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HIDAYATNAMA from Sar Bachan




This discourse is meant for those who are desirous of finding the Supreme Being, and who are true seekers and want to know which religion is the highest and what path is the most sure and direct. They should minimise their worldly attachments. In other words, leaving the care for wealth, wife and children to fate, they should give paramount importance to the company of saintly persons. And out of saintly persons, the company of that Adept should be adopted who is a practitioner of Surat Shabd or of Drisht; (sight), that is to say, who is conversant with the technique of the Yoga of Surat Shabd, has perfected the practice of withdrawing the spirit currents from the pupils of the two eyes, and of uniting them ; and who performs the practice of raising the spirit, by hearing, internally, celestial sounds.

In case an Adept of this class is not available, they should search out one who performs the practice of `striking the solar plexus with Name' (repeating the Holy Name in a particular manner at the heart centre), or one who performs the practice of 'breath control'.

The company of such a person would: also purify the heart, curb evil propensities and confer some inner joy. But the ascension of the spirit can be achieved through the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga alone.

It behoves the seeker to develop love and devotion for such a personge, to perform His service with zeal, to solicit His attention and kindness by rendering service of all kinds with body, mind and wealth, and to gaze at His eyes continuously for an hour or two, without letting the eye-lids close, as long as possible.

The duration of this practice should be prolonged day by day. Whenever He casts His benign gaze on you, your heart will be purified. When, in His grace, He initiates you into the secrets and methods of the practice referred to above, your spirit will begin to catch hold of the celestial sounds. You should perform this practice daily, twice,,four times or as many times as you find time. If your mind gives rise to delusions and wanderings, prayers should be offered to Sant Sat Guru and the practice should be performed with greater effort. Guru's kindness and your application would certainly result in progress day by day. It is not proper to be hasty or impatient, because haste makes waste, and is characteristic of the devil.

Whatever is achieved gradually is beneficial, and what ever is acquired pronto does not last, because such an acquisition is the gift of Satan. Whatever is obtained from the Merciful Guru endures. All this refers to external modes of devotion. The inner state and the stages to which Sants have access are described below.

When your eye turns inward in the brain and you see the firmament within, and your spirit leaves the body and rises upward, you will see the Akash in which is located Sahas-dal-kanwal, the thousand petals of which perform the various functions pertaining to the three worlds. Its effulgence will exhilarate your spirit. You will at that stage, witness Niranjan, the lord of three worlds. Several religions which attained this stage and took the deity hereof to be the lord of all, were duped. Seeing the light and refulgence of this region they felt satiated. Their progress was stopped. They did not find the guide to higher regions. Hence they could not proceed further.
At the apex of this Akash, there is a passage which is very small like the eye of a needle. Your Surat (spirit) should penetrate this eye. Further on, there is Banknal, the crooked path, which goes straight and then downward and again upwards. Beyond this passage comes the second stage.

Trikuti (Region having three prominences) is situated here. It is one Lakhi Yojan2 in length and one Lakh Yojan in width. There are numerous varieties of glories and spectacles at that plane which are difficult to describe. Thousands of suns and moons look pale in comparison to the light there. All the time, melodious sounds of Ong Ong and Hoo Hoo, and the sounds resembling thunder of clouds, reverberate there. On attaining this region, the spirit becomes very happy, and purified and subtle.

From here onward, it becomes cognizant of the spiritual regions.

After having enjoyed the bliss of this region for some time, the spirit goes up one crorel Yojans and reaches Sunn, the third stage. Mohammedan Fagirs (Saints) bare called it "Lahoot." It is indescribable. Here, the spirits enjoy great beatitude. The refulgence of this region is twelve times that of Trikuti.

Pure pools of ambrosia, called . "Mansarovar", abound here. There are innumerable flower pots and gardens. Spirits,, like beauties, dance at various places. There are pleasing and sweet victuals, all savoury and fresh, and sonorous and musical strains can be heard every where. All this bliss can be experienced by the spirit only when it reaches there. It cannot be described. At every place, fountains of nectar are at play; in other words, pools of nectar are overflowing and streams of nectar are gushing out. How can one describe the splendour and decoration of this region ? There are platforms of diamonds, beds of emeralds and plants of jewels, all studded with rubies and precious stones. Bejewelled fish, swimming in pools there, display their beauty and ornamentation and their glitter and sheen attract attention. Beyond this, there are innumerable palaces of caystals and mirrors, in which spirit enities reside at their respective spots, as allocated by the Lord. They witness and exhibit ever changing revels. In Hindi, they have been described as "Hansa Mandlies''. The decoration and embellishment of these regions can be appreciated only by seeing them. The entire creation there is purely spiritual. It is Free from material constituents. The denizens, there, are spiritual and free from
physical taints. Full particulars of these regions are known only to Sants. It is not meet to describe them in greater detail.

