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The Following is taken from the "Rosicrucian Manual".

"Certainly, no Member will find in this privilege a reason to take all the lectures or teachings of our Order, or even part of them, and use them for a basis of another school or system, and either sell the instruction or publicly publish or teach it. The privilege which each Member enjoys, in giving some principles or laws to those who need them, makes discretion necessary, and when discretion is not used, but wilfully cast aside, the Member violates sacred Obligations, and will be forever cast outside the pale of the Great White Lodge. This is why the true teachings have never been published in books.

Those who are sincerely interested and worthy of Membership, at some time, are easily recognized. To them the Order should be spoken of carefully, and only casually, until they are discovered to be anxious to unite in the Work and Purposes of the Order. Then and only then, should they be invited by a Member to make application, as described herein.

In all ways, and in all things, maintain the dignity and austerity of the Order, and always be watchful for the seeker of knowledge who will greatly appreciate your bringing to his attention the existence of the Order and the means of entering it.

Part Four
The real benefits of Grand Lodge membership in AMORC­whether as Sanctum Members or members in a Regional Lodge-are many, and the most important are:
(1) Association with a body of men and women of like mind and purpose, ever ready to assist and cooperate, as true Fratres and Sorores;
(2) Association with a national and international staff of Officers and Directors controlling an organization of wide­spread interests, unusual facilities, and distinct powers for the carrying on of personal and practical work in behalf of man­kind generally and the Fratres and Sorores especially;
(3) The privilege of direct and specialized Rosicrucian advice in personal problems relating to health, business, and ethical matters;
(4) The very special benefit that comes through the grad­ual and proper change of one's viewpoint of all the essential things of life, thereby eliminating the mysterious and perplex­ing matters which hold many in poverty, ill-health, and dis­content;
(5) The awakening and development of certain latent or dormant faculties within each of us which will enable us to improve our position in life, increase our ability to do and accomplish, and bring greater success;
(6) The Cosmic and spiritual attunement with the Uni­versal Mind and Master Minds so that we may live in co­operation with the constructive Divine Laws and Loving Divine Mind;
(7) The careful instruction and guidance in the attain­ment of such knowledge as will make us mighty and keen in the understanding and mastering of life's duties and obliga­tions; also the complete instruction in the fundamentals of those arts and sciences which will make each student, each Member, strong in intellect, masterful in his daily occupation, perfect in his understanding, broad in his comprehension, and magnetic in his influence over the lesser minds of the world.

Our members will see, therefore, that of the seven points of bene­fits, outlined above, only one, the SEVENTH, pertains to the course of instruction, and that, therefore, to look upon membership in AMORC as being simply studentship in a school, is to ignore many of the more important benefits.

It is a fact that the average member, or fully seventy-five out of every hundred, has need every month for many of the other six points of benefit, and in times of emergency, sorrow, distress, per­plexity, or serious complications in personal affairs, the members find more need for the first six benefits than for the seventh.

In many foreign lands where the members have been students for ten to twenty years, and where they have long since completed the regular courses of study included in the seventh benefit, they retain active membership in the fraternity solely because of the other six benefits.
The GREAT AIM of the Rosicrucians has ever been to assist all mankind in evolving to the highest degree of earthly perfection, and to render aid to every living being "to the Glory of God and the Benefit of Mankind." This is covered in point number two in the above list. But, to do this, the organization INCLUDES the very complete courses of study.

Therefore, our members will see that the payment of their monthly dues is not for the purpose of supporting the COURSE OF STUDY or the WEEKLY LESSONS, but for the entire list of benefits, and many others which are of such a personal nature and so diverse that they could not be listed here without consuming many pages. The real SECRET BENEFITS of association with the Rosicrucians have al­ways been the outstanding LIGHTS which have brought thousands to the portals of each branch of the Order yearly, humbly seeking permission to make the acquaintance of those who would invite them to unite with the Order.

The course of study may be set aside at times through changes in one's daily routine of living, or through temporary changes in envi­ronment, and for other reasons, but the other benefits of membership continue at all times, as long as a member remains in active mem­bership.
On the other hand, as we have said, the mere payment of the monthly dues, without giving any thought to the studies, without attempting to render service to others, and live the progressive, con­structive life of a true Rosicrucian, WILL NOT CONSTITUTE GOOD STANDING IN THE ORDER.

