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The Suffering Savior

Part V
“The Suffering Savior ( Passion Week )”

The Triumphal Entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem is recorded in Matthew 21: 1-11. He curses the fig tree ( Mat. 21: 18-20), declaring it will never bear fruit again, and it actually withers at the roots!

Jesus “cleansing the temple” is recorded in Luke 19: 45-46, and the healings in Matthew 21: 14. His authority is again questioned in Luke 20: 1-8, and the lesson about God leaving His land to servants to keep while He went on a journey, and then sent his Son to reclaim it, and the killing of His Son is recorded in the parable of the two Sons. The parable of "wicked husbandman” ( Luke 20: 9-16) adds to the parable of the two sons, as does the parable of the “King’s Son” recorded in Matthew 22: 1-14. The “question of tribute money”, (Luke 20: 20-26), teaches us that believers should pay their taxes! The Sadducees question of the woman with seven husbands who had all died, and which of the seven would be her husband in Heaven was a trick to catch Jesus in a contradiction of The old Testament.

However, Jesus taught that there would be no need of marriages in Heaven, since there was no death there. There would be no procreation of children, as the population would always remain the same! (Luke 20: 27-40).

The “Great commandment” that we are to love God, our neighbor and one another is recorded in Mark 12: 28-34. Jesus taught the lesson about giving sacrifially as the widow gave her last mite in Luke 21: 1-4. He visited the Greeks ( John 12:20-36). He gives a parable of “The Ten Virgins” ( Mat. 25: 1-13), teaching that believers have to keep believing right until the end in order to be saved, and also the parable of “The Ten Talents.” ) Mat. 25: 14-30), again, teaching good stewardship. He then discusses judgment day in Matthew 25: 31-46, and in Matthew 26: 1-5, the unfolding of the plot of the Jews and Judas to capture Jesus is recorded. Luke 22: 7-13 records the preparation for the Passover meal, and Luke 22: 14-18 the actual meal itself, designating His traitor, Judas! Jesus then washes the disciple’s feet in Luke 22: 24-30, teaching humility for each other.

The Lord’s Supper is recorded in Luke 22: 19-20, and it is here that the new “Blood Covenant” is taught that by eating bread symbolically means eating Christ’s body, and drinking the wine symbolically would mean drinking His Blood which would be poured out for the remission of all sin to the Elect. Paul expounds on this Covenant in I Corinthians 11: 17-30, teaching that believers are to partake of the Bread and Wine at the Lord’s Supper looking back to His death on the Cross as a memorial in remembrance of the substitutionary sacrifice on the Cross for sin!

Jesus gives His final discourse recorded in John 14: 1-21, before His betrayal by Judas. The parable of the “True Vine” in John 15: 1-11, teaches that Jesus is the Vine, and the believers are only branches that cannot do anything on their own without Jesus! He gives the promise of sending “The Comforter” which is The Holy Spirit” and third person of the Trinity, ( John 16: 7-15).

That promise was actually given to the disciples who were to write the New Testament, He told them that after He left, He would send The Holy Spirit Who would remind them of all the things that had taken place in His ministry. His intercessory prayer recorded in John 17: 1-26, asks the Father for protection and guidance of ALL FUTURE believers, which INCLUDES US, of this day!

He prays that all the believers will be one as He is one, with the Father. The plan is, Jesus is in the Father, and the Father in Jesus, believers are one in Jesus, and He is in them, and The Holy Spirit dwells in each believer ( Romans 8:9) making the picture complete! Jesus agonizes in the garden ( John 18: 1), and the disciples cannot even stay awake while Jesus prays! Judas arrives with the soldiers to betray Him, ( John 18: 3-13), and in the argument, Peter cuts off the ear of one of the soldiers, but Jesus rebukes Peter and heals the ear! Jesus is brought to Ciaphas, the high priest for trial by His captors and tried, ( John 18: 15-18).

Peter denies Jesus three times, as was prophesied by Jesus! ( Mat. 26:58). Jesus is then brought before the Sanhedrin Council for further questioning ( Luke 22: 66-71), and finally before Pilate, who finds nothing wrong with Him, ( Luke 23: 1-5). Pilate then sent James to Herod who was anxious to see Him because of all he heard, and he even thought he might get Jesus to perform a few miracles for him, but Jesus would not do any miracles, or even answer any questions. ( Luke 23: 6-12).

Unable to find anything wrong with Jesus, Pilate attempts to have Him released, ( Mat. 27:24), but the Jews cry out “Crucify Him.” Pilate washes his hands of the responsibility, he thinks, ( Mat. 27:24), and then sentences Jesus to death, ( Luke 23:24). Jesus is mocked, spit upon and hit by His accusers, ( Mark 15:16-20). Judas cannot stand the guilt of his betrayal of Jesus, and he commits suicide, ( Mat. 27: 3-10; Acts 1: 18-19). Jesus is then led away to be crucified, ( Luke 23:26). A crowd followed Him, as He was dragging His own Cross up the hill to Calvary, and the women were openly weeping, ( Luke 23:27-31). Jesus is offered wine, of which He refuses, ( Mat. 27:34), and He is crucified on a cross, attached by nails holding His wrists and feet, ( Luke 23: 33-38). The soldiers cast lots for the garments of Jesus, ( John 19: 23-24). The Jews continue to mock Him, challenging Him to come down off the cross, if He is God! ( Mat. 27:39-43).

There are two thieves, one on each side of Jesus being crucified at the same time, and the thief on His right confesses Him as Lord, and asks Jesus to remember him when he gets to Heaven, Jesus accepts his faith, and exclaims that he would go to Paradise with Him that very day! ( Luke 23:39-43). This proves salvation can come with the last breath, where genuine is present! Jesus, in His dying moments, commends His mother to John to care for, ( John 25-27). Darkness comes over the full area, and Jesus, the Son of man, expires, ( Mat. 27:45-500. The veil of the temple is torn in two, from top to bottom, and many graves in the immediate area are opened with resurrections taking place! ( Mat. 27:51-53). The tearing of the veil in the temple covering the most holy place showed that, from that time on, everyone believing in the substitution sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, and faith in His shed Blood for the remission of “their” sin, would have access to the Holy of Holies where the Father dwells, by faith! A Centurion, seeing these things happen, gives glory to God! ( Luke 23:50-53). A stone was rolled in front of the tomb, and the soldiers were commanded to stand guard so no one would steal the body, (Mat. 27: 62-66).

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