Having sojourned there and having enjoyed the glory thereof for a very long time, the spirit of ` this Faqir moved on, in accordance with the instructions of the Guides. After traversing five arab and seventy-five crore yojans upward, the spirit entity effected ingress into the bounds of Hahoot and witnessed the panorama of that region. There an expanse of ten Neel is enveloped in darkness.

The depth of this dark region cannot be fathomed. The spirit went down one kharao yojans, still the bottom was nowhere to be found. Then the spirit turned upward and proceeded on the path chalked out by Guru. It was not considered advisable to go down right to the bottom of this region I his region is called Maha-sunn There are four extremely subtle sub-regions there, the secrets whereof have not been revealed by any Sant. There are prison cells for the condemned spirits, ejected from the court of the True Supreme Being. Although these spirits are not subjected to any trouble and they perform their functions by their own light, yet, as they do not get the Darshan of the Lord, they are restless. However, there is a way of their remission also. Whenever Sants happen to pass that way with spirits reclaimed from the lower regions, some of these spirits fortunately get Their Darshan. Such spirits go along with the Sants who very gladly take them to the court of the Lord and get them pardoned.

The spirit, thereafter, went to Hootal Hoot, which, in Hindi, has been described as Bhanwargupha. There is a rotating swing here which is all the time in subtle motion, and the spirits ever swing on it. All round, there are innumerable spiritual islands from which the sounds of "Sohang Sohang" and "Anahoo Anahoo" rise all the time. Spirit entities playfully and rapturously enjoy these sounds. Other characteristics of this region cannot be reduced to writing, as they can be realized by the spirit only when it reaches there by performing Abhyas. Hence it is necessary to continue the practice of this mode of devotion and it is called the Shabd (sound) practice. Do not give it up.

Having witnessed the spectacle of this region, the spirit entity proceeded upward and went on ascending. Whiffs of scents of various kinds and sweet fragrance of sandal were enjoyed by the spirit and the melodies of flutes were heard, while it proceeded onward. On crossing this plane, the spirit entity reached the outpost of Sat Lok, where melodious sounds or "Sat Sat" and "Haq Haq" were heard coming out of the Bin'. On hearing this, the spirit penetrated further rapturously.

There rose to view silver and golden streams full of nectar, and vast gardens, each tree there of being one crore-Yojans in height. Crores of suns and moons hang from them as flowers and fruits. Innumerable spirits and Hansas sing, chatter and play on those reel like birds. The wondrous beauty of this region 1s ineffable. While enjoying it, the spirit entered Sat and came into the presence of Sat Purush.

Now as regards the glory of the person of Sat Purush, each hair of His is so brilliant that crores of suns and moons look pale in comparison. When such is the refulgence of each hair, how is it possible to describe the glory of all His hair, and where are the words to describe the beauty and glory of His entire person ? How can one describe His eyes, nose, ears, face, hands and feet ? They are all nothing but refulgence ; even to describe them as oceans of refulgence does not give even he remotest idea.

The expanse of Sat Lok is one padam Palang, a palang being equal to Triloki in vastness. Hence it is -difficult to imagine the stupendous vastness of Sat Lok. here dwell spirit entities called Hansas who enjoy the Darshan of Sat Purush, hear the music of the Bin and -partake of ambrosial food.

After witnessing the glory of this region, the spirit proceeded to Alakh Lok and got Darshan of Alakh -Purush. The expanse of this region is one sankh, and each hair of Alakh Purush has the effulgence of arab kharab suns.

Thereafter the spirit entity went on and attained gam Lok, which is Maha Sankh4 Palang in expanse and the magnitude of the person of Again Purush equals crore Sankhs. The forms of Hansas of this region are amazingly wondrous, and the state of ecstasy and bliss that obtains there passes description. The spirit entity sojourned there for a long time and, on going beyond, it got the Darshan of Radhasoami, that is, Anami Purush, and merged in Him. Radhasoami Dham is boundless, infinite, endless and immeasurable. It is the fm ma Nij Sthan, the special resting place of Sants. (Fagirs). That region is the Ultima Thule of all Sants and all speech and description end here. I also conclude here..

So great and exalted is the status of Sants (Fagirs). Hence, how can the followers of all those who stopped at the very first stage, calling it limitless and boundless,. be convinced of the existence of these higher regions ?