For this reason members of the Order are requested to make cer­tain reports of their studies, their experiences, or their activities in connection with their membership. Sanctum Members make these reports directly to the officers and staff of the Grand Lodge. Regional Lodge members report to their Lodge Secretary or other designated officer. To progress from one Degree to another, certain examina­tions must be satisfactorily completed-after each of the lower De­grees has been studied.

One important point should be perfectly plain to all who read this Manual: The AMORC will NOT accept into membership those who wish to enjoy its benefits but DO NOT want to pursue its course of study and become trained to assist in the general advancement of mankind. Hundreds of inquiries are received each year from men and women who believe they have sufficient knowledge of the occult and mystical sciences and who want, therefore, only the benefits of association with the Rosicrucians. Regardless of the fact that these persons offer to pay their yearly dues in advance or make other finan­cial inducements, they are never invited to join the AMORC and cannot become members.

1. General symbol of the Order in the world
2. The Great Seal of the American Supreme Council 3. Sign of the American Publication Committee 4. The Seal of the Founder
5. Original Emblem worn by the Fratres and Sorores 6. The Rosae Crucis (official) 7. The Seal and Sign of the Supreme Secretary 8. Great Seal of the Grand Master 9. The Sacred Insignia of the Imperator

Egyptian Statue of Amenhotep IV
Illustration IllustrationNo. 5 No. 6
Part Five

The following pages contain information for members who receive the PRELIMINARY DEGREES OF STUDY, later followed by the higher Temple Monographs, through the Grand Lodge, by mail.

The work of Sanctum Membership is unique. It consists of the most complete course of home-study of metaphysics and occultism ever offered, in addition to the other benefits of membership.

Sanctum Members do not pay for the instruction. The lessons are not sold, and Sanctum membership does not consist of simply reading the weekly monographs and trying the experiments. Nor does the mere payment of the monthly dues constitute good membership.

To be in good standing as Sanctum Members of the Grand bodge the members must not only meet their monthly obligations-which are nominal-but they must live up to the rules and standards of Rosicrucian adeptship-and the careful study and practice of the teachings are but two points of the system.

The monographs, lessons, and experimental work which are re­ceived by the Sanctum Members are prepared in such manner that the Sanctum Member can gain a complete comprehension and a useable working knowledge of the Rosicrucian teachings. The introductory lessons which the Sanctum Member first receives are arranged in two divisions : One division contains six preliminary monographs, and the other contains three Degrees, with twelve to fourteen lectures each. Supplementary material, experiments, and many practical applica­tions of the principles presented are included in each Degree. Each Degree also has an initiation ritual by which this ceremony can be performed by the Sanctum Member in his own home. These rituals illustrate and demonstrate some of the important Rosicrucian teach­ings.

The Preliminary Division and Three Degrees are outlined in the next few pages. The lessons of these Degrees are constantly being im­proved, amended, and extended, and members receive additional in­struction in accordance with their personal requirements, advance­ment, and psychic development. The lessons and monographs are NOT made in quantities for use for several years, as with correspond­ence courses, but made only in such groups of classification as will meet the special needs of the various grades of standing of the mem­bers. The instructions, therefore, are practically PERSONAL and DIRECT, and, when coupled with the advice and instruction sent separately from the lessons in letters, form a very personal system of instruction.

The lessons, monographs, rituals, and experiments of the three introductory Degrees of the Sanctum Membership are given only to Sanctum Members. They are not elementary, but preliminary to the higher Temple Degree monographs, and provide the means by which the Sanctum Members can qualify for these Temple Degrees and re­ceive them for study in their own home in the same manner as the introductory Degrees.

