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O.T. Thesis: Last Part--The End

(N) Hosea was the last king of the northern kingdom of Israel, and he was used by God to reveal the divorcing of the 10 tribes of Israel by God who backslid.

0 Isaac was son Abraham would have sacrificed in obedience to God, if God would have not provided a lamb for the sacrifice at the last moment.

(P) Isaiah was the great prophet who is best noted in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, describing the Messiah.

(Q) Jacob was the son of Isaac who was the father of twelve tribes of Israel, and tricked his brother Esau. of his birthrate. Jabob is also remembered as the man who wrestled with God.

(R) Job was the man the O.T, reveals as God's example of suffering to man.

(S) Jonah was the prophet who is remembered for being
swallowed by a whole, vomited up on dry land, and preaching to Nineveh which caused their repentance and God's sparing them.
(T) Joseph was Jacob's favorite son who God used to deliver
his family in the famine. Joseph is also the man used by God to lead the Jews into exile in Egypt.
(U) Joshua succeed Moses as leader of Israel, and He was the man God used to lead the people to the promised land.

(V) Judah was one of Jacob's 12 sons, and is the ancestor of the royal tribe of Israel.

(W) Levi was another of Jacob's 12 sons who is the ancestor of the tribe which gave Israel then priests and ministers.

(X) Lot was Abraham's nephew who chose to live in Sodom and narrowly escaped destruction before(,,God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gommara because of wickedness.

(Y) Moses was probably the man in the O.T. that God used the greatest to display His miracles. Moses was used by God to lead the Jews out of Egypt with displays of great miracles such as parting of the Red Sea; turning the river nile into Blood; plagues of lice, frogs, boils, hailstones, etc. All these miracles were used to deal with the Pharaoh of Egypt and put down their pagan deities. The final miracle that God used to harden Pharaoh was the slaying of the first born son from every animal, while protecting the Jews from any harm. The sacrificial system and the blood covenant was started with the Jews at this time, and the Jews were protected as long as they remained under the the blood. God performed many miracles through Moses such as bringing water from rocks, turning his staff into a serpent, etc. God
first appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush as recorded in the Bible.

(Z) Nehemiah was the cup hearer to the Persian King who God used to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem..

(AA) Samson was a name remembered in the Bible because of God using him to be a champion of Israel against the Philistines in the time of the Judges. His power was in his hair symbolically, and when Delilah seduced him and shaved all his hair, his power was lost and he was captured and blinded by the Philistines and made a slave. However, God restored him for a final feat.

(BB) Solomon was David's son, who succeed David to the throne.

He was highly favored of God and was given the gift of wisdom.
He was and still is the wisest man that ever lived. He built the great temple which was destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D.
This concludes the highlight of the most important people, however God dealt with many more; which are too numerous to discuss in this thesis.

The Bible, or the major portion of it is claimed as a holy book by three major religions: Christianity, Judiasm, and Islam. Christians claim the Bible as the only holy book, whereas Judaism and Islam also use other books.

The one central theme which runs through all the stories of the Old Testament, says William Hendriksen 1 is "that theme is the Coming Christ", as Bible scholars differ on the date of creation, the Bible's lists of genealogies might skip names, as other genealogies sometimes do, so many scholars feel that ages of the people listed cannot safely be added up to get the number of years in O.T. history. Old Testament history may be safely divided by events such as (a) from Creation to Abraham (b) from Abraham to Moses (c) from Moses to Saul (d) the United Monarchy (e) the Divided Monarchy (f) from the Exile to the return.

In studying God's revelation to man in the O.T., we must always bare in mind that it is not a single book, but a collection of books, written by authors very differently situated during a period of nearly one thousand years, and that we are dealing not with a book, but with a library and a literature. "The very name Bible" implies that it is a library, for it is

derived from the plural Biblia, and means "the Books".
The important thing to remember about the revelation of God to man in the O.T. is that no alliance can be true and sage which is not upon the foundation of the Divine Covenants. Circumcision without faith is a mere Carnal ordinance, working evil, and could
not obtain salvation then, even as Baptism in water without faith, or profession of Christ without faith now cannot obtain Salvation.
True Salvation is of the Lord, Old Testament Saints had to
trust in the Lord completely for their salvation even as new testament Saints have to do in the present age. The Bible is our greatest source of Hope Inspiration for that promise of Eternal Life In Jesus Christ.
The End

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