Monday, August 14, 2006

Rosicrucian Wisdom

The “secret” of success in all things having a mental foundation is genuine confidence. Through real confidence, not “blind” faith, trust, or mere belief, we are led to the attainment of Mastership.

To continue our Spiritual advancement, we much maintain a tolerant, sympathetic, and open mind, free from rigid dogmatism, bigotry, or narrow conventionalism. LOVE IS THE SUPREME SPIRITUAL LAW. It is the essence of existence, the most dynamic force in the Universe, and the ultimate rule and guide in everything!

In the beginning was the IDEA, which manifested from the Cosmic Mind into space as represented by vibrations of the WORD. The Mind of man, collectively, is the simple Mind of the Universe. Therefore, each man has the essence and power of God, and is God personified.

The subconscious mind is from birth the body’s Chief Executive, while the objective mind is the inexperienced trainee, learning the “business” of the body. Conflict between the maturing Outer Objective Master and Inner Subjective Manager must be overcome, and harmony, trust, and confidence established between then as a result of mutuality of purpose and fuller understanding of each other’s nature and function.

As long as the outer man remains tolerant, kind, loving, unselfish, and high in ideals, he needs only to ask for help from the inner, spiritual plane and IT IS GIVEN! This outer man, the objective mind, also serves as the “receiving clerk” in the great factory, we call the Body. Each hour of the day it receives, through one of the five entrances, strange cargoes of materials. Over each entrance is a different sign, to which the materials are consigned. The signs read: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, and Tasting. The materials received are called “experiences,” and each is slightly different. As the outer man examines these shipments, these experiences, he finds most of them new and often puzzling to him. He should try to figure out how they should be used and what their value is. In doing so, sometimes he makes the sad mistake of putting too much importance on some, and not enough on others. This brings inefficiency in the factory, the Body, and causes problems. Only final intervention of the Chief Executive, the INNER MIND, saves the machinery of the factory from severe damage when such mistakes happen. The outer man learns, but often very painfully, by conferences with the Inner Man about these “Experiences, which are arriving daily. The key to solving these problems, is to set up “CONFERENCES” with the Inner Man and outer man, and discuss the “Experiences” which will result in the UNITY of man with the Cosmic, for the inner man is the mind and soul of the Cosmic! These “conference” meetings between the inner and outer men, may be called “Prayer and Meditation.”

Successful conferences will strength the principal attribute of the soul, which, when united with the body, is its consciousness of itself. This manifests as the inner “self consciousness”, the true self, or the PERSONALITY of each human being. We should understand that this personality, this consciousness of the soul, evolves in its cycles of births and rebirths, just as does the individual body of man evolves from infanthood to adulthood strength and power. However, whereas the body of man begins brand new in its expression with EACH birth, the soul personality, on the other hand, PROGRESSES from one incarnation to another, always beginning where it ended each phase of its evolution!

The function of the “Soul Personality” in each incarnation is to evolve and perfect itself. The soul in man is the Cosmic Soul, and the Soul’s attributes are those of the Cosmic and are ultimate perfection. The essence of Soul has always been in the Universe, but when man first evolved to the point where his Inner Self comprehended the Soul Essence, man added to that essence a Supreme Mind and Attributes, and Ideal of Perfection and Highest Attainment, and therefore, he created God in the world of realities!

Our behavior, that is, our response to our consciousness of the Soul, constitutes our
soul personality. The evolution of this personality will continue until we emerge into complete unity with the Consciousness of the Cosmic Creator.

The God of today, in our comprehension and consciousness, will not be the God of next year, FOR GOD WILL EVOLVE AS CONSCIOUSNESS AS THE SOUL EVOLVES! This evolution will continue until man becomes FULLY CONSCIOUS OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE COSMIC, AND THEN THE DUALITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS WILL BE UNITY WITH THE COSMIC. This unity with the Cosmic is as Jesus once said: “I and the Father are One.”

Marked Elect

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