Part Six

For six weeks the new members receive personal, private com­munications from an especially assigned Master of the highest work in the organization, who carefully analyzes the needs and require­ments of the new member and instructs him in those fundamental principles and laws of nature which will enable the student to qualify himself in the most rapid time and perfect manner possible. These instructions are in the form of Secret Mandamus lectures, discourses, and other matter sent under seal by mail to the member. The member studies these preliminary instructions and tries certain experiments of a fundamental nature which are highly illuminating and intensely interesting, and reports to the Class Masters at the Grand Lodge his comments, results of the experiments, and under­standing of the points involved. In this way for six weeks the new member and an officer of the organization are in intimate contact by correspondence and in psychic contact through the Rosicrucian meth­ods. At the end of the sixth week, if the member is properly prepared, he is admitted into the First Degree of the Neophyte studies and is given other confidential instructions. If the member is not properly qualified, further and more complete instructions are given by a special department of instruction so that the member may become prepared and ready for the First Degree work in the shortest time possible.

The instructions, lessons, laws, and principles given to the member in these preliminary monographs contain many astonishing ideas and do more to inculcate the true Rosicrucian art in the consciousness of the member than any preliminary steps that have ever been devised.
First Degree
After the proper preparation and the development of certain psychic faculties and functions during the six weeks or more of pre­liminary preparation the member is ready for the personal initiation of a psychic and spiritual nature whereby he becomes acquainted in his own home with some of the highest principles.
The first papers sent to the new member after his admission into the First Degree include not only the beautiful and symbolical initia­tion ceremony which he or she is able to perform easily and quietly in the privacy of some part of the home, but many other papers of important instruction and guidance are also sent to the member.
Thereafter, the member receives twelve weekly sealed envelopes of a large size, containing the secret and private monographs, lessons, and instructions of the First Degree, including many fascinating tests of Cosmic laws, many experiments of astonishing principles and scores
of practical, helpful principles which the member can demonstrate and apply in his daily life for his own benefit and self-evolution. The monographs and lectures of the First Degree, covering twelve weeks, include information on the subjects below. It must be understood that the actual order of the subjects given is not quite the same as here listed. (Progressive changes and additions to these subjects are made from time to time.)

Objective and Cosmic Consciousness, The Brain and Mind, Mystic Symbolism, The Triangle, The Meaning of Numbers, Spirit Force, Soul, Experiments in Developing Psychic Consciousness, Breathing Exercises, Manifestations of Spirit, Manifestations of Vibrations, The Law of the Triangle, Mental Vibrations, Universal Force, the Mortal Existence of Matter, The Form of Matter, The Existence of Evil, The Positive Existence of Good, True Knowledge, the Changes in Matter, Delusions and Illusions, Experiments to Prove the Difference, Psychic and Material Seeing, Dreams, Mystical Comprehension, Protection against Error, False Theories, The Cosmos, Man's Relation to the Cosmos, The Strange Nervous System in Man, The Secret Work­ings of this Nervous System, The Effects of Light, Color, Music, and Temperature, Mystic Vibrations, The Danger of Untrue Books, Some Mystical Experiments, Health Vibrations, The Nature of Life. The Life Force, Demonstrations with Thought Vibrations, Mystical Dem­onstrations with Thought Vibrations, How to Direct Thought Vibra­tions, Demonstrations with Colors, Mystical Centers of the Brain, The Secret of Concentration, Concentrated Thought Waves, Medi­tation Experiments, Producing Manifestations, How the Blind Can See, Mystical Sight, Experiments with Seeing, The Mystery of Sleep, Demonstrating Cures through Normal Sleep, Bible Miracles, Mental Treatments during Sleep, Self-Treatment, False Terms, Mystical Consciousness, The Conscience, The Akashic Records, Intuition, Cos­mic Attunement, Attunement with the Masters, Attunement with Others in Distant Places, and General Review of Rosicrucian Laws.

