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“Reasons For Remaining Eternally Secure”


The greatest joy of any religion is the knowledge that you are loved enough by The Eternal Creator of the entire Universe, and the fact that His love is so special, that from the multitudes of people in the world, you are chosen by Him to inherit Eternal Life!

Since this Eternal Life is only given by one method in His Plan to a select group of people of all ages, it brings “joy unspeakable, and full of glory” to those who finally become aware that they have been chosen by God Himself, and adopted into His special family!

Further joy is experienced and a peace which passes all understanding, when those of this select group finally come to full realization by God’s revelation that because He FIRST loved us, He chose us to salvation, and we can forever rest in full assurance that He will always secure us in that salvation, and that He will never let any circumstance be so devastating that we should ever fall away to the point of no return!

The Doctrine of the “Security of the Believer”, also called the “perseverance of the saints” and “Eternal Security” has long been the majority position within historic Christianity. Augustine, Luther, and Calvin are among the great men of the past who taught it. In modern times, Charles Hodge, Benjamin Warfield, Lewis Sperry Chafer, and many other taught it.

This joy and peace can “never” come to stay in anyone’s life until that person learns to accept God’s Sovereign Plan of redemption, for his or her life, and looks to God for salvation, and not his own good works! Good works will definitely be a result of the full assurance of salvation by God’s Sovereign Grace, but no amount of any good works will ever be the criteria which gets anyone to Heaven!

People all over the world seek this true joy and peace by various methods, however, God has a plan whereby man can come to know Him, and receive Eternal Life which starts on earth, and continues in Heaven, and that is through Christ. This plan is revealed in the Bible only, and not one person has ever, or ever will, come to really know God in any other way! The Bible teaches there is a place called “Hell” where the uninformed may be sent, however, this thesis may be used as a warning to all readers that no matter how harsh the warning of a place called Hell may seem, to the uninformed, and seems that a loving God could never let anyone suffer there, may be surprised as the Bible teachings unfold.

However, the good news is, He has also revealed to us in the Bible that only those who will come to Him by His method will be saved, and all those who choose to reject His offer of Grace, will have no excuse at the final day of judgment.

The purpose of this thesis is to briefly expound on the method that God uses to enlighten His chosen to salvation, guide them in growth, and secure their salvation forever. This marvelous truth is only revealed to those whom God chooses to reveal it to. I will attempt to share the fact that chosen names were written in God’s Book as those who were to receive salvation, and that God had the Book all written, even before He created the human race. It is logical that no other reason can secure this salvation forever, except that same Love! Therefore, this author has learned to lean on His Love, instead of any of his own good works!

This Doctrine has been argued about, since the formation of the church, and called many things. In our day, the Doctrine is usually called “Calvinism,: however, Calvin only gleaned the truth of the Plan if God through Augustine’s writings, which in turn, was what the Apostle Paul taught, and even Jesus Christ Himself taught when He ministered on earth in human flesh.!

Therefore, believers are able to have peace in their souls, and joy in their hearts that God loved them enough to elect them to salvation, and this was predestinated to happen in His for-ordained Plan, and since He started this whole love affair in the first place, and we only love Him because He FIRST loved us, then we should not have the slightest worry or doubt that we will EVER “fall away,” or loose our salvation, because He will keep us secure!

He will never violate our “free will,” but, He will always cause whatever circumstance He deems necessary to come into our lives in order to get us to choose the way He wants us to Go! In other words, since He gave us free, any will we have anyway, and knows our likes and dislikes completely, He will use all of these as He pleases to secure His end result which is our salvation. Therefore , as believers, we can rest in Him, knowing that even though we may seem to slip away from His grasp at times, He has full control and will not let us get into any problems that He has not already worked out the solution to! How can we refrain from praising His Name and rest in Him when we know that there are three separate entities in the Eternal God that loves us, and they are the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and The Holy Spirit, and they ALL have our best interest in full control. The Bible teaches the Father loved us enough to draw us to Christ, and Christ accepted us, and at this moment ever, lives to make intersession for us, and He is the only Mediator between The Father and us, and The Holy Spirit even prays the right prayers to the Father for us when we do not know how to pray! Let us investigate this Glorious Biblical Plan together! Cont>>>>>>>>>>>>

Marked Elect

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