No one but Sants and perfect Faqirs knows them. Only those who have met Sants and Fagirs can be convinced about the existence of these regions, provided that they have faith in Their words. Neither the Prophet nor, Vyas and Vashishtha knew of these regions. Hence no Hindu or Muslim can believe in their existence.

It is, not desirable to tell them about this, because they are fettered by the teachings of the Prophet and Quran, and. Hindus are slaves of Vyas, Vashishtha and the Vedas. They cannot even tolerate hearing these words.

As such,. communication of this revelation will do good only to those persons who have faith and belief in the words of Sants and who accept that the status of Sants is exalted above all and that Sants are, in fact, the creators of Khuda and Parmeshwar (God). For this reason, this secret should not be divulged to any one until and unless faith and conviction have been ascertained as conforming to what has been stated above.


Anonymous said...


I have written following two papers which may lead to the realization for a higher theory of everything:

(i) Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator,
(1st Int. Conf. on Revival of Traditional Yoga, Lonavla Yoga Institute, Lonavla, January, 2006)
(ii) In Scientific Terminology, Source of Gravitational Wave is God
(2nd World Congress on Vedic Science, BHU, Varanasi, Feb 2007)
I have presented these two papers at the two different International Conferences. I am now submitting some views for being considered for Unified Field Theory

From Scriptures:
The Current which manifested in the beginning of the creation is the Current of Sabda (Sound) and of Chaitanya (Consciousness). From whom that Current issued forth is known as Soami (Supreme Being). This Current, by turning back can merge again in the Holy Feet of Supreme Being. The entire creation manifested from this current and is sustained with its energy and when the Current of the Holy Feet is withdrawn, the creation ceases to exist.This Current of the Holy Feet is the Reservoir of all energy, tastes and pleasures, knowledge, skill, shapes, forces and light etc. etc. and of the entire creation, is also the Creator of all of them.

From Science:
Gravitation Force is the cause of manifestation of the creation (birth of planets, stars), its sustenance and when it is withdrawn towards centre or source the entire creation ceases to exist. Photons have originated from gravitons. In black holes photons merge into gravitons. In Black Holes, Gravitational Force is so high that it does not allow even light to escape. What does it mean then? It simply means that the gravitational force at black-holes attracts light towards it with much greater velocity than the speed of light. In fact, all forces including electromagnetic force, material force (strong and weak nuclear force) all merge into gravitational force in black-holes and becomes one force there and when the creational process starts again from a Black-Hole all the forces appear (manifest) again and descends downwards to create billions of stars, planets, satellite, asteroids and various life forms.

Hence it can be assumed that the Current of Chaitanya (Consciousness) and Gravitational Wave are the two names of the same Supreme Essence (Seed) which has brought forth the entire creation.