Second Degree:
Initiation Ritual, including demonstration of some Laws. Then twelve weekly lessons, including personal talks and lectures which are changed with the addition of new discoveries, on the following sub­jects: (The subjects do not appear in the order listed here. Progressive changes and substitutions are made from time to time.)
The Ego, The Elimination of the Ego, The Elevation of the Psychic Self, Divine Rights, Divine Blessings, Cosmic Gifts, The Oriental Secrets of These Principles, Nirvana, Personal Psychic Development, Help from Visible and Invisible Masters, The Holy Assembly, Jesus and His Work, The Work of Other Great Teachers, Development of the Psychic Aura, Interesting Experiments, Practical Methods of Cosmic Attunement, New Breathing Exercises, Mystical Sounds, The Law of Incantation, Experiments with Vocal Sounds, Developing Increased Life Force, The Mystical Meaning of Letters and Sounds, The Mystery of the Lost Word, How to Seek It, The Purpose of Other Secret Organizations, The Good Points in Many Schools,
Why Mankind Needs Help and Instruction, The Relation of Body, Mind and Soul, The Divine Trinity, The Earthly Trinity in Man, Experiments to Prove the Statements, Man a Wonderful Organiza­tion, The Secret Parts of his Organization, Nature's Secret Forces in Man, The One Mystical Force in Man's Body, The Control of This by the Mind, The Nature of Pain, The True Way to Relieve It, Several Mystic Methods for "Curing" Pains in Various Parts of the Body, Giving Treatments to Others, The Oriental Methods, American Methods Including Christian Science, Health and Hygiene, The Ori­ental Rosicrucian Health Principles, The Occidental Race and its Special Needs, Demonstrating the Mystic Currents of Life Force in the Body, Many Experiments to Increase this Life Force, The Eye and its Abnormal Conditions, Secret Methods for Treating the Eyes, Various Forms of Diseases, The Real Cause of Diseases, Experiments for Treating Some Diseases, How to Establish Harmony in the Human Body, The Duality of Life and Disease, The Two Secret Elements for Obtaining Health and Prolonging Life, Simple Methods for Attracting these Elements to the Body, Classification of Simple Diseases, Treating Oneself and others with Simple Methods, The Secret of Life Cells, The Effect of Thought and Action on the Body, The Constructive and Destructive Periods of Life, Simple Laws about Eating, Rosicrucian Dietetics, The Use of Affirmations, The Use of Medicine, Experiments for Increasing Mental and Physical Strength, The Truth about Vege­tarian Diet, The Relation of Spiritual and Mental Development to Diet, Important Instructions in Regard to Food Values, Methods for Preventing' Disease, Practical Experiments and Demonstrations, What Prominent Scientists Say, Experiments with Water, Further Rules for Treating Others, Treatment at a Distance, Contact Treatments, Rosicrucian Secret Method, the Rhythm and Cycles of Life, Mystical Period of Years, The Cycles of Incarnations, The Law of Reincarna­tion, Old Age and Death, Rebirth and Regeneration, A Summary of New Rosicrucian Principles, and Important Personal Reading Matter and Instructions.

Third Degree:

Initiation Ritual covering three weeks, during which the Students prepare for Cosmic Attunement and Psychic Demonstrations before proceeding with the Lessons which, unless added to or changed, shall include the subjects of The Four Principal Manifestations of Matter, The Mystery of Alchemy and Chemistry, Experiments with the Mental Control of Matter, Directing Mind Vibrations into Matter, Mental Alchemy, The Mystic Magnetism of Man's Body, The Source of this Mag­netism, Its Rapid Development, Rosicrucian Metaphysical Laws, Af­fecting the Blood of the Human System, Personal Advice in Regard to Health of Each Member, The Solar Plexus, Demonstrations with It, The Psychic Centers of the Human Body, Exercises for Developing Them, Controlling the Nervous System, Controlling the Organs of the Body, Improving their Functioning, The Psychic Body of Man, Experiments for Proving its Existence, What the Ancients Taught, What the Modern Rosicrucians Know, The Mystery of Fire, its Place in the Universe and the Human Body, Some Mystical Experi­ments with Fire, Some Simple Alchemical Experiments, Experiments with Vibrations, Affecting Matter with Thoughts, The True Nature of the Soul, Its Relation to the Mind, Manifestations of the Soul, Higher Mystical Symbolism, Symbolism in Christianity and Oriental Philosophy, The Use of Symbols in Mental Experiments, Symbolism in the Human Body, Symbolism in the Cosmic, The Development of Religion, Religious Consciousness, God Manifesting through Man, Proof of the Existence of God, God's Mysterious Ways, God's Methods of Creation and Evolution, The Truth about Spontaneous Generation and Artificial Creation, The Creative Powers in Man's Mind and Body, Man's Ability to Create Mentally, The Control of Natural Forces, Directing Desires to be Fulfilled, Making Thought Forms Become Realities, Experiments which Show how Thought Forms are Materialized, The Development of God's Creative Powers in Each Member, The Value of Suggestions, Mistaken Ideas about Hypnotism, The False Beliefs about Black Magic, The Real Power of White Magic, Experiments to Test these Principles, Exercises for the Development of Personal Magnetism, The Development of Harmony in the Human Body, The Establishment of Harmony between the Human Body and the Cosmic, The Rosicrucian Methods of Diag­nosing Inharmony and Disease, Contacting Personal Masters, Re­ceiving Illumination and Instruction from Cosmic Masters, Trans­mitting Cosmic Pictures and Thoughts, Telepathy and Universal Ab tunement, Methods for Contacting the Secret Chambers of the Cosmic and the Higher Chambers of the Order, Exercises for Perfecting the Psychic Development of the Individual Member, Special Instructions for Reaching the Higher Teachings, and General Summary of the Three Degrees, followed by a series of Personal Letters from the Masters of the Order and the Imperator to assist the Individual Mem­bers to be qualified for any higher work offered by the Order.


