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Advaita Vedanta Oneness teachings mock and challenge Supreme GOD, Who is NOT Brahma or Vedanta Turiya.

 Here is my take on Advaita Vedanta Oneness teachings. Advaita Vedanta Teachers who follow Ramana, Niz, etc., that presently created a host of Neo-Advaita Oneness teachings of “ I AM THAT” , who have decided that they were , and are, GOD. Of course, no one has ever been able to know exactly WHO, or WHAT God is, other than ultimately the beginninig and ending of Awareness or Consciousness. And Consciousness is not God , Who has been described as the Ocean, Fire, Light, by Mystics , who claim to be One and the Same. I have never subscribed to such an egotistic belief system,  because,.........

   “i” am NOT God! I never was, am not now, and never will be! I do identify as Turiya, i.e. an agent of Universal Mind , but certainly not the Supreme Creator of Braham , and all forms assigned to Braham’s Dominion, which includes Turiya in Waking, Dreaming, and Deep sleep while incarnated in human forms. 

“i” am not a drop of the Ocean, WHO IS God. “i” am a creation of God, The Ocean, that unlike God, Who had no beginning, Alpha, nor will have no end, Omega, HAS had a beginning, when God, the Ocean , created “me”, the Soul that now temporarily manifests as the identity of Jim Sutherland. Jim’s soul , or drop, is an OFF SPRING of Ocean Soul, ....not the ONE and only Ocean SOUL. 

Shankaracharya says:
Oh Lord, although there is no difference between you and me, yet I am yours and you are not me! Why? The waves arise from the ocean but the ocean does not come out of the waves

Jim’s created soul, had a beginning, but it has no end, once created. It is now Eternal since creation, but has, and will continue to manifest through unending multitudes of impermanent, changing, Vehicles of Consciousness , using Containers, manifesting in The Wheel of 84, or The Hindu Charausi, i.e. 8,400,000 possible physical Species in the Universe. 

The Created Soul that has manifested and lived in The Wheel of 84 since being  created by God, from Amoebas to the present Container Temple of Jim Sutherland, and will continue to manifest in future unknown Containers, for Eternity, is unknown by “me”, the soul , and is only known by The Creator, Who is Christ, Who is also known by other Names and Identities, such as Anami Purush, 
Radhasoami, God, The Holy Spirit, Source, Universe, etc, with a List that is unending, depending on individual imagination. 

“i”, the Soul presently manifesting as Jim, will NEVER completely merge with God, or become a completely dissolved drop merging back to the Ocean, as Vedanta Advaitist teachers mistakingly teach, because “i” was never the Ocean, or God. “i” was only an individual creation by God, that became a drop in the Mind of God, as Kal ( Universal Mind; Time; Braham; Satan; Demiurge, was also created by God, to become Universal Mind, or the Hindu Brahm, the Agent of ALL minds, including not only mine, but every mind in The Wheel of 84, Charausi! Kal is the Prison Warden that has been created by GOD to incarcerate all souls created that have been Projected to the Matrix of TIME.  

Any Drop that completely merges in to the Ocean, is annihilated, as far as individual Duality is concerned, and commits Spiritual suicide by claiming to be God in human form! 

No doubt, God is in all of us, as Christ, and We are in Him, but will always remain in Duality for Eternity as created Individual souls have lived in Charausi , progressing to present, with out ever being sentenced to Annihilation by God , as drops merging completely back to the Ocean.

God has a Chain of Command He uses to draw his created souls back to the Cradle of Creation, where they may enjoy His Ocean of Glory, with out annihilating their Duality.

Spiritual Seekers are those created souls who have tired of experiencing the adventures in the Play of Consciousness, and are becoming detached from the impermanent enticements of the Sensory pleasures of the material world of Duality.  

But, escaping the world of Duality, permanently, with out being annihilated, as taught by Vedanta Advaitists, is impossible, because according to the Bible, only God Alone knows all the secrets, and the Prophets, Masters, Avatars, only know the secrets God reveals to each of them, in Duality, as individuals. 

If this is not so, there would be no secrets, and we would all know each other's thoughts and desires, actions, histories, since bring created, and we don’t, NONE of us, including Masters, Teachers, Avatars, Saviors or Mediums. 

I consider “my” self, as the present culmination of all of the same Soul  that has lived numerous past lives in Charausi since being created by God , a projection of my Higher Soul Self, that is now a Multidimensional Consciousness, with the present identity of Jim Sutherland, now in Duality, as having started in Duality at the time “i” was created by Christ, The WORD made flesh of John 1:1, i.e. God.

“I” will Eternally remain in Duality, as long as Consciousness of awareness is retained, but have been given the Keys of Knowledge , which is the Technique of The Science of The Soul, which may be used to escape the horrors and suffering of Charausi , when ever “i” choose to use the Prescription administered by Master to temporarily rest in the Glory of Bliss of Samadhi in Anami.

Drops never completely merge in to the Ocean with out becoming annihilated. 

But, Drops may sail on The Ocean , enjoying the Sights, Sounds, Lights, Bliss, by taking refuge on various Cruise ships, which are Masters of various Lineages , or Cruise lines. 

The Masters are the Cruise Ships escorting Spiritual Seekers on Adventures enjoyed and experienced ON, the Ocean, but not IN the Ocean, unless those souls manifesting in human forms desire to become souls in Aquatic Sea living forms. 

Individual Saints, or Spiritual Seekers, on individual Paths of Duality, seek God by sailing the God Ocean only by sailing on the Surface , in various mixtures of Material/Spiritual Life Support Vehicles such ad Kayaks, Canoes, Rafts, Yachts, etc.

But Masters, are the Cruise Ships, that escort and ferry Seeker Souls through the Multidimensional Planes of Consciousness on the Ocean of Christ. 

I consider my self, the soul that is acting as Jim, to be a Booking Agent, for all Spiritual Masters escorting and ferrying Spiritual Seekers to experience the adventures on the Ocean of Christ, i.e. The Hope of GLORY!

My Booking Fees are FREE, as my payment and rewards from Christ are held in Trust for me,  in The Book of Life, Archived in the Highest Pinocle of Causal Mind, where the Avatars of Christ all reside together and Eternally remain to carry out the Plans of God.

Kal, i.e. Satan, is God’s created Agent of Time, in Duality, who is the Annihilatior of all souls who seek to venture in to the Ocean , as drops are obviously, timeless, individual creations that sail and ride the Ocean of Christ . Kal’s Agents are human Battle Ships, Submarines, loaded with poisonous demolition propaganda, used to annihilate Souls in Duality , that have ventured from Heaven/ Paradis/Sach Khand to enjoy the Play of Consciousness with out loosing Awareness or Individuality.

Kal’s Agents are Vedanta Adventist Oneness Preachers.

Booking Agents for Christ know who they are, and recognize them right away, so are enemies of Kal. 

Caveat Emptor!  ( let the Seeker Beware ) 
Jim Sutherland

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