Sunday, November 23, 2014

Soul Convicts Wanted, .....Dead or Alive!

My Soul is an Escaped spirit who has wandered away from Spiritual Home, to become WANTED: Dead or ALIVE,by either the god of materialism, …or the Cosmic Creator of ALL Universes. !

I was once a spirit,….fully alive,…Eternally,  that for reasons forgotten, decided to venture away from the Home of The Living to explore the land of the dead. I only intended to go for a brief visit, to have a few material adventures, but now have been gone so long, I have forgotten my way back to the home I once left.

As the Eternal spirit I was, I projected in to matter and became a soul, once I was joined to my physical container I now call the body I am able to see in a mirror. But once joined to this body , my spirit has bonded to this body, and has become the soul that has been shaped by the mind that has taken the soul prisoner, and projects me, as a mind trained soul, out into the material world of existence, through the sense gates of my prison ward I call my body. My spirit that was alive before becoming soul, now is asleep in slumber, and is in  hibernation until either the body expires, releasing the knotted mind/soul back to the spirit realms, or,…..until the longing of the spirit to return to the forgotten Home I once left wakes up from slumber, and seeks for a Source of Assistance to commence the Journey of souls to return to the Home all incarnated spirits once left to seek material adventures.

 Before I left home, my Instructions were to stay in full contact with my Spiritual Over Seer once I became a soul. Had I obeyed, I would have remained a living spirit attached to a material body that became a living soul, how ever, I instantly became enticed by the 

physical senses that drew my soul out of my body through one or more of the nine sense gates, where my training to become dead to the spirit world rapidly began. The more material adventures I explored, the deader to the spirit world I became. The tighter my soul became knotted to the mind that kept increasing in material knowledge, with experience, the deeper my  Eternal spirit went into hibernation giving over its Authority to the knotted mind/soul, and has lost contact with the Spiritual Realm of Souls all together.

The Divine Plan was, the spirit was to become a living soul, teaching the mind to become a Spiritual Teacher to lost souls, by taking Instructions from the Spiritual Over Seer, not from the material god of this world received through the nine sense gates of the body that entices the knotted mind/soul to become educated to the ways of the world.

I know I am human, because, unlike the  lower species, I know and recognize I am conscious. Consciousness is defined as many ideas, and numerous papers have been written defining consciousness as per the writer’s perception. But for me, I like to think I am conscious, as a soul, because of my individual awareness as well as my unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment, as witnessed by my writing this Article.

I know I am not just a clone, or an identical thought form, wherever I came from, because I have yet to ever meet another human being that agrees with much of what I have tried to share since I started trying to share any thing I have been taught as Truth. It appears each of the 7 billion humans on planet earth have their own truths, and also seem to be hard
wired in their brains to try and download their beliefs and thought forms into any othesr they interact with. 

So, what chance does a projected spirit who has projected into an average human body like mine, and has become entrenched in to a Biological Prison  that has 10 to the 13th power average cells, or 10,000,000,000,000 average cells spread out all over my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, have of ever being able to escape back into the Spiritual Realm that I once left?

Even if my physical body expires, which it will, as all physical material is impermanent, including my present old ageing body ( now 2 months short of 73 ) will my knotted mind/soul instantly release my Eternal spirit and free it from bondage from each of the possible material realms? Metaphysically, depending on which School of Thought one chooses to adopt,  there may be numerous material/spiritual realms or planes of existence, that are linked to the physical body while the body is alive, but once that body expires, each surviving plane connected to that body, also has its own time limitation to remain alive in that particular realm, that still has the Eternal spirit held hostage by the knotted mind/soul until EACH surviving realm also expires, which means that each has an allotted time factor, which might be unknown to my unawakened ( or the reader’s ) spirit.

With out delving into Metaphysics, Biology explaining DNA. or the unending Religions, Fraternities, Sects, etc. etc., which may be seen all over the Internet, as well as more books than can be read in millions of life times, ( assuming one subscribes to the teachings of Reincarnation and Karma, as I do ), I once decided to use my own body, as a spiritual laboratory, or Temple of my soul, to experiment with different spiritual exercises, using my body as a Spiritual University, so to speak. I obviously have not yet graduated from my University, because I am still here sharing a little of what I feel like sharing, with out acting as just another Dominant Alpha Male trying to corral the other 6.99 billion opposing souls on earth  into doing what I do, to become liberated from the Prisons of the soul. 

But, in simple Laymen’s terms, imagine how the tiny Point of Light that my spirit was that entered the body that has become my prison, when the first Breath of Life was Breathed into my body at birth, and I became a Living Soul. Immediately, this tiny spirit 0f Light started down loading into every available cell in my tiny infant body, and my life journey, this incarnation began!

Well, what can I saw, ….other than, its been an interesting ride, surely different than any other human presently on earth, due to our differences in life experiences.

But, the interesting thing to consider, is we ALL arrived here, and took birth in our individual respective bodies the same way. ( unless Aliens are reading this? ) We ALL became prisoners of our body/mind/souls the same way! Why? Because we all have the same human organs, with biological cells, etc.

So, we all have an opportunity to enroll in our own Spiritual University to experiment with our own spiritual exercises while we still retain human Temples to seek our Spiritual Over Seer, in order to try and hook up with. If we fail to make the connection here, in the physical body, then, we must reincarnate again, and again, and again, until we are successful. Not a good choice,….if one has decided they have had enough of this form of life, on planet earth, and seek to ascend to higher or more Spiritual, and less material realms, or planets, where wars, killing, exploiting and eating lower species, along with all the other horrors of what we spirit prisoners have been seduced in  to accepting as normal.

This Article is not intended as a Discourse or Lesson on how to become enlightened, as many Religions and Sects already  teach, but only as a reminder that we, as spirits, are not who most of us think we are, or have recognized our selves to become, in these bodies.

If a fragment of my spirit consciousness is in one of the cells in my big toe, I need to figure out some way to entice it to vacate that cell and to travel up to the top of my head, where it may be allowed to escape the prison of the body, and start the Journey of souls back to the home I once left. Now, imagine, not only do I need to vacate that big toe cell, but the rest of the 10 to the 13th power of remaining cells in the body as well, in order to travel the spirit world!

The above is only an Appetizer, that might serve to activate the Reader’s Spiritual thirst, to desire to seek further ways to become liberated, from the Prison of souls to return to the Home we all left as Living spirits, Eternal Ageless, individual spirits, reunited with our Spiritual Creator.

Reading other Articles on my blog may offer helpful hints, at different possibilities of escape.

Until we meet again, I remain,
Eternal Flame