It requires practically from nine months to one year to complete the foregoing three Degrees of Grand Lodge Sanctum membership. But as one can see, the lessons are so arranged that after the first few weeks the Student is able to experiment and demonstrate a great many principles and after the first twelve lessons is capable of extracting from the lessons such principles and exercises as should enable him or her to make many important changes in business and social affairs and improve in health and mind while being able to help others also. The average Student who has studied and read from many books in the past finds that these weekly lessons and lectures and personal letters of these three Degrees supply all the information that a sin­cere Student can properly take care of in each week, and very few are ever anxious to go any faster in the work than our system pro­vides for.

Bear in mind that, with this Manual, the monographs contain every­thing that is required for study except the use of a common diction­ary at times, or an encyclopedia when a student is anxious to look up some subjects that are of special interest to him. There are no text­books of any kind that must be purchased and the Student will find in the Rosicrucian Digest (our own monthly magazine) many arti­cles of help and practical application in his material worldly affairs.


We mention also, at this time, that besides the interesting weekly lessons, monographs, the charts and diagrams, and other services, members receive a copy of the publication, the Rosicrucian Digest, issued by the organization. This magazine is sent free to members, and is very helpful, because it contains interesting articles of a con­structive nature on subjects in which students are interested. It is really the leading metaphysical and occult magazine of America. The Rosicrucian Digest contains no outside advertising and every page is filled with helpful information. Members receive it as part of their membership.

When Sanctum Members have completed the three introductory De­grees outlined above and have been found sufficiently qualified by their Class Masters and the Imperator of the Order, they may ad­vance into the study of the Temple Degrees of the Order. The Tem­ple Degrees are identically presented to individual Sanctum Members who qualify and to members of Regional Lodges meeting in regular Lodge Temples. The initiations and rituals for the Temple Degrees are provided in a modified form so that the Sanctum Member can perform them in his own sanctum. The Sanctum Member is also qualified and privileged to have conferred upon him any Degree initiation-for which he has adequately prepared himself-at any Regional Lodge or Lodge which he may be able to visit at the time that that ritual is being presented. Furthermore, all charts and diagrams necessary for the conducting of many of the experiments and demonstrations are provided to the Sanctum Member, along with the monographs all of which can be used and fully understood in the privacy of his own home.


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The Higher Teachings of the Order are those which were especially designed and compiled by the Higher Masters of the Order for de­livery in the Secret Temples of our Order by the appointed Masters and Officers in Tiled Lodge Rooms and under the Seal of Secrecy and Sincerity. Such lectures contain the most complete presentation of all the occult Laws and Principles handed down through the Ages and amended by the modern Masters in all countries, so that today they are of practical value in these modern times. Naturally, they cover all of the points, Laws, and Principles touched upon in the three correspondence Degrees and the Sanctum membership of the Grand Lodge, but present each Law and Principle in more complete and demonstrable form, and include hundreds of subjects and mystical Laws which could not be put into the three Degrees of the prelimi­nary Sanctum membership work; but, as explained before, they can be received by Sanctum Members after they have made certain prepa­rations, which are not difficult if they are sincere students. In addi­tion to the lectures given in the Temple Lodges the Members have the benefit of Temple demonstrations performed by the Masters and most advanced Members, and the valuable discussions with questions and answers which follow each Convocation.

