound of Christ. The range of the human outer ear to hear sound is between 15-16 thousand vibrations per second. so, when we can't touch, Sound is the next sense Gate that baits the lost soul trying to hold it in outer illusion. "Faith comes by HEARING ( Rhema), and HEARING, by The WORD of God."

SMELLING: Nose sense Gate some times is confused for taste. Souls are enticed to visit the outer world of illusion by the inviting odors.

TASTING: The Mouth sense gate entraps lost souls to become addicted to food, drink, and is a hard habit to break, considering that food and drink are fuels of energy for the organic prison to be sustained.  

FEELING: Touch Sense Gate is the least sensitive of the 5 senses, but it is possible to feel and hear Vibrations at the same time. Touch may be measured in Vibrations per second as well, by Musicians knowledgeable of the music scales.

All 5 Sense Gates are controlled by the Spinal Nervous Systems in the organic body, likened to an electrical system spread out through the entire body. The nerves in the Nervous system respond to vibrations of certain frequencies only. All the physical senses are connected to the nervous system, and impulses sent to the brain, which controls the Objective mind.

The lost souls are controlled further in the body by the Objective Consciousness, which is the faculty of realization of sense perceptions. All the impressions of the 5 sense gates are transferred by Objective consciousness to sensations.

The Subjective  mind controls concepts, functions of will, imagination, reason, recollection and memory, so is directly related to the objective mind.

The Objective Mind in man is the Director of voluntary functioning of the body and is the intelligence of the brain.

Subjective Mind controls Imagination, Will, Habit, Reasoning, Memory,  so is acting as the Prison Warden of the trapped soul.

The lost soul MUST rise from the Minds controlling all physical senses, freeing itself from the whole stream of consciousness that is the border line of where the subjective mind merges into deeper levels of consciousness.

The Levels of consciousness controlling complete memory, emotions, instincts, are the impelling urges and impulses that are products of the Vital Life Force in organic humans.

All lost souls must escape all of the mentioned sensory perceptions of the body and return to the Cosmic Vital Life Force which permeates the organic being of humans.

So, Dear Lost Souls, the reason we all need the SAVIOUR to free us from these organic prisons, is, the lost soul is a projection from the Master Over Soul, who is sounding the Trumpet, and Calling all lost souls to return to the Home we all left!

LISTEN for the Call of your Inner Master, which is your Higher Self. Your Master has been watching over you since the very first second you took birth as a human, when the first breath was breathed into you by the Cosmic Creator. Your Inner Master now has orders from the LOGOS to awaken you from the dead, where all slumbering lost souls deceived into the Play of Consciousness squander their inheritance of Royalty while playing the role of Prodigal Sons separated from the Loving Father of all souls.

The Call will be heard as a Still Small Voice from within, and will never be found any where in the outside, where the 5 senses have tricked the mind knotted with the lost soul to explore and become enticed by the illusions of materialism, which is all smoke and mirrors, or impermanence!

You will know you have been awakened from slumber, as soon as you recognize that YOU, lost soul, are the Observer, and can never become the observed, because it is your own Higher Self, or Inner Master who is observing, and has observed all that you are or will become!

LIGHT to the Eyes, and SOUND to the ears, ........to those souls who have ears to hear, and eyes to see.

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame