Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HEALING: Part 12

...........When healers treat serious organic diseases they are responsible for untold anguish and unhappiness; this happens because they keep patients away from possibly effective and lifesaving help. The healers become killers.

"Search the literature as I have, and you will find no documented cures by healers of gallstones, heart disease, cancer or any other serious organic disease. Certainly, you'll find patients temporarily relieved of their upset stomachs, their chest pains, their breathing problems; and you will find healers, and believers, who will interpret this interruption of symptoms as evidence that the disease is cured. But when you track the patient down and find out what happened later, you always find the 'cure' to have purely symptomatic and transient.
The underlying disease remains." (pp. 60,239,250,256,257, 259,260).

Dr. Nolen then went on in his investigation, and took eighty cases of Kathryn Kuhlman's reported healings, and followed them up as per her suggestion and permission. He followed up on every one of them! His conclusion at the end of it all---not one was a legitimate healing!

Quoting further from his conclusion: "Now consider Kathryn Kuhlman. In a letter sent to by Marilyn March, Kathryn Kuhlman's secretary, Ms. March says that Miss Kuhlman conducts 'approximately 125 healing services in a year's time.' Attendance at these services varies; Ms. March mentioned that 'there are always 7,000 in attend­ance at the once-a-month services at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.,' in Tulsa, Oklahoma, '18,000 people in Mabee Center with 3,000 viewing on closed-circuit T.V.'; in Atlanta, 8,000; in Ottowa, 16,000. Let's assume that Miss Kuhlman has an opportunity to treat an average of 10,000 patients per service, or 1,250,000 patients a year. We will have to guess, but I think it would be reasonable to say that one third of these patients are cancer victims - about 400,000 cancer victims a year. Miss Kuhlman, therefore, may treat 4,000 times as many cancer patients as I treat in one year, and I have, by national standards, a very busy surgical practice. It would be highly likely that in the approximately 400,000 cancer victims that come to her every year, there might be one patient who would fall into the spontaneous regression category. I Know Kathryn Kuhlman (or Norbu Chen, or Tony Agpaoa or any other healer) will never find among the patients she treats a spontaneous cure of a cleft palate, a hernia, gallstones, heart disease, paralysis due to injury, or any of the hundreds of other organic ailments for which patients seek help. What I find most unusual is that there are no well-documented spontaneous cancer cures reported in her books. You'd think, among the millions of cancer patients healers treat, at least one or two would demonstrate a spontaneous regression.

"My point, in case I haven't made it clear, is that even if we were to find isolated cases of documented cancer cures in the files of Miss Kuhlman or any other healer, it would prove nothing; isolated spontaneous cures of cancer occur with or without the ministrations of healers. The chances of being cured of cancer by Kathryn Kuhlman or any other healer are the same as the chances of being cured if you do nothing and go to on one at all. To be logical, the cancer patient should go to a healer only if the healer had a cure rate of 50 per cent or better - the cure rate physicians can achieve. But cancer patients who go to healers are emotion­ally distraught and for this reason don't act logically." (pp. 266, 267)

The preceeding insert may have taken several pages to document its contents, but I feel it brings alot of light on the subject by a secular, unbiased report. So just because we hear about the many various reports of healings does not necessarily mean we have to believe them. Before we believe, we should look at all the evidence, to determine if it is genuine. Where is the evidence? Where are the organic, spontaneous healings? Where are the healings of broken bones, cancer, etc.?

In order for healing to be divine, which is the only genuine lasting healings, it should follow the pattern of the way Jesus healed! He healed with a word (Matthew 8:5-8); He healed with a touch (Mark 5:25-34); He healed instantaneously (Mark 5:29; Luke 17:14; Jn. 9:7; Mark 8:24); He healed totally (Luke 4:39,39); He healed everyone who came to him for healing! "Now when the sun was setting, all they had any who were sick with variousdiseases, brought them unto Him; and He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them." (Luke 4:40). This record certainly is different than the healings which take place in our present healing meetings! Jesus also healed organic disease! He healed people crippled from birth, and blind from birth, besides deaf and dumb. Jesus didn't seek out people to pray for with breathing problems, palpitation of the heart, low back pain, etc. Jesus raised the dead!

God still does heal and perform miracles today. Nothing is impossible to Him. However, He does it for His glory, not to give publicity to faith healers! There is no evidence Biblically that anyone today is operating the gift of healing. God may heal through prayers of His saints (John 5:15), but that should not be confused with His healing in response to prayer with the ability to heal everyone as well, as in the case of Jesus, and the apostles, seventy, and a few of the associates of the apostles!


Anointing services, with the use of all kinds of oil are very common today in many charismatic or Pentecostal churches. Prayer lines are formed, and the person to be prayed for is moistened with oil, usually on the forehead, and prayed for. The scripture passage where this procedure is taken from, by most of those doing it is recorded


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