Those members who cannot attend Temple Lodges and who are carefully selected and deemed worthy of receiving the discourses of the Temple Lectures by correspondence under Oaths of Allegiance and Secrecy, will receive the same private monographs by mail each week as the Masters of the Temple use in their Lodges in delivering the teachings to the Members assembled. These lessons and mono­graphs are the same throughout the AMORC of the international jurisdiction of North, Central, and South America, British Common­wealth and Empire, France, Switzerland, and Africa, and the only difference between the lecture work as given in the Temples and the study of the lessons at home by correspondence is the absence of the discussions and the modified form of Rituals.

The Sanctum Members are able to make their own demonstra­tions at home, in most cases, and, therefore, do not miss the im­portant part of this phase of the Temple work; and, of course, all of the exercises and demonstrations to be made in their personal af­fairs are the same and just as efficient with the correspondence Members as with the Temple Members.

Nevertheless, all Sanctum Members are urged to visit, at some time or other, one of the Temples of the Order throughout the jurisdic­tion, and especially to attempt to attend the Rosicrucian Convention, or some special session of the Grand Lodge in San Jose, California. They will not be inconvenienced because they cannot attend the sessions regularly; their studies will be found to be complete, in the manner in which they are especially prepared by the Imperator's staff.


First Degree:
Initiation Ritual, constituting the famous "Crossing of the Thresh­old" ceremony (this is also given symbolically to Sanctum Neo­phyte Members), which is ever the goal of all seekers for Rosi­crucian Illumination. The initiation is followed by a series of weekly or semi-monthly Temple monographs and lessons covering the fol­lowing subjects (Addition to and discontinuance of the subjects listed in any of the Degrees is made when it is sought to improve the entire system of instruction)

The Ethics of Rosicrucianism, The Meaning of Initiation, The Search of Ancient Mystics for the Portals, The Secrecy of its Higher Teachings, The Mystery of Mysticism, The Law of Symbolism, An­cient Secret Alphabets, Numerals and Symbols, The Meaning of Numbers, Matter and its Existence, The Law of the Triangle, Crys­tallography, The Laws of the Universe, The Material World and its Composition, The Physical Composition of Man and All Animal Life, First Laws of the Rosicrucian Ontology, The Difference between Living and Non-Living Matter, What Makes Man a Living Being, The Elements of Physiology, The place of Spirit in Man, Distinction between Spirit and Soul, The Manifestation of Spirit Energy, Spirit Vibrations, Electrons and Atoms, The Natural Law of the Composi­tion of Matter, The Law of Motion and Rhythm, Polarity and Mag­netism, Demonstrations of the Action of Electrons in Forming Mat­ter, The Hidden Principles regarding the Nature of Matter and its Manifestation, The Law of Vibrations and the Cosmic Keyboard, A Summary of the Principal Laws of the Universe regarding Matter, and Man's Material Body and All Forms of Existing Things.

Second Degree:
Initiation Ritual illustrating the Member's advancement in the work and in mental development. Series of monographs covering the following subjects in detail:
The Rosicrucian Alphabet of Mystical Subjects covered by the Future Lectures, The Mind of Man and its Faculties and Function­ing, Its Objective and Subjective Divisions, The Scale of Operation, The Mind's Relation to Cosmic and Mundane Consciousness, The Voluntary and Involuntary Functions in Man, An Analysis of the Mind and Brain in Action, The Dual Consciousness in Man, Dis­orders of the Mind and Brain, Various Forms of Reasoning, The Im­provement of Reasoning, Will Power, Its Development, Its Relation to Health and Disease, The Memory, Its Origin, Location, and Development, Using the Memory, The Purpose of the Memory with the Soul and Cosmic, The Secret Inner Chief Engineer of Each Be­ing, Subjective Conditions of the Body, Objective Functionings of the Body, The Nature of Habits, How They are formed and Suspended, The Power of the Subjective Mind over the Human Body, Mental Suggestion, The Art and Science of Suggestion, The Living Soul within the Body and its Reason for Being Incarnated in the Human Body, Whence IT Came and Whither IT Goeth, and a Review of the Mental and Psychic Parts of Man.