All cosmological researches should be conducted keeping in view of the following philosophical facts:
It has been stated in Bible (John I-1) “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,”
Mohammedans hold that God uttered ‘Kun’ (i.e. ‘Came into being’) and the creation came into being (Holy Quran, Sur. Bakr (II.117).
In Chhandogya Upanishad it is written “Tadaikshat bahu syam prajayeyeti” (VI-2-iii) i.e. “It thought (desired) Would that I were many! Let me procreate myself!” The Aitareya Upanishad says,”Sa ikshat ‘lokannusrija’ iti (I-1-i) i.e. “He bethought himself (desired) – ‘Let me create worlds’, etc. etc.
It is written in Chapter VII of Srimad Bhagavadgita : Sri Bhagwan said, “Arjun, now listen how with the mind attached to Me and practicing Yoga with absolute dependence on Me, you will know Me in entirety and without any shadow of doubt” (1). I shall unfold to you in its entirely this wisdom alongwith the Knowledge of the qualified aspect of God, having known which nothing else remains yet to be known in this world (2). Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and also ego; these constitute My nature eightfold divided. This indeed is My lower (material) nature : the other than this, by which the whole universe is sustained, know it to be My higher nature in the form of Jiva, O Arjuna. (4-5). Arjuna, know that all beings have evolved from this twofold Prakriti, and that I am the source of the entire creation, and into Me again it disappears.(6)
The Radhasoami Religion also tells that, the ‘Word’ mentioned above is in fact Current of Sound or Current of Consciousness or Prime Current of Spirituality which was issued forth from its Source, or Creator or God. This Current has later on produced light and other forces. The scientists are discussing these days about dark energy which constitute about 96% of the entire universe which is not known to us. Only 4% part of the universe is known to us by all scientific means. In fact this 96% invisible portion of the universe is the vast expanse of spirituality which can be designated as field of gravitational waves in scientific terms. Visible portion of the universe (4%) consists of consciousness (gravitational force), mental force (electromagnetic waves) and material force (strong and weak nuclear force).
Body = Nuclear Force (weak as well as strong)
Mind = Electromagnetic Force.
Consciousness = Gravitation Force.
According to Radhasoami Religion the whole Universe can be sub-divided into three grand divisions viz.
1. Region of Pure Spirituality
2. Region of Subtle Maya
3. Region of Gross Maya
Nuclear forces dominate Region of Gross Maya (Gross Material Region), Electro-magnetic forces dominate Region of Subtle Maya (Subtle Material Region) and Gravitational Force dominates Pure Spiritual Region.
This is the only Truth which can be verified scientifically and can be termed as ‘higher theory for everything’. This also supports the statement of Sir Sahabji Maharaj the goal of science – Truth; the goal of philosophy – Ultimate Reality; and the goal of religion – God are the three names of same supreme essence.
1. Many things are common between Current of Consciousness and Gravitational Wave.
1. Current of consciousness can not be seen by any means and gravitational wave can also not be seen.
2. Current of consciousness is the weakest force on earth. Its strength goes on increasing on higher regions. Gravitational force is also very weak on earth and strong on Sun and even more stronger on black holes.
3 Tendency of both current of consciousness and gravitational waves are towards their source or centre.
4. Current of consciousness and gravitational force are both regarded as the creater of all the celestial and terrestrial bodies of the whole universe. They are also sustainer of these and when they turn back towards their source or centre the whole universe will collapse.
Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.
This theory is based on scientific deduction. All other theories appear to be work of imaginative thinking and sometimes do not satisfy the criteria of scientific verification. In scientific terms it can be said that the ‘gravitons’ are the elementary
particle which was issued forth in the beginning of the creation accompanying with sound ‘Radha’
Yoga (Application) which was based on the control of the body physically and implied that a perfect control over the body and the senses led to knowledge of the ultimate reality. A detailed anatomical knowledge of the human body was necessary to the advancement of yoga and therefore those practising yoga had to keep in touch with medical knowledge. (Romila Thapar, A History of India, volume one).

I suggest : Mind and brain are two distinct things. Brain is anatomical entity whereas mind is functional entity. Mind can be defined as the function of autonomic nervous system (ANS). It is claimed that mind can be brought under conscious control through the practice of meditation. But how? ANS is largely under hypothalamic control which is situated very close to optic chiasma (sixth chakra or ajna chakra). Protracted practice of concentration to meditate at this region brings functions of ANS say mind under one’s conscious control.

ANS is further divided into parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS). On the basis of these facts I have discovered a mathematical relationship for spiritual quotient (S.Q.). Spiritual Quotient can be expressed mathematically as the ratio of Parasympathetic dominance to Sympathetic dominance. PSNS dominates during meditative calm and SNS dominates during stress. In this formula we assign numerical values to the physiological parameters activated or suppressed during autonomic mobilization and put in the formula to describe the state of mind of an individual and also infer his/her level of consciousness.

Protracted practice of meditation under qualified guidance will help to manage all sort of psychological problems.

Emotional Quotient can also be expressed mathematically as the product of I.Q. and Wisdom Factor.

Anirudh Kumar Satsangi

Anonymous said...

There is no need for wasting time and energy comparing physical with spiritual... coz it is beyond physical. Above all these just needs practice for that..proof just comes by practice.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. You must be wanting to have me find Sant Mat appealing because of the beauty of those regions.
Actually I would not care to sully those regions by my unclean presence until eons from now when I deserve to be in them.

The comment from Kumar was more interesting to me at my present stage. It seems to be a unified theory in words only based on cosmic consciousness being the gravitational field. I think that is a limited view. I rather prefer Hagelin's (ie., Maharishi's) view that the unified field may be cosmic consciousness. But just as the forces we experience are a long way from the unified field, which only exists in the singularity of a black hole, the consciousness we experience is a long way from the consciousness of a black hole.

Kumar also makes a serious physics mistake. Here is his quote:

"It simply means that the gravitational force at black-holes attracts light towards it with much greater velocity than the speed of light."

That is not true. What is true is that space is being swallowed up by the black hole such that at the event horizon, the speed of space into the black hole equals the speed of light. So light cannot escape. At the event horizon light stands still from our perspective. The speed of light is a constant, but not the speed of space.

That is why most of our universe is speeding away from us faster than the speed of light and we are able to see less and less of the whole universe as it expands at an accelerating pace due to Dark Energy, what ever that is... In the distant future the Metaverse's universes may all overlap and the Metaverse will be homogeneous. Richard Ruquist, Ph.D.

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