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O.T. Thesis: Part 10

(1) The Names of God in the O.T.; The two Hebrew words in the O.T, translated "God" are:

(A) EL: The Deity, God in the power and distinctiveness of his divine nature.

(B) Elahim: Plural in form signifying not "gods", but the one who completely possesses all the divine

(C) There is 'also another word used for God which is "Acton". This is used to describe God as "Sovereign" or "Lord", pointing to His divine authority.

(D) The name "Yahiveh", which is the personal name of God, appears in the earliest 2, and means "to be, or to exist." The Jews would not pronounce this name with their lips because of the sacredness of the name. Other titles of God used by the patriarchs are: 3

(E) "ELSHADDAY." Shadday probably means "mountain", used symbolically of changelessness and enduring strength, contrasted to the helplessness of man 4
F "ELELYON" meaning; God most High 5
"ELROI" meaning: God of Seeing 6
(H) "EL OLAM" meaning: "The Everlasting God."
(I) "ELBETHEL", meaning "God of Bethel". and (J) "ELELOHE YISRAEL", meaning "God of Israel.'9

(K) God, in various parts of the O.T. expresses His divine nature as "The Holy one, Holy one of Israel, God whose name is Jealous, and Lord of Hosts. He is also referred to as creator, Judge, King,and God of all flesh. To Israel.He reveals Himself as "The Angel of the Lord, God of the Hebrews, God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob.

(L) As a God of individuals, He is referred to with many descriptions such as: Shepherd, Rock, Shield, Stronghold, Light, Strength, Refuge, Sun, Father, Mother Bird, Help, Shade, Portion, Song, Redeemer, Warrior, Potter, Husband, Fountain, Dew, Lion, Leopard and Bear.
However He is expressed, to those that knew Him personally in the O.T. He was the True, Lord , high and
rewarding God.10


(A) Adam was the first man created by God and given charge
over the garden of Eden, and by his disobedience,he brought sin and death on the whole human race.
Eve was his wife, help meet and partner, who was the one deceived by the serpent in the garden to eat the forbidden fruit.

(B) Enoch, who was discussed earlier was the man God Translated.

(C) Noah was the man God used to build the Arc, and escape the flood with his family and the animals.

(D) Aaron was Moses’ brother who God chose to be his spokesman because of Moses’ speech impediment. He became the first high priest of Israel.

(E) Cyrus was the King of Persia who God used to overthrow the Babylonians and return the Jews from exile.

(F) Daniel was the visionary prophet taken capture to Babylon as a young man and trained for service at court. He is remembered in the O.T. primarily because of his dreams and
visions, and God delivering him from the lions den.

(G) David was the shepherd boy who slew the Giant and became King succeeding Saul.

(H) Elijah was one of Israels' greatest prophets. The O.T. records many miraculous events too numerous to mention, however, he was mightily used by God, and later appeared at the Transfiguration of Christ in the N.T. He was taken up in a whirlwind without dying.

(I) Elisha was Elijah's successor as prophet of Israel, and is remembered with his dealing with the Shunamimite woman and healing of Naaman.

(J) Esau was the twin brother of Jacob who God "hated" before he was born and sold his birthright for a bowl of pottage.

(K) Ezekiel was a visionary prophet whose prophecies contribute great doctrines of the Bible.

(L) Gideon was used by God to deliver Israel from the medianites in the time of Judges.

(M) Goliath was the Philistine Giant killed by David's stone from his sling.


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