Third Degree
Initiation Ritual, including demonstration of Alchemical principles and mental phenomena, followed by a series of monographs covering the following subjects in general:
The Laws of Motion and Change throughout the Universe, The Laws of Devolution, Evolution, and Involution, The Evolution of Consciousness in Life, The Nature of Consciousness and its Attri­butes, The Reason for Life, The Purpose of Living Organisms, Sensa­tions of Consciousness, The Coming and Going of Consciousness, Individual and Group Consciousness, Intelligence, Intellect, Imagina­tion, Imaging and Mental Creating, The Perfection of Mental Ac­tion, Ideality, Mystical Alchemy, Rosicrucian Mental Methods, Ob­jective Sensing, Psychic Sensing, The Actuality of Things and our Realization of Them, Realities Created, Actualities made to Disap­pear, Actualities may not Exist, Demonstrations of Actuality and Reality, Psychic Products, Mental Products, Illusions, The Effect of Environment, The Effect of Thoughts, Soul Memories, Exercises for Awakening the Memory and Developing Psychic Consciousness, Man's Association with the Cosmic, The God and Master within, Contacting the Psychic Minds of Others, The Psychic Man Separate from the Physical Man, How They can be made Visible at the Same Time, and General Review of the Mental and Psychic Duality of Man's Consciousness.

Fourth Degree:
Very Elaborate Initiation Ceremony introducing the Member into the next stage of the Higher Teachings and illustrating to him the mysteries of Life; followed by a series of monographs covering, ex­cept when changed by additions or elimination, the following im­portant subjects:
The Origin and Nature of the Life Force in Man, Its Source, Its Form of Manifestation, The Secret Knowledge of the Rosicrucians regarding the Life Force, How the Life Force enters the Human Body, How to Control It in the Human Body, How to Direct It to All Living Matter, The Rosicrucian Method for Increasing the Life Force, The Prevention of the Breaking Down Process in the Human Body, The Complete Presentation of the Ancient Secret Manuscript Written by Nodin, explaining the Nature of the Life Force in All Living Cells and How It may be Directed and Controlled, Methods of Directing this Life Force from the Human Body for Treating Others, The Development of a Strong Aura and the Secrets of Long Life and Perfect Health, and General Review of the Most important knowledge regarding Life Force ever given to Man.

Fifth Degree:
Interesting Initiation Ritual followed by a series of lectures intro­duced at this stage of the Student's progress so that he may have time for Psychic development through the many experiments he is conducting night and morning, and at other spare times, without tak­ing up any new metaphysical or psychic subjects. Therefore, the monographs of this Degree include a complete review of all the Ancient Philosophies showing the development of mystical and philosophic thought and leading up to the modern philosophies and religious doctrines so that the Student will be well versed in Philoso­phy, Religion, and Ethics.

Sixth Degree:
A very impressive Ritualistic Ceremony conferring honors upon those who have progressed properly to this Degree, followed by a long series of monographs and lessons with charts, diagrams, illustrations, and exercises explaining, in the most simple and fascinating manner, the secret methods of the human body in the digestion of food, the principles of dietetics, the making of blood, the entering of the Vital Life Force into the blood, the real purpose of Rosicrucian breathing exercises, the true cause of all disease and suffering, the diagnosis of disease, and the secret Rosicrucian methods of directing the healing Forces of the Universe to the different parts of the Body or to those who may be suffering; including quick methods of bringing about rapid changes in serious conditions and explaining all of the functions of the organs, nerves, and plexuses of the Human Body in their re­lation to the Psychic and Cosmic Forces of the Universe. This is the most complete course of study in metaphysical healing ever given to students of mysticism and is exclusively Rosicrucian.

Seventh Degree:
Very impressive Psychic Initiation illustrating some of the highest mystical teachings of the Order, followed by a series of monographs and lessons dealing with the metaphysical and psychic existence of Man, and leaving aside the material and earthly matters covered in the first six Degrees. This Degree fully explains the real purpose and nature of the psychic body of Man within the physical body and con­tains exercises for strengthening the vitality and power of the psychic body with its Psychic Consciousness; and then proceeds to explain how the psychic body may be temporarily separated from the physical body and both be made visible at the same time. After these experiments are completed the Student is instructed in the Rosicru­cian methods of projecting the psychic body out into space to any point or place there to be made visible to others without affecting the continuous functioning of the physical body. Other exercises assist in the development of the Aura, so that it may be made very visible in a darkened room and sufficiently strong to cause illumination and to make the hands magnetic. Also other exercises are given in con­nection with the highest mystical vowel sounds with methods for pro­nouncing them so as to produce psychic manifestations at will. Also the Lost Word, sought for by the ancients, is further explained in this Degree and the Student begins to realize that he has been gradu­ally acquiring the Lost Word and gaining very unusual occult powers. This is the most mystical Degree of study in the principles of Rosi­crucian Teachings ever given in the Occidental World.

Eighth Degree:

Another impressive Ritualistic Ceremony or Initiation for those who have succeeded in the work of the previous Degree, followed by twenty-nine monographs in the higher metaphysical principles whereby the Student is gradually revealed in his proper relation­ship to God and the Cosmic, and is instructed with definite lessons and exercises in the possibility of projecting his psychic body through all matter and space to any person or place and there making himself visible as he is in this incarnation, or as he was in a previous incarna­tion, with the further ability to cause certain material things to move or respond as he directs, including the production of sounds from musical instruments, from his own voice, or from things he may psychically touch. He is also instructed in the principles taught by the old Rosicrucians whereby he can give treatments to others during such projections or carry on humanitarian activities without revealing himself, and attend sessions or convocations in Temples of the Order in faraway places by projection and attunement, and in other ways carry on the experiments described by the Masters of the Far East and heretofore taught by Rosicrucians only in the Temples of Tibet, where the Masters of the Great White Lodge hold their Sacred Con­vocations. This Degree also reveals the Laws regarding the real per­sonalities in each of us and many facts about our past incarnations. True facts regarding so-called spiritualistic principles and phenomena are revealed, and many other important Rosicrucian Teachings, in­cluding the Keys to the Ninth Degree.

Ninth Degree:

Another highly impressive Temple Ritual whereby the Members who have properly reached this Degree and duly qualified for it are given titles and honors of the highest standing in the Order, as far as Temple Ceremonies are concerned. Serious obligations of Secrecy and devotion to Rosicrucianism are required of those who take this Initia­tion in the Temple and receive the highest Passwords and methods of recognition in the Temple Degrees.

This is followed by a series of forty very complete monographs and lessons dealing with subjects, many of which cannot be described in a Manual of this kind, that include revelations regarding Man's rela­tion to God and the higher Forces of the Cosmic and the development of the highest metaphysical powers within his own body. He is en­abled to use some of these forces of Nature to blot out and make hidden material things as well as eliminate mental and psychic things which may be obstacles in his life, and direct or change the course of natural events in their relation to him so as to bring about certain results in his own affairs or in the affairs of others. This is the last Degree in which the Student receives Initiation on the Material Plane in Material Temples, and from this point he receives further instruc­tion and Psychic Initiation as he is ready for them. In this Degree, also, the Student receives the last vowel sound of the Lost Word and learns how to use this word for instantly affecting Laws, Principles, and Manifestations throughout Nature.

Tenth Degree: Eleventh Degree: Twelfth Degree

The Initiations into these Degrees are given Psychically to the Worthy Members who have advanced to the preceding Degrees and very often these Initiations occur Psychically in the Temples of the Order in the Orient. Many of the monographs and lectures of these Degrees will be received by the Members and Students in a mystical manner which cannot be explained here, and they will, from time to time, assemble with others in the same Degree for the exchange of knowledge and experiences while carrying on their mystical activities in all parts of the world without interfering with their regular busi­ness and social routine.


Members who attain and complete the psychic instruction of the Ninth Degree or those above it may enter the ILLUMINATI, which is a higher organization of the Order wherein the worthy Members continue to carry on specialized work and studies under the direction of the Imperator of their Jurisdiction and the personal Cosmic Masters. Members cannot ask for admission to the Illuminate but must wait until they have been found ready and are invited to share in this additional work.


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